How did Gregg Philbin die? REO Speedwagon Bassist Cause of death Explained

Gregg Philbin cause of death

Gregg Philbin, a former REO Speedwagon bassist who contributed to the group’s first six studio albums passed away on 23 October 2022. Let’s see how did REO Speedwagon die and Bassist Gregg Philbin Cause of death in detail.

How did Gregg Philbin die?

In a statement released by the band, singer Kevin Cronin offered respect to his former bandmate. “No one should underestimate the Philbin Factor in the evolution of REO Speedwagon,” Cronin wrote.

“When Gregg left the band in 1977, he took with him the prog-leaning extended instrumental section aspect of the REO sound.

“Gregg approached the bass guitar much like legendary Who bassist John Entwistle,” he continued. “They both played the bass as more of a lead instrument. But as the songs Gary Richrath and I were writing became more compact, and needing the bass to play a more traditional role of locking with the drums, Gregg’s style became an issue, and he would leave the band.”

The statement also says, “Philbin was a smart, funny, charming guy. You would be hard-pressed to find a more savvy individual, they shared. It was also noted that Philbin’s health had been an issue for some time and his soul has finally been freed. We all loved Gregg, mourn his death, and send our condolences to his surviving family members and friends. Today is a sad day in REO World.”

He suffered from health issues and which leads to Gregg Philbin cause of death.

Gregg Philbin cause of death

He was the third former member to pass after the guitarists Miles Josephin in 2012 and Gary Richrath in 2015. The band REO Speedwagon revealed earlier this week that former bassist Gregg Philbin had passed away.

The second bassist for the group, Philbin played on each of their first six studio albums. Additionally, he played bass on Live: You Get What You Pay For, their 1977 live double album and first big hit. Gregg Philbin was in the band REO Speedwagon and he played bass, and backing vocals from 1968 to 1977. Gregg Philbin cause of death was his health issues.

He had a health problem for several days and it became the reason for his death. He passed away on 23 October 2022.

Who is Gregg Philbin?

Gregg Philbin is a famous bassist. From 1968 to 1977, Philbin played bass and provided backing vocals for REO Speedwagon. He took Mike Blair’s place. Heavy metal has innumerable admirers worldwide, therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a tonne of celebrities that are major fans of the genre, even though some may be more clandestine than others. In 1977, Bruce Hall took over the band’s bass part and has been the one ever since.

Gregg Philbin, the group’s bassist, left in 1977. Depending on which band member is giving their opinion, it was either because Philbin was unhappy with the new corporate-structure REO where Cronin and Richrath received larger shares of the pie instead of the equal credit they once shared as a “garage band,” or he was asked to leave because his personal issues were affecting the sound of the music. For the recording of You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tuna Fish, Bruce Hall, a Centennial High School alumnus, took the place of Philbin.

Tributes to Gregg Philbin

Kevin O’Keefe posted,

One of the founding members of my client REO Speedwagon, passed away this morning, former bass player Gregg Philbin. Lida Philbin, I spoke to the band Management and Kevin Cronin with the sad news and Tour Manager Ken Denison had just told them. I’m so sorry Lida. RIP Gregg!

Linda Kay Gross posted,

Rest in peace, dear Gregg Philbin. REO Speedwagon was incredible in the early years, and I am honored to have been there to share it with you guys. You were my life, my obsession. I lived and breathed your music, and it became a huge part of the soundtrack of my life. Some of my favorite memories are from that time. Thank you for your amazing talent, Gregg, and your kindness. I will never forget those days. Rock on, my friend…give Gary my love.

LearningTheSong tweeted,

Sad day when we know about the passing of former #REOSpeedwagon bassist mister Gregg Philbin – every single help on create magic quality music is great and you did it brilliantly; Deus abençoe próximos passos afim da tão sonhada #IndependênciaReal. Ajudinha financeira bem vinda.

Richard Crenshaw posted,

My dear friend Gregg Philbin passed away yesterday. Greg was the original bass player for REO Speedwagon and moved to Pensacola in the 1980s. We quickly became best friends and played together in local bands. His stories of life on the road were legendary! We also played lots of golf. Gregg was passionate about golf and a really good player. One some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in life and I will miss them for forever.

Keith Moore tweeted,

Gregg Philbin, the original bass player for REO Speedwagon, has died. He played with the band from 1971 to 1977.


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