Shiv Mistry died: How did the Cambridge University student die? Revealed

Shiv Mistry

A coroner has discovered that a student on his way to Cambridge University to study medicine died tragically while enjoying a pina colada while on vacation. Let’s see who is Shiv Mistry, and How did the Cambridge University student die.

How did Cambridge University students die?

“Shiv died while on vacation in Spain after suffering an allergic reaction and going into anaphylactic shock.

“His friends, medics, and police attempted but failed to resuscitate him. Shiv has had a dairy allergy since he was a child.”


Shiv Mistry

Shiv died of anaphylactic shock while on vacation with his RGS mates.

“Shiv was a fantastic young man who was kind, kind, humorous, and highly capable. He was accepted to Cambridge to study medicine. What a great doctor he would have been.”


What happened to Shiv Mistry?

A coroner has discovered that a student who was set to study medicine at Cambridge University died tragically while consuming a pina colada while on vacation.

Shiv Mistry was on vacation at the Costa del Sol with his pals on July 8 when he was offered a sip of the cocktail, which included cow cream instead of coconut cream.

The top achiever fell and died as a result of anaphylactic shock. On August 9, a memorial service was held for him at Milton Chapel in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.


What did his Principal say?

Shiv attended the Royal Grammar School (RGS) in High Wycombe, and principal Philip Wayne remarked on Twitter in August, “It was a delight to spend time with Shiv Mistry Y13’s mourning parents and sister this morning.”



According to a GoFundMe campaign set up to gather cash for Anaphylaxis UK: “He was in Spain with his pals to celebrate finishing his exams and looking forward to starting his studies at Claire College at Cambridge University later this year.



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