Heart breaking at WrestleMania: A little girl who danced with Bianca Belair lost her mother before the performance


 Heart breaking at WrestleMania: A little girl who danced with Bianca Belair lost her mother before the performance

At WrestleMania, a heartbreaking incident occurred: Any fan would anticipate the WWE crew to be happy after luring viewers in with a riveting main event. Yet before the big show, one particular scene jumped out.

It was at that point when Bianca Belair arrived, dancing with a group of young females. It has since come to light that one of the girls in the troop just had to deal with a tragedy.

A young girl contortionist from Belair’s entrance lost her mother earlier in the day. To find out what happened to the mother of the young child, keep reading this post.

Heartbreaking at WrestleMania

At WrestleMania 39, Bianca Belair had a spectacular entrance during which numerous female performers danced to her theme song. The little girl from that group who danced with Bianca, the contortionist, was having a horrible day.

The mother of that young child passed away earlier today, according to Triple H, who shared this information during the WrestleMania post-show press conference.

Paul Levesque disclosed at the post-show press conference that the little girl contortionist who danced with Bianca Belair during her entrance performed after learning of her mother’s death earlier in the day.

Triple H, who was visibly moved, recalled how this morning they learned of her death from the group and congratulated the girl for what she had done on the saddest day of her life.

According to Triple H, the young woman chose to carry out the plan because she didn’t want to let her colleagues down or miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime event. It was amazing how her friends came together to support her and how WWE went above and beyond to make things simple for her.

Heart breaking at WrestleMania


What happened to the young girl’s mother?

Although Belair considers the evening to be a joyous occasion, one of the young girls who joined her in dancing on the WrestleMania stage didn’t feel the same way. The annual event was the focus of all the CCO of WWE’s hard work and efforts. He saw to it that everything went without a hitch.

During the post-event news conference, the former wrestler disclosed that one of the girls dancing in the back had had a terrible personal loss. The little child had lost her mother earlier today, Triple H said through clearly painful tears.

Even the CCO himself found the obvious explanation for this to be devastating. He seemed to choke up with emotion as he talked about the girl and the tragedy that had befallen her.

Given that the young girl had lost her mother that morning, it takes fortitude to still appear in front of the camera after such a significant event.

Watch the young girl’s performance video clip:


How do people react to this tragedy?

EJ Walker said,

I started tearing up watching HHH talk about it. That little girl is going to remember Wrestlemania forever. I hope W W E does something really special for her in the future.

Kevin James Shannacappo wrote,

Choked up listening. That’s why Bianca is the Champ. An awesome gesture!

Mark Whatman posted,

That dance routine they did was amazing. All of those girls are so talented. At that age to have that much composure given the circumstances. Unreal! Crazy respect for that little girl.

Urbain Delva said,

Sad to hear that. Good on Bianca and WWE for trying to brighten up that little girl’s day. God be with her and her family. Condolences to them. 

Sharron Searle said,

Was so emotional triple H had tears in his eyes n a lump in his throat, we forget that he’s a father, husband, and son and has empathy n emotions like the rest of us was a beautiful gesture and my heart goes out to the little girl and her family


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