Who is Jonathan Casanova? Everything about the suspect in Rubio canvasser attack

Jonathan Casanova

A second suspect has been arrested concerning the brutal assault on a Marco Rubio (R-FL) canvasser in Florida. Following an alleged assault on a Sen. Marco Rubio canvasser in Hialeah, Florida, two suspects have been arrested. Let’s see who is Jonathan Casanova, the second suspect in the Rubio canvasser attack in detail.

Rubio canvasser attack explained

Jonathan Alexander Casanova reportedly helped Javier Lopez in attacking the canvasser, according to an arrest report. The document further stated that the canvasser told police that Casanova informed him that as a Republican, he was not allowed to pass through the neighborhood.

The victim, who has now been identified as Chris Monzon by local media, was distributing leaflets for Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis when Casanova and Lopez were blocking the pavement.

The affidavit claims that after an altercation, Lopez “rushed the victim and threw him on the ground,” after which Casanova “began to kick the victim on the ground.” Lopez allegedly hit Monzon in the head while Casanova kicked him.

The victim was eventually pulled away from Casanova by a witness, who then allegedly followed the victim to his white Mercedes-Benz SUV, freed two German Shepherds, and guided them toward the victim, who was still on the ground.

Casanova let two German shepherds loose before leading them to the man who was lying on the ground and “began to give directions to the dogs to attack and bite” him, according to the statement.

In a police report, it is stated that neighbors eventually managed to separate all parties, but Casanova escaped before the police arrived. When the police came, the victim was able to identify Lopez at the scene, but Casanova had already left, according to the authorities.

The victim was taken to HCA Florida Kendall Hospital for treatment after suffering several facial fractures.
Lopez, according to the police, gave them information that resulted in Tuesday’s arrest of Casanova.

Sgt. Jose Torres said that “After devotedly pursuing the victim’s justice, Hialeah Police Detectives have detained and charged Jonathan Alexander Casanova for the attack which occurred on Sunday, October 23, 2022.”

Who is Jonathan Casanova?

Jonathan Casanova, a 27-year-old man has reportedly been detained for his alleged involvement in the savage assault. He was another suspect in the incident that occurred on Sunday in Hialeah on a Republican canvasser who was handing out campaign fliers for Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis.

As per the Hialeah Police, Jonathan Casanova, 27, was detained and charged with one count of aggravated violence in connection with the incident on Sunday. Javier Lopez, 25, is also charged with aggravated assault in the attack on Christopher Monzon.

Jonathan Casanova detained in connection with the assault on a Marco Rubio canvasser is out on bail. Casanova is charged with aggravated battery and is prohibited from contacting the victim in person, in writing, or on social media until his next hearing.

Why did the suspects attack Chris Monzon?

Jonathan Casanova and Javier Lopez are accused of striking Chris Monzon, pushing him to the ground, and kicking his head during a fight in Hialeah over a blocked sidewalk where he was handing out fliers for Rubio and DeSantis.


Rubio canvass attack

There is no evidence that the attack was politically motivated, according to police, but the victim claims Casanova told him he couldn’t pass him because he is a Republican.

Lopez was ordered to remain in jail at a hearing Tuesday. Lopez, a well-known criminal, has a five-year probationary period for an incident in 2018. His criminal history includes several probation violations, big theft, and armed burglaries. He met an aggressive character who beat him up, according to Caputo. “We don’t know the exact reason,”. On November 14, Lopez will be back in court.


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