Anna Marquez’s husky Enzo killed by Lodi PD: What happened? Explained

Anna Marquez's husky Enzo
Anna Marquez’s husky Enzo


A Lodi neighborhood is seeking clarification after a family’s dog passed away after being tased by police in response to a report of a dangerous animal. Let’s see what happened to Anna Marquez’s husky Enzo in detail.

What happened to Anna Marquez’s husky Enzo?

On Tuesday at 2:40 p.m., officers responded to a complaint about an animal on Sandpiper Circle, according to the Lodi Police Department’s media log.

Lodi police killed Enzo, Anna Marquez’s family dog as it was trying to bite the local residence, police claims.

A Yorkshire terrier and three huskies were among the family’s four dogs, according to Anna Marquez, who said they were able to escape her home and enter the street.

Two of the Huskies made their way back home on their own, and she was able to find the terrier. Enzo, the third, continued to run, she claimed.

She reportedly added, “I was running and looking for him, I went all over the neighborhood,” she said. “He went over to Sandpiper, and a man there said he wasn’t vicious. (Enzo) was playing with the other dogs.”

Later, she was heartbroken to know that her Enzo was killed.

Why Lodi police killed Enzo?

Lodi PD got a complaint about an aggressive dog in the Sandpiper Circle neighborhood around 3.12 pm, according to Lodi Police Lt. Rick Garcia.

According to reports, the dog was a wild husky breed that tried to bite a family with young children before chasing them inside their home.

After that, the dog started attempting to open the side gate to attack the residents’ pet dog, according to Garcia.

“When our animal services officer arrived in the area, they saw a male using a piece of wood to block this aggressive dog from him and his pet dog.”

Marquez claimed that while searching for Enzo, she observed an officer responding to an unrelated situation and begged for assistance. He informed me of calling Animal control.

“Our Animal Services Officer tried to place the snare on the dog twice, but it broke free both times. LPD Officers had responded to assist our Animal Services Officer,” according to Lodi police.

“At this time the aggressive dog approached a group of individuals that were standing out front of their residence and the officer deployed his Taser, which is a less lethal device, to stun and incapacitate the dog, to allow our Animal Services officer to safely secure the dog. Unfortunately, during the incident, the dog passed away.”

“Lodi PD and Animal Services have been in contact with the dog’s owners. Ultimately, our officers were trying to control and secure the dog to protect the safety of the public.”, Lodi police said.

Justice for Enzo:

The family arranged to hold a vigil for Enzo on Finch Run Wednesday night. Galeno and Garcia, the residents who witnessed the incident said that the dog was playful and it was no danger to society.

“People out there said it was a vicious dog need everybody come out and do justice for Enzo”, she said.

“They just tased him and dragged him,” Galeno, a resident said. “That’s like animal cruelty. You just don’t do that to a dog, no matter if they’re vicious or not.”

“They used a less-lethal device to incapacitate it and ultimately control it. That was probably the safest — and the taser is a less-lethal device and what it’s meant to do,” Garcia said. “It was probably the safest way to control the situation.”


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  1. This is a disgrace. They didn’t just tase the dog. They tased it over and over when the dog was just standing there. This is a murder. It’s fearful, macho scared men who killed a family pet. There is no evidence this dog was aggressive. None.

  2. The dog never bite anyone. There are several videos around the neighborhood showing him wagging his tail, people giving him water and petting him. Those cops did overkill and it was completely sadistic. Hope the family sues.


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