Who is Vincent Lemark Burrell? Georgia man arrested in dog-fighting ring bust

Vincent Lemark Burrell

Local Man, Vincent Lemark Burrell is Arrested by Paulding Police on Animal Cruelty and Dog Fighting Charges. Let’s see who is Vincent Lemark Burrell and why he was arrested in detail.

Who is Vincent Lemark Burrell?

Vincent Lemark Burrell is a 55-year-old Georgian man who was arrested by Paulding Country police for running a dog fighting ring. At his home in Paulding County, a local man was arrested by detectives from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office for raising, training, and supporting the use of more than 100 Pitbulls for dog fighting.

After a protracted investigation, detectives apprehended Vincent Lemark Burrell on November 8 for his involvement in a sizable dog fighting ring.

Detectives discovered 106 dogs in various states of existence, the majority of them pit bulls. While some of the canines were large and vicious toward other dogs, others were underweight and weak. Saddest of all, most of these creatures merely yearned for the affection and attention of the Deputies and Detectives that were on the scene.

Why the police arrested Vincent Lemark Burrell?

Vincent Lemark Burrell was arrested by the police under the animal cruelty act.

Concerning the suspect’s residence at 1040 Old Cartersville Road, Dallas, Georgia 30132, Paulding County Animal Control, the Paulding County Marshal’s Bureau, and the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office obtained several search warrants with the help of the Paulding County District Attorney’s Office. Authorities were able to save 106 canines in total, and they were all put with different rescue organizations where they can start their recovery.

Dogs were kept without adequate water and food and were chained to trees and metal stakes on the ground.
These animals were restrained to various objects by thick collars and incredibly large, hefty logging chains.
Many of these pets were essentially abandoned outside with little to no protection.

Furthermore, these dogs were not being visited regularly or vaccinated by a veterinarian. Some of the dogs were kept in the basement of the property, where the smell and presence of urine and excrement were so overwhelming that authorities had to put on protective gear just to enter the house without getting sick.
On the interior and outside of this residence, dogs were living in unsanitary conditions that were unfit for either people or canines.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Burrell was reportedly taken into custody without a hitch at his residence and charged with the crimes stated below in connection with this extensive dog fighting ring.

Police statement:

Vincent Lemark Burrell (B/M, 55 YOA) is charged under:

  • Animal Cruelty (F)
  • Dog Fighting (F)

According to Sheriff Gary Gulledge, “In cases like these, we have to conduct a lengthy and thorough investigation. This is not something that we can just put together in a few days, cases like these are comprehensive and require us to work with many local, state, and federal entities. I am proud of the teamwork that has been exhibited in this case and I am thankful that these dogs are safe now. The dark and sinister world of dog fighting is a despicable culture that has no place in our world”

“Burrell is currently being held in the Paulding County Jail without bond. Although this investigation is still in its infancy, we expect over one hundred additional counts against Burrell as this case continues to unfold.”

“Detectives would like to encourage anyone who has any information about this case to please call the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Tip Line at (770) 443-3047 or submit a tip through the Paulding Sheriff mobile app.”

Paulding Sheriff said, “We would like to thank the following people for their assistance and care for the mistreated animals in this case”:
-Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc.
-East Paulding Animal Hospital
-New Hope Animal Hospital
-Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue
-Hiram Animal Hospital
-Cedarcrest Animal Hospital
-Frank Ortiz of the Cedarcrest Animal Hospital
-Jessica Rock of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia
-Steve Hammond, Director of Cobb County Animal Control

What was the people’s reaction?

Lynn Duda commented,

This is so sad…..Thank you for rescuing these poor dogs……he needs the same treatment

Valerie Richardson commented,

Despicable excuse of a man. He was not alone in this endeavor- hope they are able to convict not just him but the ones supporting the whole operation

Debra Napolitano Stoupa commented,

Good job to our Paulding County Service law enforcement men and women for all you do for our county and I just hope he stays behind bars and isn’t allowed to ever own any animals as long as he exists here on earth.

Shannon Lamont commented,

I can only hope that he gets treated in jail the way he treated these poor defenseless dogs!

Melony Buckner DeFord commented,

Thank You Sheriff! Glad he is behind bars! As a pit bull owner, this makes me sooo very angry. These dogs just want to be loved.

Kathryn Thomas commented,

Great Job officers and rescuers!! Now the DA needs to do his job!! Don’t plead him out!!


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  1. He deserves the same treatment if not worse. Thank God for police and rescues and people who care about animals. This man clearly didn’t


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