Jahrah Eaten alive: How was the Indonesian woman eaten by python? Explained

Jahrah Eaten alive by Python

An Indonesian grandmother was eaten whole by a 22-foot-long python. The seven-meter-long python swallowed a 54-year-old woman, Jahrah in Indonesia last Saturday, with her body found inside the snake. Let’s see how was Jahrah eaten alive by a python in detail.

Grandma Jahrah eaten alive by a python

A rescuer reported, “It turned out that the woman we were seeking was in the snake’s stomach.” Following its capture and slicing open, the villagers found the body of the woman inside its stomach. They placed a portion of the snake’s dismembered body inside a sack. An Indonesian woman who went into the woods to gather rubber was eaten alive by a gigantic python.

The undigested remnants of the 54-year-old grandma were inside the 22-foot snake that horrified neighbors managed to trap and cut apart. On the island of Sumatra’s Jambi province, Jahrah lives and she went into the forest by herself but never came back. When her family started to worry, the villagers dispatched search teams to the forest. Then, they came to know that Jahrah eaten alive by a python.

How did the villagers find Jahrah?

Grandma Jahra disappeared into the forest on Friday and her family reported her missing the next day. Betara Jambi Police Chief AKP Herafa said to the media that the victim’s husband searched the area but he found only her sandals, headscarf, jacket, and knife.

One day after Jahrah’s husband and a search team returned to the same area, where they found the giant snake with a swollen midsection.

They discovered the enormous snake, which had an expanded stomach, lying in a forest two days after she vanished. They believed that the 22-foot snake’s swollen belly contained the body of the 54-year-old woman.

Video evidence showed neighborhood men beating the enormous snake on the head and spearing it with a long stick. They then used knives and machetes to cut open the snake’s stomach, exposing the woman’s remains. Later, they confirmed that Jahrah eaten alive by a python.

The villagers then killed and sliced open the snake’s stomach and discovered the woman’s body. Everyone was shocked,” said Anto, the head of the local Terjun Gajah village, “It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach.”

The woman would have been snatched by the snake’s jaws and then slowly smothered to death, according to the village leader named Anto. “The victim left after saying farewell but did not return home. She went on collecting rubber from trees on Friday.

Do Indonesian python kills humans?

There is suspicion that the destruction of forests for the production of palm oil in nations like Indonesia is causing more interaction between pythons and people.

The village head says, there are also several other similar incidents that took place in the forest in earlier years. He said, the same incident happened last year, where the 25-year-old Abkar was eaten by the python. Also, in 2018, one woman had been eaten by a python.

He claimed that villagers were terrified because they thought other, equally enormous snakes might be living in the nearby forest. One of the snakes that had been observed, according to the chief, was about 27 feet long. He said that the snake had recently killed two goats. According to him, locals had attempted to trap it but had been discouraged by its size.

The longest snakes in the world are reticulated pythons. They can grow up to 25 feet long and are widespread throughout South and Southeast Asia. When they are fully grown, they feed on animals including wild boar, deer, domestic dogs, and monkeys.

Taking advantage of ambushes, they seize their prey with their sharp teeth and squeeze the prey until it dies and swallow it as a whole.

Pythons are capable of swallowing prey up to their own weight and up to one-fourth of their length. They have been observed attacking and eating crocodiles and, in one confirmed incident, a sun bear, a Southeast Asian species.

They sometimes attempt more than they are capable of. In the Florida Everglades in 2005, a 13-foot non-native Burmese python tried to devour a 6-foot-long alligator, but the snake’s stomach burst. It resulted in the demise of both animals.


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