How did DJ Rab Bakari die? What was his Cause of death?

How did DJ Rab Bakari die? What was his Cause of death?


DJ Rab Bakari Cause of death: Rab Bakari, a well-known music producer known in the entertainment industry as DJ Rab, has died.


Who is DJ Rab Bakari?

Rab Bakari is a Ghanaian music professional.

He has firsthand knowledge as an original New York Hip Hop originator, music producer, DJ, corporate individual, and social media platform advisor. He has also contributed to a number of platforms, including Okay Africa and Africology.

He has also previously worked for Universal Music Group (USA) for almost ten years.


What happened to Rab Bakari?

According to GhanaWeb sources, DJ Rab died on Sunday, March 6, 2022, in Busua Beach after rescue attempts failed.

“DJ Rab has left!” “Hiplife music has lost a pioneer,” said DJ Ashmen in response to a Facebook post by content creator Nii Atakora Mensah.

Rab’s coworker Reggie Rockstone also posted a photo of himself with prayer and heart emojis.

DJ Rab had previously uploaded a photo of himself happy at the beach before this terrible tragedy. Many industry professionals have now commented on his message, expressing their shock at his untimely death.


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How did DJ Rab Bakari die? Death cause

6th March* I would rather be on ‘The Beach’ this Independence [from the goddam #British monarchy] Day.

(Yessir! I’m here!)

With this Instagram statement, DJ Rab Bakari revealed that he was at Busua Beach enjoying the gorgeous Independence Day.

According to reports, he was attempting to swim around in order to spend some quality time there. By the way, he doesn’t know how to swim properly. There are also no security guards nearby at the time.

At one point, he lost control of the waves and wanted to keep close to the coast, but he couldn’t because the waves drew him in. He tried to swim but couldn’t keep up.

Fans complained that they don’t educate people on how to swim properly and that they should inform people that they don’t breathe in water.


DJ Rab Bakari Cause of death

As a result, DJ Rab Bakari drowned in the water and gradually lost his vitals. The safeguards arrived and attempted to locate him. They returned him to the shore once they found him. They attempted to remove the water from his lungs and recover him. But it was too late; he suffered from acute hypoxia, which had harmed multiple organs, most importantly the brain. And, unfortunately, we have lost a great man.


Condolences to DJ Rab

Ameyaw Debrah said,

Sad way to go Rab! Rest in peace

Asonaba Kwesi Wusu III said,

Sad one, never knew him,never heard his story I only saw grandpapa of hiplife tag him a lot of times. He’s one of the pioneers of the hiplife genre and a DJ.. rest easy king 

Renate Bhacca said,

…”.in 1998 I met Reggie Rockstone and Rab Bakari on the streets of Accra jumpstarting the hiplife movement. Guido Sohne of blessed memory was lead architect in developing Reggie’s website under the auspices of Webstar – our web enterprise. Yesterday we got together at Rockstone’s Office for a little reunion to get 2018 going – thanks for inviting me Grandpapa and Rab — you guys are the quintessential definition of African hip hop.”
Eric Osiakwan


DJ Rab Bakari drowned this morning off the coast of Busua
Accra Ghana march 6th 2022

Quajo Black said,

He Loved the art form of Hiphop
he loved to Dj , to dance , to laugh and most of all to travel .
I have some much catalogue on him I didn’t even realise. This is from Professor Jesse Shipley who together with me and Rab Bakari went to SXSW in Austin Texas. RIP


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