Who was Deividas Skebas? Why did he kill Lillia Valutyte? Revealed

Who was Deividas Skebas? Why did he kill Lillia Valutyte? Revealed

Nine-year-old girl speared to death in ‘utter tragedy’ named by police. Let’s see Who was Lilia Valutyte? the suspect, and the suspect’s Motive to kill her in detail.


Who is Lilia Valutyte?

A nine-year-old girl was fatally stabbed while playing with her younger sister in a street close to their Boston home, The girl’s name was Lilia Valutyte.

Lilia Valutyte and her five-year-old sister were playing with a hula hoop when she was stabbed in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Moreover, it is reported that her mum was working inside a nearby coffee shop and watched through the window as the tragic events unfolded.

Within a few hours of the girl’s murder, Lincolnshire Police made two arrests about her killing.


Who was the suspect Deividas Skebas?

On Monday, two days following his arrest, Deividas Skebas of Thorold Street in Boston will appear before Lincoln Magistrates’ Court.

Deividas Skebas, 22, who was detained on Saturday following a CCTV appeal in response to Lilia Valutyte’s death at the age of nine, will appear in court on Monday, according to the police.

The Lincolnshire Police said in a statement that Skebas had been charged and that officers with specialized training are assisting Lilia’s parents.

“We would appeal for their privacy to be respected at this extremely difficult time,” the statement continued.
We continue to place a high priority on their welfare.

Armed officers conducted an arrest in the Central Park neighborhood of Boston at around 2.45 p.m. on Saturday as a result of intelligence and information provided by members of the public.

Deividas Skebas, a Lithuanian national, 22, of Thorold Street, Boston, has been charged with murder and is scheduled to appear in court in Lincoln on Monday.

“This is a terrible case that has affected many people in Boston and elsewhere,” Chief Superintendent Martyn Parker said. “At this extremely trying moment, our thoughts remain with Lilia’s family.

“Significant crimes have been committed in response to such a tragic tragedy,”

“Our officers have been out in the community talking to people and hearing their worries.
Over the next few days, we’ll continue to be really present.

“Finally, I’d want to express my gratitude once more to the general people and the media for their assistance in a difficult and complex matter. Our police and staff are grateful for your assistance.


What Jurate Matulioniene describes about Lilia?

A close family friend and the head of the Boston Lithuanian Community, Jurate Matulioniene, called Lilia “a lovely angel” who enjoyed dancing.

She stated that Lilia was a lovely angel who enjoyed dancing and was quite quiet. “The family used to attend all of our neighborhood gatherings and they would always linger late to assist with cleanup.

We want to have a fundraiser, so I contacted the mother for her account information. However, she refused.


What happened to Lilia Valutyte?

Lilia was attacked at around 6.20 pm on Thursday (July 28), flashing a hunt for the criminal who attacked her.
Police have since arrested two people after raiding a house in Lincolnshire town.

Around 6.20 p.m. on Thursday, the toddler died on Fountain Lane from what seemed to be a knife wound, setting off a massive manhunt for her killer.

Among the paramedic tools being used in an ineffective attempt to save Lilia’s life was a young child’s doll pushchair that was spotted by a nearby household lying on the road.

Police are reportedly following up on a tip that a man was observed fleeing the scene of the incident while they looked through CCTV.

Investigators said the murder was a remote incident. “Those who wish to leave flowers and tributes can leave them at the corner of Fountain Lane and Fountain Place.”

The cobblestone street where the attack took place is where Lilia was last seen having fun with her younger sister.

A resident told the Telegraph, The little girl was playing in the street with her younger sister when it happened. They had some toys out. She was a very quiet girl and I just can’t understand her.

“I didn’t see what happened, but we were told they (police) were looking for footage of a man running away. Another nearby resident described the incident as a parent’s worst nightmare.


What did Lilia’s mom do at the incident time?

Lina is Lilia’s mother and, she worked while watching her daughters play out the café window.

It is said, that Lilia’s mother is the head of a recruitment agency and is originally from Lithuania.

She is believed to have been the first person to reach her daughter following the stabbing.

Another resident told that her mother ran a business out of the home. She had been using her laptop to work from a desk for a few months.

She would allow them to play outside because it’s a peaceful street. They may have also possessed Dolly’s pushchair and a hula hoop. She would have been inside, for sure.


What do the police demand from the public?

