Currency Notes Exchange Rules 2022: Can you exchange 2000 torn old notes in the bank, know what the rules say?

Currency Notes Exchange Rules: Can you exchange 2000 torn old notes in the bank, know what the rules say?
Currency Notes Exchange Rules 2022: Sometimes notes are torn by mistake. It must have happened to you too. The reason for this can be anything, such as a child has torn it, the note got wet and torn or you accidentally cut or torn the note. In such a situation, the bigger the note, the greater the loss. On the other hand, if this note is of 2000 then it hurts even more. But now you do not have to worry much if two thousand notes are damaged, because according to RBI, you can get these notes changed by going to the bank. So that you will not have to suffer much loss. However, it is not necessary that you get full money in return. Many rules have been made for this. If you do not know about them, then this news is very important for you. So let’s know, on the basis of which rules you can avoid loss by getting the torn note of 2000 replaced? What are the Currency Notes Exchange Rules of 2022?

RBI’s rule regarding mutilated notes

  • RBI has made many important changes in the Note Refund Rules 2009 regarding mutilated notes. Under this, the damaged notes are replaced on the basis of the condition of the note. You can get it changed by visiting RBI offices or designated bank branches across the country.
  • As per RBI rules, banks cannot levy any charge for an exchange of torn notes. Apart from this, every bank has also been asked to give information about this. On the other hand, if the bank suspects that the notes have been deliberately damaged, or they have been burnt, then they can refuse to exchange the notes. 

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  • According to the information given on the official website of the Reserve Bank of India, if you have 88 square centimeters (88 cm) of a 2000 rupee note, you will get full money, while on 44 square cm you will be given only half the money.


Method of exchanging mutilated notes

  • Sometimes bad 2000 notes are dispensed from the bank’s ATM. In such a situation, so that it can be changed easily, the RBI has changed the rules of note refund for mutilated notes. Apart from this, if you get a bad note from the bank’s ATM, you can get the note changed completely from the bank by showing the complete receipt and transaction.


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