How did Archie Roach die? Cause of death Revealed


How did Archie Roach die? Cause of death Revealed

Archie Roach, an Indigenous musician who won an ARIA Award and whose popular song Took The Children Away, became an anthem for the stolen generation, passed away at age 66. Let’s see how did he die and his cause of death

How did Archie Roach die? 

In April 2011, he made a comeback to performing live after his recovery. A 2011 early diagnosis and extensive surgery helped him also survive lung cancer.

In the eyes of his people, he was a senior elder. At Warrnambool Base Hospital, Roach passed away on July 30, 2022, following a protracted illness.

Who announced Archie Roach death news?

The Australian singer-songwriter’s demise was confirmed by his record label on Saturday evening in a statement on behalf of his family.

Roach, a member of the Stolen Generation, died on Saturday, shrouded by his family and loved ones at Warrnambool Base Hospital in Victoria following a long illness.

Archie Roach Cause of death 

The singer, who had a stroke in 2010, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. 

He appeared on stage while using a breathing machine during the St. Kilda Festival in February of this year.

The statement said, “We thank all the workers who have looked after Archie over the past month.” “Archie wanted all of his devoted followers to know how grateful he is for your support throughout the years.

“We are extremely proud of what our father accomplished in his extraordinary life.  He was a healer and a force for harmony.

What illness does Archie Roach have?

Roach has been fighting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was critically ill when he performed at his inauguration into the ARIA hall of fame last November. He said those who come to see him give him life.

Roach experienced a stroke while working in the Kimberley region on October 14, 2010. In April 2011, he resumed performing live after his recovery.

As a result of an early diagnosis in 2011 and extensive surgery, he has also survived lung cancer.

Why is Archie Roach carries oxygen?

Archie Roach

For his devoted supporters at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Archie Roach’s arrival on stage for his final Melbourne performance of his final national tour, Tell me Why was a shocking and painful sight.

The oxygen tubes in Uncle Archie’s oxygen bottle were supplying his lungs with much-needed oxygen as he was pushed on stage.

He made a point of assuring his followers that he wasn’t acting in this way out of obligation but rather choice.

Roach, who has had chronic obstructive lung disease for years, stated: “Being up here, doing this, is my healing.” In recent months, his illness has gotten worse.

What Roach confessed in the interview?

Speaking to The Guardian, Roach announced he was carted to and from the venue in an ambulance with a medical team in convoy.

His chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which he has lived with for years, deepened in the leadup to the ceremony, forcing him to be admitted to Warrnambool Base Hospital.

Roach spent some days in the intensive care unit. “It wasn’t looking too good for a while,” he told the magazine.

He stated, “Fluid had gone from my legs to [around] my heart, so I had to go to ICU for a while, while they tried to get me under control. After the ARIAs, things seemed to pick up after that.”

What does the Guardian say about roach final days?

Due to its proximity to the hospital, Roach’s original plans to accept the award and perform someplace in Melbourne were modified to The Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool.

They practiced with acoustic guitars in a hospital spare room earlier in the day, according to Paul Kelly, who performed with Roach.

“I recall thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s the performance, we can go home now,’ after that!

He sounded good and could sing it strongly, so, of course, we thought he was going to be amazing at the time,” Kelly added.

“There was some doubt as to whether that would happen, but if you watched the ARIAs performance, you’ll note how his voice got stronger throughout.

Therefore, Archie and I as well as the medical staff was all pleased with how things turned out.

During his live performance, Roach used a nasal cannula to supply more oxygen before returning to the hospital for a few more days.

Who was Archie Roach?

Australian Aboriginal musician Archibald William Roach AM lived from 8 January 1956 to 30 July 2022.

He was an elder of the Gunditjmara and Bundjalung tribes, a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and a supporter of Indigenous Australians’ rights. Ruby Hunter (1955–2010), a vocalist, was his spouse and musical partner.

In 1990, Roach released his first solo album, Charcoal Lane, and the track “Took the Children Away,” became his first hit.

