Deji vs Fousey Betting: Where to bet, Odds Analysis full guide

Deji vs Fousey Betting: Where to bet, Odds Analysis full guide

This weekend, Deji Olatunji will make his fourth appearance in the ring as part of the undercard of his brother KSI’s bout. Let’s see about Deji vs Fousey Betting and Odds Analysis in detail

The former YouTuber-turned-boxer has lost against Jake Paul, Vinnie Hacker, and Alex Wassabi in his past three battles in white-collar competition.

Deji’s most recent loss saw him make defensive strides and enhance his cardio, but he ultimately lost in a split decision.

And when he squares up against YouTube prankster Fousey, the 25-year-old will be eager to put an end to his protracted wait to get his hand raised.



Deji vs. Fousey

The occasion is scheduled for Saturday, August 27. at London’s 02 Arena. The ring walks for Deji vs. Fousey, real name Yousef Saleh Erakat will start around 8:30 p.m. on the undercard of the KSI event.

Fight card

Deji’s brother KSI will be on move twice on the same night as he opens and closes the night’s action.

He will first take on Swarmz before then facing off against Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

  • MAIN EVENT: KSI vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda – (6) Cruiserweight
  • FaZe Temperrr vs Slim Albaher – (4) Light-heavyweight
  • Deji Olatunji vs Fousey – (4) Light-heavyweight
  • King Kenny vs FaZe Sensei – (4) Cruiserweight
  • Deen the Great vs Evil Hero – (4) Welterweight
  • Salt Papi vs Andy Warski – (4) Cruiserweight
  • Sam Hyde vs IAmThmpsn – (4) Cruiserweight
  • KSI vs Swarmz – (6) Cruiserweight

What live stream and TV channel is fighting on?

The event will be broadcast live on DAZN PPV.

The price is £7.99 for a DAZN subscription and £11.99 for the combat PPV.

KSI made headlines with his big return to the ring against Swarmz and Pineda.

KSI opens the show against Swarmz at 7:10 p.m. before taking on Pineda later in the night.

While Faze Temperrr has also been announced for the o2 supershow.

Fousey shows off an eight-month body transformation forward of ring return.

Before his comeback to the ring, YouTube fighter Fousey underwent a remarkable eight-month makeover, displaying his newly ripped physique.

With only one fight under his belt, FouseyTube—real name Yousef Arakat—lost to fellow content producer Slim in the fourth round when his corner decided to call it a day. 

Arakat has subsequently resumed training and conditioning and announced a return to boxing after previously taking a protracted social media break.

The 32-year-old then released a video of himself being displeased with his larger frame before later posing in front of a mirror while sporting a muscular and toned eight-pack. 

At first, Fousey declared, “One day, I’ll be holding this and I’ll have an eight-pack again.” 

Later in the film, he can be seen tensing his newly toned body as he anticipates a chance at atonement.

Throughout his weight-loss journey, Arakat has kept up with his YouTube postings. He rose to famous for having 250,000 subscribers. 

Fans were accustomed to his acting and prank videos on the website, which earned him a chance to compete against Slim in the YouTube charity competition.

Although the opponent for his future match has not yet been determined, he has now called out British YouTuber Deji, who recently suffered a defeat at the hands of the American’s longtime friend Alex Wassabi. 

Arakat tweeted the following: “Deji, you have three Ls. In the annals of YouTube boxing, I have the biggest L. 

Right, you did say that I was a simple opponent in Social Gloves.  Me vs you this year.  There are no justifications. Who desires a first victory more?”

Deji vs Fousey Betting

Deji vs Fousey Live betting can be done on the website called

What did Deji say?

“I’m now 0-3,” Deji declared. “Yes, I slipped all those blows, but I didn’t throw. I only was struck about seven times. “I’m going to keep boxing, and I’m going to win. With that said, I will continue boxing; I won’t give it up.

“I want to set a good example for others. Yes, I realize that I lost, but I’m going to win back.

“I’m going to teach you that even if you lose a lot, you can always get back up and win.”

Deji’s brother, according to KSI, will drop his fourth consecutive boxing match. Why?

In his forthcoming bout with Fousey, KSI has viciously prophesied that his brother Deji will lose.

The British YouTuber, whose real name is JJ Olatunji, will make his long-awaited comeback to the ring on August 27 at London’s O2 arena against Alex Wassabi, who defeated his siblings.

Deji, who will compete on the undercard against fellow YouTuber Fousey, will be trying to win for the first time after three losses.

