How did Comedian PJ Gallagher’s mom die? Cause of death Explained


How did Comedian PJ Gallagher's mom die? Cause of death Explained

Comedian PJ Gallagher’s mom died: Following the passing of his mother, PJ Gallagher, an Irish comedian, and performer, receives hundreds of memos.

How did Comedian PJ Gallagher’s mom die?

PJ Gallagher, a comedian, and actor, has confirmed that his mother Helen passed away on Saturday, November 5. The popular comedian and Radio Nova host tweeted a moving photo of his mother on Twitter on Saturday night along with the message: “RIP Ma. 5/11/22.”

The 47-year-old received hundreds of condolence letters from the general people and well-known figures after sharing his struggle with depression on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show last month.


Helen’s Cause of death

Neither PJ Gallagher nor any online media did not reveal any cause of death for his mom till now. The family and other close friends have been contacted by Medico Topics in an effort to get their comments on the incident. No responses have been given thus far. Once there is sufficient information, we will update the page. We’ll soon post more details about Helen’s cause of death.

To take care of his mother and keep her company home their own private “bubble,” PJ moved back in with his mother in Raheny after the death of his father Séan in 1999.

Speaking publicly back in 2015 the comedian said he and his sister always knew they were adopted. As a newborn, he was placed into foster care for a few months after being born in Bessborough mother and baby home, before being adopted by his parents, Helen and the late Sean Gallagher who died in 1999.

He said in an interview seven years ago he said about his parents: “My folks were crazy too and weren’t very strict, so it was a great bit of craic growing up in our house.



It was a lot of fun growing up in our house because my folks were wild too and weren’t particularly strict, he recalled in an interview seven years ago.

It reminded me of a comedy university. I’m a classic Irish Mammy’s son since I’m so close to my mother. I give her a daily phone call to check on her. He acknowledged that despite his mother Helen’s adamant encouragement, he did not have a great desire to find his real mother.

After experiencing Reiter syndrome, a form of reactive arthritis in his hands, and being unable to respond to inquiries about his family’s medical history, he eventually tracked them out.


Condolences to PJ Gallagher’s mom

Gary tweeted,

Comedian PJ Gallagher’s mom died, Sorry for loss Pj. Seen you in the alley theatre Strabane a right few years ago. I laughed the whole way through it, brilliant comedy act

Stephen tweeted,

God bless, sorry to hear about your beautiful mum . It brought tears to my eyes ,it reminds me when 7 children and my great mum all stayed in a Tenement in a close in Townhead area , Glasgow..My mum has passed away over 30 years ago,a lovely woman. miss her every day.

Abay tweeted,

Sorry to hear of your loss PJ, hope you can remain strong throughout the coming days, always loved your work on the Dubland podcast and the way you spoke about your ma, she sounded like a legend

Ana tweeted,

You’ve always spoken so fondly of your Ma on Dubland and Glory Daze, so much so that we all felt we knew her too. The mobile phone story is priceless. She sounded like a real character and no doubt will be missed. May she Rest in Peace. Take care PJ

Karen tweeted,

So sorry to hear this…sincere condolences…be kind to urself, no matter how old you are or how ur relationship was grieving is an individual thing and noone can tell u how to do it or how it will happen. Xx

Nimah tweeted,

Ah I’m so sorry to read this, PJ; my heartfelt condolences to you. And may your lovely Ma rest in peace

Sabena tweeted,

Oh PJ I am so sorry for your loss, there is never a right thing to say but having spoken to you I know that your relationship with your mum was complex as was mine I know from personal experiences that complex relationships can make for complex grieving, take care of yourself

Doris tweeted,

Sincere condolences PJ. No words could ever ease your loss, except to say that I know your pain well. Be gentle with yourself in the coming days. Take all the kindness offered and drink it in. Love is the only thing that can carry us through times like these.

Shakar said,

I know that it hurts deeply,PJ and I’m very sorry. Mothers are so precious and we wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for them. I hope that she didn’t suffer and that she’s at rest now. Please mind you and know that there are lots of genuine people who care a lot.

Maria tweeted,

We are just sitting with my Mammy her time has also come.

Sara said,

Sorry for your loss pj. Love the stories of your upbringing. Clearly a hore of a http://woman.RIP.

Denis  tweeted,

Just lost my Mum PJ 10 weeks ago and I can tell ya the pain is unbearable, there is something about losing your Mum that’s so final.. so sorry for your loss bro, and may she rest in peace I’m sure she was a powerhouse of a woman …. To put up with you


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