How did Dangerous Dame? Oakland Rapper cause of death explained

Dangerous Dame
Dangerous Dame, rapper


Damon D. Edwards, known professionally as Dangerous Dame and Saucy passed away. Let’s see, how did the rapper die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Dangerous Dame die?

Dangerous Dame, an American rapper from Oakland, California died. Rap and hip-hop performer Damon is from Oakland, California. He was among the first Bay Area rappers to sign a contract with a significant record label.

This sad news was shared by his fellow artist, DaBoyDame and the message reads,

“RIP to the Oakland legend Dangerous Dame. I def was called his name soon as I introduced myself to the older guys….”

Who was Dangerous Dame?

Dangerous Dame, whose real name was Damon D. Edwards was a famous rapper. He released his debut studio album, I Got What You Want, on Atlantic in 1990.

He was renowned for penning lyrics about injustice, poverty, and inequality that were socially conscious and thought-provoking.

Voice of voiceless:

Dame was a promising young rapper. Along with his talent, he was respected for his unwavering optimism and unwavering outlook on life, which he upheld throughout his whole life.

Dame was renowned for its distinctive flow, stirring lyrics, and ability to attract audiences from different backgrounds.

He was a voice for the voiceless and his music mirrored the victories and challenges of his people.

He was a genuine artist who made use of his platform to raise awareness of problems and promote change.

In addition to being well-liked in the Oakland neighborhood, Dangerous Dame had a significant social impact.

He took part actively in community activities and programs. He was a mentor and role model for young generations. His legacy is going to live on and his influence will be heard in today’s artists.

Record labels:

  • James Edwards Sr. Enterprise (1989)
  • T-Cap Records (1989-1992)
  • Atlantic (1990)
  • Snake Pit Records (1994)
  • No Limit Records (1994)
  • Anti-Wack Music (1994)
  • Edwards Entertainment (1999)


Dangerous Dame worked on the albums including,

  • 1990: I Got What You Want
  • 1992: Same Olé Dame
  • 1994: Make Room 4 Daddy

Extended plays:

  • 1999: “Haven’t You Heard?” (as Saucy)
  • 1989: Jumpin (with DJ Dopecut)

Dangerous Dame cause of death:

Dangerous Dame died suddenly. At this point, it is unknown precisely what led to his death apart from the confirmation of his death and the rapper’s cause of death was not released as well.

We will update the page once the cause of death is revealed. His fans and followers shared a hearfelt condolences on his passing.

Tributes to Dangerous Dame:

P.Reign tweeted,

I remember being a kid and playing Dame “I call your name” tape over and over again. RIP Dangerous Dame.

JuJu Mathematics tweeted,

Rest In Peace to Oakland rap pioneer Dame Saddened to hear the news of him passing away today. Sending condolences to his family & loved ones.

Jerri Martin posted,

This really hurts my heart Prayers to your family and moms
I swear had u had the chance u was the best rapper and writer out the town!!! Thank u for allowing me to get on your track waaaaay back… Dame u are Oakland baaaaaby!!!! May u now rest peacefully

Derrick Newton tweeted,

RIP Dame The tightest rapper in the town, hands down.

MIL tweeted,

RIP Damon..if nobody in your family put you on then they wasn’t outside moving around back then lol RIP a Oakland legend


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