Berkleyboy tay died: How did the Norfolk Rapper die? Cause of death and obituary

Berkleyboy Tay

Tae aka Berkleyboy Tay, Norfolk, VA Rapper reportedly passed away. Let’s see how did the rapper die and what happened to him in detail.

How did BerkleyBoy Tay die?

Norfolk, VA Rapper Berkley Boy has passed away. One of his family members announced this sad news on social media and the statement reads,

 “You left an unforgettable impression for sure. We are all truly devastated by the news of your transition. You still deserve your flowers as top tier from Berkley Cousin Tae aka Berkleyboy Tay take your rest, you will be truly missed. May your memory and music give everyone comfort. I love you. Gone too soon, Heaven only knows…”

Who was Berkleyboy Tay?

Tay was a young rapper from Norfolk Berkley. His songs include Left to Right [Bonus Track] The Beginning, Tuff Enough Don’t Count Me Out (2020), Hell’s Kitchen, Kicked out, Blick, Tuff Enough, etc.

Deontae White, also known as BerkleyBoy Tay, threatened his rivals in Norfolk, north of the Elizabeth River, with a “Panda” remix. 

He released a Panda remix of Desiigner’s 2015 hit “Panda. It has received 162,000 views on YouTube and 130,000 plays on SoundCloud.

He calls Sinclair and every other man north of the Elizabeth to be cowards in the opening line.

“My side the hardest in Norfolk,” the challenge continued. You wanna rumble? You could take it there. Gunplay? You could take it there.” Sinclair released his own “Panda” version three days later.

“BerkleyBoy Tay, he’s the softest… flexin’ like he real or something,”. He then tells White and his companions to “all speak to the camera, but when I hop out with the hammer, you flee… like a ghost. 

Tay was remembered for his talented music and kiddish smile as well as his charisma.

What happened to BerkleyBoy Tay?

The rapper from Virgina, BerkleyBoy passed away. Rapper community in complete grief after the sudden death of Tay.

However, the Tay cause of death was not revealed yet.

Brandon Richard shared the statement on the social media and it reads,

“Damn RIP my boy … your heart was massive .. you were a Virginia trend setter 1000% .. so blessed to have been in your life .. made music and rocked many shows together. I would’ve put all my money on your success I always felt like you were meant for HUGE things … I know you touched many more than me with a heart as large as yours .. rip Berkleyboy Tay”

Many people who knew him offered their condolences. Gee Swayzo wrote, “Damn R.I.P Berkleyboy Tay Dude was definitely one of the pioneers for the 757 music scene.”

Erika Battle shared her condolences by sharing the lyrics of his No Talking song. She wrote, “Rest Up. “I help her gain some weight fxck her good then I bust in her face” – Berkleyboy Tay”

Tay’s funeral arrangements and obituary will be released by his family.


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