How did Paul Stoddard die? Diecast Vocalist cause of death Explained

Paul Stoddard cause of death

Paul Stoddard, the frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast, passed away on 25 October 2022.  Let’s see about who is Diecast’s vocalist Paul and Paul Stoddard cause of death in detail.

How did Paul Stoddard die?

Paul Stoddard died on October 25, 2022, due to illness. Paul was admitted to the hospital in Miami because of his illness.

Due to the bad health conditions, later Paul Stoddard passed away on October 25, 2022. Paul Stoddard cause of death was illness.

Paul Stoddard cause of death

Dennis Pavia, the drummer for Diecast, relayed the tragic news on Facebook, where he paid tribute to his dead bandmate and friend.

Pavia stated, “I’m at a complete loss for words and completely crushed. “You’re a bandmate, a friend, a brother. A thousand band/tour memories and stories just went through my head in a fraction of a second as I am writing this. From recording to traveling all over the place, arguing to laughing hysterically…
I will miss you. RIP Pauly.”

Paul was passed away on October 25, 2022. Paul Stoddard cause of death was illness.

Who is Paul Stoddard?

Paul Stoddard is the frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast. He joined Diecast in 2003 and contributed to their most recent records, Internal Revolution (2006) and Tearing Down Your Blue Skies (2004).

Today, the Boston metalcore community is in grief at the passing of one of its own. Diecast member Paul Stoddard has passed away. Paul replaced Colin Schleifer as the vocalist for Diecast in 2003.

Paul’s difficult task of taking over for the band’s original frontman Colin Schleifer, but was met with success thanks to his talent to sing with wonderful soulful melodies and loud guttural yells. According to a post on the band’s web page, negotiations to reunite the band had begun in early 2021.

Tributes to Paul Stoddard

Craig Stoddard posted,

Can’t believe I’m posting this. It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of my Brother and best friend Paul Michael Stoddard Paul M Stoddard. He was a great man with many talents, a truly kind soul, and a friend of many, but most of all he was also a great family man, he loved his Family with a burning passion. He loved and cared about every one of us. Paul’s personality was truly one of a kind, always having a smile and cracking jokes, He was truly the life of the party. He would also be there when we are in a time of need and he would help out any way he could. I will miss the times we would hang out but I don’t miss the times he kicked my butt in madden LOL. But In all seriousness I cherished the times we had. Those were some good times man. It sucks losing him but I’m glad he’s no longer in pain. Paul it’s been an honor to be brothers with you I love you man and tell dad I said hello.

Rest in Sweetest Piece big man

Jenn Barton posted,

For anyone who knows my brother Paul M Stoddard- things have been a little scary around here! Thankfully things seem to be headed in a better direction. Please pray for him, or drink a beer for him or whatever you find helps bring good juju.

Alan Black posted,

Sad news in the metal world today… I still remember seeing Diecast back in the day. They were 1 of my all-time favorite bands.

revolvermag tweeted,

Diecast vocalist Paul Stoddard has passed away. May he Rest in Peace.

James Greig posted,

RIP Paul Stoddard vocalist of Diecast, You’ll be sadly missed brother, Your memory & music will live on & never forgotten 😥🤘 · Pendulum

Dwoalin tweeted,

Heartbroken to hear about Paul Stoddard from Diecast Internal Revolution was such an inspirational album for me in 2007. I had the pleasure of seeing Diecast live numerous times. Made me so proud to be part of the New England metal scene.

Cruel Queen tweeted,

RIP Diecast’s Paul Stoddard. Loved that band so much. So many good memories come with Tearing Down Your Blue Skies & Internal Revolution. 2 fantastic records. If you’ve never checked them out, highly recommend you do. He was an incredible vocalist. This sucks.


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