Divimara Lamar Nava: Is Francisco Oropeza’s wife related to Texas shooting?

The wife of the shooting suspect, Francisco Oropeza, Divimara Lamar Nava, 53, was being held in connection with the incident on Friday night. (abc7)

The sheriff reports that Divimara Lamar Nava, the wife of Francisco Oropeza, who is accused of shooting and killing five of his neighbors in Texas, has also been taken to jail. Let’s see about it in detail.


Who is Divimara Lamar Nava?

According to Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson, the 53-year-old wife of suspect Francisco Oropeza was being held in connection with the shooting on Friday night.

According to Henderson, Nava had previously denied knowing Oropeza’s location, but police think she concealed him in the house close to Conroe where he was apprehended Tuesday.

According to online jail records, Lamar Nava was taken into custody early on Wednesday and was being detained in the Montgomery County prison on a felony charge of obstructing the capture or prosecution of a known offender.

Divimara Lamar Nava/The Montgomery County Jail.

She was detained by state police at a Conroe house, according to the documents, which do not include a bond for her. Following a tip, authorities said they were able to locate Oropeza Tuesday after a four-day manhunt for him. He was reportedly hiding beneath a pile of laundry in a closet.

It is alleged that Nava assisted Oropesa by “providing material aid and encouragement, food, clothes, and arranged transport” to the house that police later discovered him in.

According to Tim Kean, chief deputy for San Jacinto County, Oropesa looked to be relaxing in his hiding place because “he thought he was in a safe spot.”

The felony accusation of obstructing the capture or prosecution of a known offender is the reason why his wife is being detained. On a $250,000 bail, she is being detained.

The documents show that Nava is not married, and when contacted by USA TODAY about Nava’s relationship with Oropeza, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment.

Chief Deputy Tim Kean of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office stated during a press conference on Wednesday that “several other arrests” had been made but that he “can’t go into the details on that.” Less than five additional persons, according to Kean, were detained.


Texas shooting case:

According to the police, Oropeza was late Friday night shooting shots in his backyard when a neighbour requested him to shoot farther away since a baby was attempting to fall asleep.

Oropeza refused, so Wilson Garcia, the infant’s father, called the police, according to Wilson Garcia. According to investigators, Oropeza arrived at the home between 10 and 20 minutes later and immediately began fire.


The victims were Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21, Julisa Molina Rivera, 31, and Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18, as well as Garcia’s 25-year-old wife Sonia Argentina Guzman and 9-year-old son Daniel Enrique Laso. While defending Garcia’s infant and 2-year-old daughter, two of the victims were shot.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said,

“Everybody that was shot was shot from the neck up, almost execution style.”

Four of the victims’ bodies, according to a Honduran government official, will be sent home. As requested by her sister and her husband, Velásquez Alvarado will be buried in the United States, according to Wilson Paz, general director of Honduras’ migrant protection department.

Diana’s father, Osmán Velásquez, said on Tuesday that his daughter just received residence after entering the country illegally eight years prior with the aid of a sister who was already residing there.

He said,

“Her sister convinced me to let her take my daughter. She told me the United States is a country of opportunities and that’s true, But I never imagined it was just for this.”

When announcing the reward, Abbott referred to the victims as “illegal immigrants,” which was only partially true.

After receiving harsh criticism for bringing up the victims’ immigration status, his office later walked back the statement and issued an apology. According to Abbott spokesman Renae Eze, they have subsequently discovered that one of the victims could have been lawfully present in the country.

Francisco Oropeza arrested:

After the FBI’s tip line provided information about Oropeza’s whereabouts, he was apprehended in Montgomery County, Texas.

After a four-day search that involved hundreds of officers, drones, and scent-tracking dogs, this happened. The government offered a $80,000 prize for information that resulted in an arrest.

Oropeza was taken into custody a little over an hour after the tip that put a halt to the chase was received, according to FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jimmy Paul.

According to U.S. immigration authorities, the suspected gunman is a Mexican national who was deported four times between 2009 and 2016. One of more than 200 tips, according to FBI spokesperson Connor Hagan, investigators received, the tip’s caller’s name will not be released.

Suspect Francisco Oropeza/The Montgomery County Jail.

Authorities withheld information about the home’s owners, whether Oropeza knew them, and whether anybody else was present when he was discovered. They also declined to clarify whether Oropeza’s friends or relatives had assisted him in avoiding capture or where he had been since leaving the Cleveland scene, where officials had earlier stated he was most likely to have fled on foot.

According to Hagan, the US Marshals, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the US Border Patrol’s BORTAC unit were the three agencies who intervened to arrest Oropeza. During the extensive manhunt, which included searching a densely forested forest a few miles away, drones and scent-tracking dogs had been employed.

As the search continued into the weekend, Republican governor Greg Abbott offered a $50,000 reward, and others added another $30,000 to the pot.

Authorities located Oropeza on Monday in Montgomery County, causing multiple schools to be put on lockdown as a result, according to Kean on Wednesday. Oropeza was able to escape capture by taking to the streets on foot.

Oropeza was later discovered by law officers in the house close to Conroe, which Kean said has a personal link to the suspect.

Oropeza was arrested and lodged in the San Jacinto County prison on a $5 million bail after being charged with five charges of murder.

The FBI Houston office stated that it has changed the suspect’s last name to “Oropesa” from “Oropeza” in order “to better reflect his identity in law enforcement systems.”


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