Ryan Krieger, drummer Who Played with Bruce Hornsby and Iron Maiden passed away

drummer Ryan Krieger died
Drummer Ryan Krieger died


New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas-based drummer Ryan Krieger passed away. Let’s see how did the drummer die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Ryan Krieger die?

Ryan Krieger, drummer Who Played with Bruce Hornsby and Iron Maiden passed away. Krieger, a very skilled drummer, briefly played drums for Cro-Mags as they promoted the REVENGE record.

His death news was announced by Chris Foster in the following statement,

I am deeply saddened to hear that my dear friend Ryan Krieger has passed away. He was a great drummer. But more importantly, he was a beautiful soul. I am really going to miss you, Ryan. The world is a little less bright today. I’m sad you’re gone, but I am glad to know you are no longer in pain. I know you’re laying the groove down somewhere. My sincerest condolences to all of his family and friends.

Following the passing of Ryan, his friends and colleagues have offered condolences to him.

Who was Ryan Krieger?

Ryan was a professional musician and instructor with more than 14 years of experience instructing drum sets and more than 29 years as a productive live and studio drummer.

His drumming combines the raw strength of rock with the tightness of funk and a lot of jazz elements. Ryan is known for his sensitive, forceful, and innovative style, and can easily switch between instrumental, singer/songwriter, rock, pop, jazz, Latin, electronic, hardcore, and metal styles.

Growing up surrounded by his father’s audiophile musings and listening to hundreds of excellent songs at the “proper volume,” Ryan developed a love for the music of many genres, notably punk, metal, and jazz.

He studied music from great drummers like Karl Latham and Gregg Bissonette. He occasionally works as a bassist and guitarist while also writing music.

Ryan was recognized as a superb musician by his colleagues. He also offered private lessons, master classes, rock camps, workshops, and school assemblies to both children and adults.

Ryan Krieger
Drummer Ryan Krieger died


Ryan’s Musical journey:

Over the course of his career, Ryan dabbled in a variety of musical genres, switching back and forth between the incredibly devoted Hardcore/Metal scene with “Cro-Mags” and “Harley’s War” and the ever-expanding Jam band scene with “Dr. Didg.”

He was able to share stages with Bruce Hornsby, Iron Maiden, Sun-Ra, and Slayer. He performed at the Las Vegas strip with “Blue Man Group” and “Legends in Concert.”

Additionally, Ryan has performed and recorded with the world music legends “Bad Haggis,” a Deep Purple tribute band called “The Sound of Purple”

And a brief stint with “Crazytown,” a country tribute band called “The George Strait Tribute featuring Jack LeDuc,” The Voice finalist “Justin Hopkins,” freelancing on the West Coast, recording for TV and film.

He also performed at the corporate events, school assemblies, leading workshops, touring theatrical productions, and instructing drumming, among others.

Ryan has traveled to the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan to record and perform. He also pursued the precise and experimental realm of the recording studio, performing on stage while using laptops, sequencers, and sporadic effects. (source: http://www.ryankmusic.com/)

Ryan Krieger cause of death:

Krieger died after a courageous battle with cancer. He was remembered for his good nature, fun-loving personality, and humbleness.

Chad Gendason posted his heartfelt tribute saying,

Ryan Krieger I will miss you more than you could ever know. You were my favorite person to play music with. One of the people that blew my mind constantly with your amazing talent and friendship. You were an amazing father. Your family is my family and always will be. I’m grateful to have known you. We laughed and loved hard af. We didn’t leave anything on the table. My soul is crushed. Rest in peace. I mourn for those that never knew you.

Ryan Krieger 4-29-23 10:06pm

The universe reclaimed part of its soul tonight. I’ll always love you, brother.

Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of Ryan broke out.

Tributes to Ryan Krieger:

Chuck Dunnum poted,

I just found out we lost a great friend, musician, and father Ryan Krieger. Ryan was a friend to me at times when I thought i had none.

He was a tremendous musical colleague and mentor. I have no words for our loss. My prayers go out to his immediate family. To his family who I haven’t had the honor of meeting, he was a huge guide for me in music friendship and life. May God heal your family and rest his soul.

Rock & Roll Sussex County posted,

We lost a local legend this week. If you were lucky to be around in the 90s and early 2000s you probably saw Ryan playing with Drop Thud Oops, JJs Greatest Band on Earth or the Travelin Bubañas. If you were at Rampage on the River or up at Ricky farm or one of the open mics you probably remember being blown away by his talent. He always had a smile. And if you talked to him you would be at ease with his good nature, fun loving personality, and humbleness. He moved away and followed his dreams making a career in music. If you knew him you probably know he’s gone by now. If you didn’t… well… believe me when I say he was one of the best. Rest in peace my friend.

Max Rico posted,

Ryan Krieger ..One of the absolute best drummers I’ve ever been blessed to play with. When Ryan was behind the drum kit I knew we were going to Rock the joint and blow the roof off the place! But most of all he was a great person and one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. He was a dear friend, brother and great father. My deepest condolences to his family, especially his son Max.. And I will miss my brother…Rest In Peace, Love and Music forever amen..

Bryon Holley posted,

Oh my… this one hits home and hurts a lot! Thank you Ryan Krieger for being my friend and the amazing cat you were.
One of the great ones. An amazing drummer, a genuine person and proud nurturing father, and one of the most Uber loving human beings you’d ever meet!!!
You will be sorely missed.
Cheers my friend.

Ray McNeeley posted,

I am in disbelief that we loss a extremely talented drumer and friend. My Condolence goes out to his son and family. R.I.P Ryan Krieger we will miss you.


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