He performed both as the headliner and as the opener for concerts by Joan Armatrading, Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Tracy Chapman, Suzanne Vega, and Patti Smith while on tour all over the world.

A Deadly Award for a “Lifetime Contribution to Healing the Stolen Generations” was given to him in 2013 in recognition of his work, which has received several nominations and honors.

Roach was honored by being entered into the ARIA Music Awards hall of fame on November 25, 2020.

After a prolonged illness, Roach passed away at Victoria’s Warrnambool Base Hospital on July 30, 2022.

Archie’s Early life.

Archie’s family was on the Framlingham Aboriginal Mission close to Warrnambool when he was born there in Mooroopna in 1955.

He was taken away from his mother,  woman, and father, Archie, from New South Wales, when he was a young child, making him a member of the Stolen Generations.

Archie was in several foster homes until finding a home with the Cox family, who he says took good care of him.He picked up the fundamentals of the keyboard and guitar from Mary Cox, his foster sister.

He was too young to comprehend his predicament and was left to believe that his biological parents had passed away.

When he was a teenager, a letter from a sister he was unaware he had revealed the truth of his forcible separation from his family. It delivered word of his mother’s recent passing.

The discovery set off an identity problem, which expressed itself over more than ten years as drinking and spells of homelessness.

Archie met Ruby Hunter, a South Australian Ngarrindjeri lady, while he was living on the streets. He considers her to be his savior.

Ruby was a gifted musician and a member of the Stolen Generations. The two soul lovers started a musical journey of healing.

Their home would continue to be accessible to underprivileged youth in need of the support they had discovered in each other years later when they were married and raising a family of their own.

Archie Roach Achievements

Archie’s debut album, Charcoal Lane, was released in 1990. Producers Kelly and Connolly.

The name of the record is derived from a laneway in Fitzroy, the center of Melbourne’s Aboriginal community, where Archie used to pass the time drinking when things were more difficult.

Took The Children Away earned Charcoal Lane two ARIA awards, a spot on the 1992 US Rolling Stone best albums list, and a Human Rights Achievement Award. It was the first time a songwriter had received the honor.

Archie continued his investigation of the problems facing Aboriginal people in contemporary Australia throughout five subsequent albums, including Jammu Dreaming and Sensual Being.

He does this without bias or purpose. I’m simply stating this is what happened, you can take it or leave it, as Archie puts it in his account.

His music has brought him fame around the world and numerous honors, including the 2011 Red Ochre Award for his lifetime contribution to Indigenous arts and culture as well as three ARIA Awards in 1998 for his third album Looking for Butter Boy and many Deadly Awards, including Album of the Year in 2009 for Music Deli Presents Archie Roach – 1988.

What motivated Archie Roach to write his book  tell me why?


Tell Me Why | Book by Archie Roach | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster AU

He began writing songs after meeting his soulmate Ruby Hunter when they were both homeless teenagers. His sad signature song, ‘Took the Children Away’, from his 1990 ARIA award-winning debut album Charcoal Lane, has evolved into an anthem for the Stolen Generations.

Tributes to Archie Roach death?

Louise Milligan tweeted,

Oh my, very sad that Archie Roach has died. And he was only 66. That is way too soon. Vale.

Wordstoprint – Robert Johnson tweeted,

Oh no! So sad, and at the start of Garma. It’s so emotional seeing such positive work towards an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. His music a gift…

Some Bloke tweeted,

His song Took the Children Away is a song of national significance, it brought tears to my eyes even as it opened them to the injustices we have piled upon his people. He will walk with honour among his ancestors.
Miki Perkins tweeted,

Oh what a loss. Condolences to his family. Singer-songwriter Archie Roach dead aged 66.

AIATSIS tweeted,

30 July. We extend our deepest condolences to Mr Archie Roach’s family, friends and community who are mourning this loss.

Bridget Brennan tweeted,

Completely heartbroken. Archie told of our pain, our love and our survival as blackfellas. We loved him so dearly. His sons Amos and Eban say he was “healer and a unifying force”. Rest in power with the ancestors.


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