“Our officers have been working around the clock on this inquiry,” Chief Superintendent Martyn Parker said. “The public’s involvement may prove important.”

He urged anyone with knowledge to contact the police since the CCTV photographs were quite clear and showed a man they wanted to speak to. “If you see him, stay away from him and dial 999 right away.

“This is an extremely unfortunate situation, and I want to tell the public that we are devoting a tremendous amount of resources to the inquiry.


Police released four CCTV images of the suspect.


CCTV images issued by Lincolnshire Police of a man they want to question over Lilia Valutyte's death


Four CCTV photographs of the man were issued by Lincolnshire Police. He advised that if anyone sees him ring 999 immediately rather than approaching him.

“As part of our fast-moving murder investigation, we now have CCTV images of a man we need to locate. Any information, however small, may prove critical to our inquiries.”

The police force also stated that two individuals who were detained earlier this week have since been freed with no further action required.


What did Chief police Ms. Anderson confess?

The force was “pursuing extensive lines of inquiry and have dedicated several resources to this investigation,” according to Ms. Anderson earlier.

You’ll notice that more police officers are monitoring the area, and a large number of specialized investigators have been hired to help with the investigation.

She stated that while investigations were ongoing, specialized officers were providing support to the girl’s parents. “I can only imagine the sorrow and suffering they are through.

Our top priorities are their welfare and the welfare of people she knew, Ms. Anderson continued.

In a statement to the media, Ms. Anderson said that additional police would be present in the area to help the neighborhood and that the crime scene would stay cordoned off while “essential evidence” was obtained.

This incident has horrified our community in Boston, and I want to reassure the community that we’re doing everything we possibly can to forward the investigation and to support the family, she said.

What was the suspect’s Motive? 

Detectives working tirelessly to bring the killer of nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte to justice have published CCTV footage of a man they want to question over her death.

Yet the suspect’s motive has not been identified as the police investigation is in process. Once got the official information regarding this issue, we will update the details on our website.

CCTV footage shows moments before nine-year-old Lilia Valutyte’s murder

When Lilia Valutyte, 9, was fatally stabbed in Boston, Lincolnshire, according to CCTV evidence obtained by ITV News, emergency personnel arrived quickly.

At 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, July 28, on Fountain Lane, the police reported they thought Lilia had been stabbed once.

10 minutes after the alleged incident, officers can be seen in the video rushing to Lilia.
However, their attempts were in vain. Paramedics also tried to save her life.

CCTV film shows Lilia playing with her younger sister ten minutes before the incident, which documents her final moments.

Along with directing the crowd away from the location, the police were also seen.

A guy was formally charged with murdering Lilia on Monday, according to a separate court appearance.

Deividas Skebas, 22, of Thorold Street, Boston, appeared before the city’s magistrates court on Monday and was present at Lincoln Crown Court for a second hearing that day.

After her passing, family members recalled Lilia as a youngster who loved to make her younger sister laugh and was sweet and amusing.

Skebas is pictured at a family celebration in Lithuania in 2020 in a photo posted on social media

In a social media image from 2020, Skebas is seen at a family reunion in Lithuania.

Skebas is originally from the Lithuanian industrial city of Utena, where his relatives are still present. Last weekend, forensic officers searched a home with a view of Boston’s Central Park.

Lilia’s death was “heartbreaking,” said Chief Inspector Martyn Parker, who also noted that the case “touched many individuals in Boston and beyond.”

The officer continued, “Our sympathies are with Lilia’s family during this particularly trying time.”

According to Lincolnshire Police, officers with specialized training were there to help Lilia’s parents.

Lilia passed away at 6:20 p.m. on Fountain Lane, Boston, from a single stab wound, within 100 yards of the renowned St. Botolph’s Church, also known as the Boston Stump.


Tributes to Lilia Valutyte death

Local residents, began paying tribute to Lilia, leaving flowers and notes near the cordon. One tribute said: “So sorry this cruel world has taken your life beautiful girl. “May you be in the arms of the angels.”

Paul Skinner, leader of Boston Borough Council, said: “The town is united in mourning following the very sad and tragic death of a nine-year-old girl in Boston. We can’t for one second imagine the pain the family and the young girl’s friends are going through and our heartfelt condolences go out to them.

“As a sign of respect to the family of the nine-year-old girl, the council will fly a flag from the municipal buildings at half mast.”

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