What happened? How did Mukul Arya die? Cause of death revealed

What happened? How did Mukul Arya die? Cause of death revealed


Mukul Arya Cause of death: Top Palestinian officials have mourned the death of a Palestinian envoy. Many also said that the news of Mukul Arya’s death was a big shock to them. A statement from the Indian envoy to Palestine said that the news of Mukul Arya’s death was very sad.


Who is Mukul Arya?

Mukul Arya was India’s Palestine Envoy.

A Political Analyst and the thread that connects the roles, Cultural-Political in Moscow, Geostrategic-Political in Kabul, Socio-political at UNESCO in Paris, and now Economic-Political in Delhi.

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What happened to Mukul Arya?

The untimely death of India’s Palestine Envoy Mukul Arya has caused a stir in the country. Mukul Arya was found dead inside the Indian Mission in Ramallah on Sunday. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the daily work.


How did Mukul Arya die? Death cause

Foreign Minister S Jayashankar has expressed grief over the death of the Indian diplomat. He is deeply saddened by the death of Mukur Arya, India’s representative in Ramallah. Mukul Arya was a brilliant and talented officer. He was a devoted worker of the country. He also expressed his condolences to the family and relatives of Mukul Arya.

As per the reports Mukul Arya was found dead at his office on Sunday. He usually does some things that no one apart from him knows after working hours. According to S Jayashankar, His death should happen at this time. When the team arrived at the office he had no pulse. They rushed to the hospital and the doctors tried their level best to recover him. Unfortunately, Mukul Arya was dead much earlier than the safe line of recovery.


Mukul Arya Cause of death

The exact cause of the Death of Mukul Arya is not yet revealed by any forms of departments. Investigations are going on. Once after the postmortem, the Cause of death will be published and we will be able to know whether Mukul Arya committed suicide or was killed.

So far there are no wounds on the dead body and which is suggestive more of suicide as per the Twitter speculations. But the final answer will only be served by the postmortem reports.

President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Mohammed Shatayeh have been asked to investigate the incident. The Ministry of Forensic Medicine has also been contacted. The Indian ambassador’s office also said an investigation was needed to determine Mukul Arya cause of death. Besides, it has been said that necessary steps will be taken in case of emergency and difficult situation.

The foreign ministry said Mukul Arya’s body would be returned to the country with full honors and handed over to his family. Mukul Arya has worked at the Indian Embassy in Moscow as well as at the Foreign Ministry headquarters. He also served as India’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris. He joined the Foreign Service in 2004. He had earlier studied economics at Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University.


Condolences to Mukul Arya

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