Eric Oberholtzer, Oklahoma resident died tragically in Whiskey barrel saloon mass shooting

Eric Oberholtzer, Oklahoma resident died tragically in Whiskey barrel saloon mass shooting

At around 9 p.m. Friday, the Oklahoma City Police Department responded to a shooting at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon in southwest Oklahoma. Let’s see more details about this shootout.

What happened at Whiskey Barrel Saloon?

On Saturday, April 1, a gunfight between biker gangs at an Oklahoma City bar around 10:00 pm ET left three people dead and three others injured. As per the Oklahoma City Police, the incident occurred at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

The three deceased victims were found dead at the scene. While no suspects have been named, investigators believe that members of several different motorcycle clubs were involved.

Eric Oberholtzer, Oklahoma resident died tragically in Whiskey barrel saloon mass shooting

As per the reports, of the three injured victims who were transported to the hospital, one is in critical condition while two others have sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities have told civilians to avoid the area, and officials have been posted at the scene to ensure that there is no further violence between the biker groups.

Oklahoma City officers investigate the Whiskey Barrel Saloon shootout

In an official statement, Oklahoma City Police Lt. Jeff Cooper said that they are yet to identify the victims. It was additionally reported that the number of suspects involved in the shooting and their names have not been confirmed as of yet. Cooper added that the police have no leads at this point in time.

Authorities stated that while several people were shot in the incident, they will investigate it as if it were any other homicide. The department noted that they do not typically receive any information about injured victims from the hospital unless they have been declared deceased.

Eric Oberholtzer, Oklahoma resident died tragically in Whiskey barrel saloon mass shooting

Residents are advised to avoid the area

Oklahoma City police have not identified a suspect nor have they taken anyone into custody in connection with the shooting as of Sunday, according to the spokesperson. The shooting suspect, or suspects, had fled the saloon by the time authorities arrived on Saturday night, Cooper said. Police at the scene originally said that one person was arrested after the incident but later confirmed that information was incorrect, CBS affiliate KWTV-DT reported on Saturday, adding that authorities were not yet pursuing any leads at that time.

We are working on a significant incident with a large law enforcement presence in the 4100 block of Newcastle Road. The scene is just west of S. Portland Avenue,” the Oklahoma City Police Department said in a Facebook post shared just before 11 p.m. local time on Saturday night. “Please avoid the area as investigators will be on scene for some time.” Cooper said on Sunday that he anticipated that police would have more details to share about their investigation by Monday.

According to the Social Media Updates

Emergency services are on the scene of a mass shooting that occurred at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon Pub in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to reports, 6 individuals were shot, 3 of whom were dead and the other 3 sustained injuries after a fight erupted into a shooting.

Our hearts are heavy with the news of a mass shooting at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon Bar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Multiple emergency crews are on the scene responding to this tragic event. According to reports, the incident was the result of a fight that escalated into a shooting, leaving six people shot, three fatally. We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families, and we stand in solidarity with the Oklahoma community during this difficult time.

Social Media Sarcastic Comments

Valarie Posted

It’s so sad that people can’t go out in public and enjoy themselves anymore. This is so sad.

Cheryl Posted

Okc is really getting dangerous…I have no desire to go visit anyone or go shopping etc there. It’s getting so bad. Prayers for all.

Jenn Philips Posted

Ok, does anybody know any vehicles described they could have got away in? Just wondering Bcz of a very suspicious vehicle we saw Sunday afternoon around. I don’t want to say here but I’d like to report it but not sure anyone would even listen much less record it I always think certain people looking like they just robbed a bank shouldn’t be on our road hunkering down with camp hoodie cinched down barely able to see out to drive.

Sharon Synder posted

So sad about this place back in the day was our Redneck hang out good food good friends good country music loved all the bands who played there no one hurt anybody or even thought about shooting innocent people.

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