Watch Video, MNKY HSE fire: How did the blaze catch up in the London restaurant?

Video of a fierce fire tearing inside the MNKY HSE restaurant in Mayfair, London, shows diners initially in shock before frantically trying to flee as the fire spreads. Let’s see How did the blaze catch up in the London restaurant MNKY HSE in detail.

MNKY HSE fire:

Celebrities frequent the trendy restaurant, including those from Love Island, and some dined there in August following a reunion show.

According to the London Fire Brigade, they responded to a call about a fire in the building’s basement at 9:40 p.m.

How did the blaze catch up?

A large fire was captured on camera tearing through a Latin American restaurant in London as customers scrambled for safety.

On Friday night, images of police and fire units rushing to the MNKY HSE restaurant on Dover Street in Mayfair were also captured.

According to a partygoer, the fire spread swiftly, gaining hold “within seven seconds,” and shouts as people sought to escape the premises were followed by horror.

According to other sources, the fire in one of the rooms spread quickly.

Social media video appears to show a room engulfed in flames as people rush to escape, some of whom are still carrying their drinks.

A video depicts some individuals ducking beneath a fire to reach a door that has decorations on the ceiling that are on fire.

As they go, others can be heard shouting “go,” and someone can be seen collapsing on the ground.

One person who managed to escape into the street cried out in fear,

“Where is everyone else?.”

Other people may be heard shouting “Jesus Christ” and “f****** hell” in scared amazement.

Police and firefighters rushed to the restaurant. 

Image: Instagram)

Eyewitness Report

One restaurant goer said:

“The fire spread within seven seconds and everyone was in disbelief and didn’t move until everyone started screaming.”

Another witness saw workers carrying out persons who were trapped in the restrooms as they worked to put out the fire.

Additionally, it has been stated that a staff member was hurt while attempting to assist individuals in leaving the facility.

Even though the fire had already been put out before five fire engines and at least 25 firefighters arrived at the restaurant, thermal imaging was employed to make sure everything was in working condition.

According to reports, two people had injuries treated by ambulance personnel, although they are not thought to be significant.

Some users on social media remarked on how calmly patrons exited the restaurant in light of the fire’s intensity.


MNKY HSE operates eateries with a Latin American-inspired menu in London, Manchester, Doha, Qatar, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

According to the organization’s website, the London restaurant and bar is reportedly situated behind a covert entrance at 10 Dover Street.

The MNKY HSE website also states that once you arrive, its

“award winning mixologists will stir up your evening with a selection of experimental and classic cocktails,”

with their inspiration being defined as “vibrant, energetic with an edgy and sophisticated spirit”.

It also serves as a location for live music.

People Comments

Some users on social media remarked on how calmly patrons exited the restaurant in light of the fire’s intensity.

They “casually walked out,” one person claimed.

Another said,

“why do they look so calm?.”

Another jokingly said,

“Amazing how no one left their drinks behind.”

The restaurant had about 300 patrons inside at the time of the event, which occurred during its busiest season of the year. The patrons were led outside by the security personnel.


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