Don Sebastian, News anchor Caroline Collins’s Grandfather passed away – Cause of death Explained

News anchor Caroline Collins’s Grandfather Don Sebastian passed away. Let’s How did News anchor Caroline Collins’s Grandfather Don Sebastian die and Don Sebastian cause of death in detail.

How did Don Sebastian die?

News anchor Caroline Collins’s Grandfather Don Sebastian passed away in an accident on December 15,2022.

News anchor Caroline Collins shared the devastating news on Facebook.

She wrote,

“My grandfather, “Papa” Don Sebastian, passed away Thursday. We are all so sad and can’t believe he’s gone. 😔💔”

Don Sebastian cause of death

According to News anchor Caroline Collin’s Facebook post, Her Grandfather Don Sebastin died after being hit by a car while walking towards the church.

She wrote,

“He passed away after being hit by a car walking into church with my mom. He didn’t deserve to suffer like he did. I’m thankful that he’s reunited with Nana probably singing and dancing again in heaven! ❤️”

Don Sebastin Cause of death was Car Accident. More Information regarding Don Sebastin cause of death will be added soon.

News anchor Caroline Collin about her Grandfather

“Papa was my greatest supporter. We went for numerous walks in the park together, danced to the music of his accordion and piano, and he gave me the BEST advise.

He also believed in me and frequently assisted me with tasks like travelling to the car showroom to purchase a new automobile.

I have never encountered a man who is more gifted and knowledgeable. He had an unrivalled level of commitment to his wife, family, and church.”

Tributes to Don Sebastin

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family.

Melissa Wilson FOX 26 commented,

“I’m so very sorry. Sending you love ‘n hugs. Enjoyed our chat in the studio today! ❤️”

Brian Dorman commented,

“Caroline, I’m so incredibly sorry! Sending all my love! 💙”

Sean Hendren commented,

“So sorry for your loss and I can’t even imagine what you’re all going through during this holiday season. I just pray 🙏 for peace understanding and most of all love during this time. May God Bless you even this is hard to understand and deal with.”

Lianna Walton commented,

“So sorry for you to lose him in this unimaginably, tragic way. He sure didn’t deserve to go out like this. 😞 Thinking of you all during this difficult time. I am glad you will be able to get home.”

Steven Searless commented,

“My heartfelt condolences 🙏 ☹️ at your families loss. But always remember your memories of him will make you smile and bring joy to you always.”


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