Alfa Romeo crash in North Yorkshire: What happened? Explained

Alfa Romeo Crash

The accident occurred on Masham Road while the four teenage guys were travelling in a grey Alfa Romeo from Bedale to High Burton. Let’s see Alfa Romeo Crash.

When did the Alfa Romeo Crash happened?

Around midnight Four male drivers of a grey Alfa Romeo collided on Friday.

In a car accident in North Yorkshire, three teens were fatally injured, and another was critically injured.

Around 11 p.m. on Friday, the four teenage guys crashed their grey Alfa Romeo on Masham Road as it was travelling from Bedale to High Burton.

Alfa Romeo Crash

A 17-year-old child and two 18-year-old males were among the three passengers who perished from their wounds as a result of the tragic collision in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

The driver, a youngster as well, was critically hurt and is still in the hospital.

It’s suspected that no additional vehicles were involved.

What did the North Yorkshire Police say?

“We’re looking for anyone who observed the incident, spotted the car in the area prior to the accident or anyone with dashcam footage or other information that could help the inquiry,” North Yorkshire Police stated.

North Yorkshire Police are asking anyone with information regarding the collision to get in touch with them.

People’s reaction to Alfa Romeo Crash

BNN United Kingdom said,

BREAKING: In a crash in North Yorkshire, three teenagers were killed and one was seriously injured. At around 23:00 BST on Friday, a grey Alfa Romeo carrying four men crashed on the B6268 Masham Road close to Thornton Watlass, Bedale.

Jan B said,

The Sun Dispatch said,


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