How did Baba Spirit die? Comedian cause of death Revealed



How did Baba Spirit die? Comedian cause of death Revealed


Popular Kumawood actor cum comedian, Baba Spirit, has reportedly passed away. Video Of Him Revealing how he was suffering from spiritual attacks. Let’s see how he died and Baba Spirit cause of death in detail

How did Baba Spirit die?

The actor and comedian reportedly passed away at Kotoko Medical Center, a hospital in Kumasi, an outlying area of the Ashanti Region. According to reports, the comedian fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, where he tragically passed away.

Baba Spirit was well-known for both his combative demeanor and for serving as the host of spiritual television programs. He has disagreements with several powerful business figures.

He passed away suddenly on September 8, 2022, leaving the entire nation in sadness. Since Baba Spirit’s family has not yet disclosed the reason for his passing, there is little information available regarding the cause of his passing. In the bizarre footage, Baba Spirit told that he fell terminally ill, but when he visited the hospital, the doctors found nothing wrong with him and later found out that the issue was of supernatural causes.

Baba Spirit cause of death

A video on social media popped up and has got many folks talking and reckoning on what could have caused the comedy genius’s death. In the video that dates to October 2021, Baba Spirit revealed how he was suffering from multiple spiritual attacks from industry colleagues. 

Medico topics have been trying to contact the family and relatives for comment on his death. Yet no responses have been acquired. We will update this page once enough information is available. More information on Baba Spirit exact Cause of Death will be added soon. some sources claim that his health was not in great shape and that he was receiving treatment for it when he passed away as a result of his deteriorating health.

What happened to Baba Spirit before his passing?

It may be noted that the comedian was declared deceased on September 8; following his passing, many Ghanaians responded.

A year ago, Baba Spirit opened up on being bedridden for years. According to him, when he visited the hospital he was diagnosed with low blood count. The health professionals were unable to identify anything else.

Ayisha Modi, who has commented on the passing of Baba Spirt, claims that the comic died in a “spiritual death,” which suggests that black magic was used to murder him. In a recent post to her verified Instagram account, she announced this. Instagram is a well-known social networking platform.

Some reactions from social media users who saw the post are;

mhyamegold – Mama thess nie🙄ooh sorry 😔😢

lamisigmb – This feeling eh! I will continue to write it everywhere. Is painful when you know you will never see someone you love again. This industry is full of evil people. Is either of you “belong” that is why when I see some young people going after some “gurus” I relax and pray for them. I am proud Baba said his truth before dying. He said all those who wanted him dead can have everything now. Let them chew it but everyone will DIE one day. It is well

Recall that Baba Spirit and Ayitey Powers clashed some time back when the two fought on live television. The two appeared on UTV for a show and they ended up exchanging heated words which nearly resulted in a brawl.

The fight between the two came about after Ayitey Powers commented that Baba Spirit was sent by the devil to disturb him and also said some unpleasant words. The two have since then been involved in a series of arguments on various media platforms.

Tributes to Baba Spirit

Felix posted,

Baas the name I call you, we did a lot together and travel together we became family and always look after each other, we spoke few weeks ago and told u the dream I had and we pray but God knows best am going to miss you my brother Baba Spirit you serve your nation well putting smile 😊 on the faces of Ghanaians goodbye Baba Spirit goodbye my brother till we meet again RIP

kuku tweeted,

Baba Spirit So is that all? Is this the bouncing back we talked about few days ago? Ah Baba! #Asa #Asa #S3Asa. go and rest from this wicked world...


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