After his brother’s altercation with Wassabi, KSI became angry and harshly criticized Deji’s performance to inspire him to make amends.

Now, KSI worries that his brother would not be able to handle Fousey’s harsh tactics, but he has challenged his brother to disprove him.

He asserted brashly in a predictions video posted to his second YouTube channel, “I think he’s going to lose.”

Soon, the struggle will be ended because Fousey will keep moving forward and Deji will keep moving backward. Deji simply stands there saying, “Oh, s***.” It will likely come down to a choice, and I predict Fousey will prevail. “Deji may be able to convince me otherwise, but I don’t see his triumphing.

I could have continued working with him and applied pressure for another 20 to 30 rounds.

I don’t think Deji mentally wants it, and I don’t think he has the mindset and cardio to win. Cardio is king, and he was just unfit for his previous bout.

I know he is training hard, but it saddens me to admit it.”

Deji was defeated by Vinnie Hacker of TikTok before losing his first three matches versus YouTube personality Jake Paul.

His most recent defeat came in a bout against Wassabi earlier this year, which he lost because he couldn’t keep up with his opponent’s work rate.

The Olatunji siblings’ relationship has been up and down lately, but it now appears to be closer than ever thanks to KSI, who was spotted comforting his brother in the ring after the loss.

His brother has previously questioned Deji’s training techniques and is unsure if his brother is taking his opportunity seriously.

Although he admits he didn’t take his past opponents seriously, the 25-year-old has now pledged to take his forthcoming opponent seriously.

Before their confrontation, he and his opponent Fousey participated in a news conference when he declared, “I’m going to take this battle seriously – 100%.” “I’ve never thought less of Fousey. “I’ve had a history of underestimating some of my competitors. But I don’t think less of Fousey.

It’s going to be good since I know he’ll bring his best effort. I have a great deal of respect for him, and I know from experience that it takes a big guy to step back into the ring.”


Fair prediction for Deji Vs Fousey

I really would like to see Deji lose for the memes but I honestly think Deji might win this. Fousey started training a month or two ago and just because he is in good shape doesn’t mean he’s got the boxing IQ. I don’t really see a knockout happening in this fight so I’m gonna say Deji wins by split or unanimous decision.

A few fair predictions from the fans perspective,

Stevo posted,

The unbiased opinion is no one knows. The logical prediction is the worst loss in YT boxing history VS the biggest loser in YT boxing history. You can always bounce back, but only one has shown they can’t bounce back. I just feel like fouseys lack of experience is gonna cost him the fight. But then again it’s Deji so who knows?

Amar posted,

Let’s be honest Deji is known for not putting in work and fousey has gone through the weight loss journey many times so he is known to put in the work, if Deji puts in the work like we say every time he can win but other than that I see this as a win for fousey, everyone saying Deji has had 3 years ‘training’, still lost to Vinnie and Alex

super strong posted,

Deji can win, but will he want to win during the fight? He could have won against Alex, but for some reason, he didn’t want to and did absolutely nothing during the fight.

bruhnana posted,

Everyone saying JJ will lose or might lose is saying it out of fear lol. JJ did disappoint us with his performance against Logan, but he’s fighting someone near his size this time, so no more excuses about frustration killing his technique.

Bbatund posted,

I disagree. I think Fousey will win mainly because of his insane work ethic. I don’t think Deji is working as hard as Fousey is. Deji is going to operas, chilling in London, and getting haircuts. We’ve only seen a couple of pictures of Deji in the gym. I think on fight day Fousey will come through as the agressor, and if Deji still hasn’t lost the fear of getting hit then it could end badly for him if he gets hit by one of Fousey’s powershots. I personally think Fousey will win by 4th round tko, or if Deji does show some heart then I think he could win by split or unanimous decision.

Hypec shared,

tbh i think deji is winning this every since he lost to alex, to this point he hasn’t made a video nothing about the fight to the degree he did with alex wasabi or vine hacker only a instagram re post that’s it. his taking serious this time & even ksi said so this time in his video & definitely there will be a ko it’s 10 oz fousey has fought in 16’s & a head guard to 10 oz a big change

Unfunny shared,

How are people still backing deji?? also how do you know Fousey started training month ago?? If deji was fighting a 5 year old i would put my money on the 5 year old kid.

Imare shared,

Fousey will win. Deji will probably work harder but I just feel like even then it’s not gonna be enough. KSI seems to think so too based on his latest vids


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