Coimbatore Medical College cut off 2021 – NEET expected cut off

Coimbatore Medical College

With renowned professors, high-quality infrastructure, and appropriate clinical content, Coimbatore Medical College is becoming a temple of knowledge. Because of its activistic reputation, Coimbatore Medical College has a high peek cut off during MBBS admission by the Tamilnadu government.

In this piece, we’ll talk about what the Coimbatore Medical College cutoff for NEET 2021 will be.

Aside from the cutoff, you’ll know how seats at Coimbatore Medical College are distributed across reservations and why people prefer Coimbatore Medical College over all other medical institutions in Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore medical college seat allotment

Admission to 150 seats of Coimbatore Medical College is done through All India Medical Counseling (AIQ) for 15% of MBBS seats and through Tamil Nadu State Medical Counseling (SQ) for the remaining 85% of MBBS seats.

1All India Quota 15% reservation23
2State Quota 85% reservationGeneral category seats108

7.5% Internal reservation10
Special reservation8+1


1. All India Quota reservation

15% of MBBS seats totally 23 seats are filled by the All India Quota (AIQ), which is administered by MCC counseling, with seats allocated to each group in the following order,



2. State Quota reservation

The remaining 127 (85%) MBBS seats at Coimbatore Medical College are filled through the State Quota (SQ), which is administered by the Tamilnadu State Medical Council, and the seats are reserved according to the following categories (2020),



3. 7.5% Internal reservation

In 2020 a new reservation particularly for government school students of Tamilnadu has been passed by Governor. This is known as 7.5% Internal reservation. This actually takes 7.5% of the total seats reserved for State Quota in every government and private college. Seats reserved for each category under 7.5% reservation in Coimbatore Medical college have been given below.



4. Special category reservation

In each year about 8 seats from Coimbatore Medical College will be allotted to the special categories, like Physically Handicapped, Eminent sports person and wards of Ex-serviceman.

NEET cut off marks for Coimbatore Medical College

Here I am going to provide the cut off marks for both the All India Quota and State Quota in Thanjavur Medical College from the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. By which we can easily access the expected cutoff marks for 2021.


1. All India Quota previous year cut off marks

S. No


2. State Quota previous year cut off marks

5SC329401 509
6SCA285374 491

Expected 2021 cut off marks for Coimbatore Medical College

We’ll tell you the expected NEET cut off, for Coimbatore Medical College for the year 2021 in terms of both the All India Quota (15%) and the State Quota (85%). We can’t exactly call it a prediction; instead, we can say that we calculated this cut off using statistical methods that account for every factor that has a direct impact on the NEET cut off for Tamil Nadu in 2021.

If you want to see how we came up with this calculation, NEET 2021 cut off for Coimbatore Medical College, you can see it here, and it will make you wonder how reliable it is – Expected NEET 2021 cut off in Tamilnadu

1. All India Quota expected cut off marks

S. No
1GH∼ 655
2OBC∼ 655
3SC∼ 575
4ST∼ 545

2. State Quota expected cut off marks

1OC~ 645
2BC~ 635
3BCM~ 625
4MBC~ 635
5SC~ 555
6SCA~ 535
7ST~ 515

How good is Coimbatore Medical College?

Life in Coimbatore Medical College

This info down here is from one of my colleagues from Coimbatore Medical College. He actually provided me with a list of why people are taking Coimbatore and what are the real advantages here. And these are not assumptions, you will get it when you reach there.


Review From a PG student of Coimbatore Medical college

I am happy to say this as a former PG student of Coimbatore Medical College. It is one of the few medical colleges that maintains a high level of discipline and standard. There is a lot to learn. Studying, living, extracurricular activities, and so on. Infrastructure has greatly enhanced as a result of the new centennial building. The foundation is still improving. and you can feel the atmosphere is excellent for learning.


Review From a CRRI UG student of Coimbatore Medical college

Here, the environment is a little hazardous. I am a student who recently completed my undergraduate studies at CMC.

The teaching quality is moderate, because most staff members aren’t interested in teaching, with the exception of one or two in each department. It becomes important to do self-study.

First-year departments

First departments are somewhat good at teaching but very unkind and stern, especially the anatomy department of Coimbatore Medical College, who make a big fuss over small things [Anatomy HOD is a misogynistic, arrogant lady who notices even the smallest things and punishes students in all possible ways, speaks very distastefully especially when it comes to girls.

For example,

*sees a boy and girl discussing something*

says Idhu ellam classku veliya vechuko”(meaning keep these things outside the class),

who also sees a lot of partialities (rich kid/poor kid) and pulls the other staff also into her drama (especially her jalras who put ‘yes’ for whatever she says, so that they could work peacefully)

She also acts as though she owns the college. HODs and staff from other departments are some of the nicest individuals you’ll ever meet at CMC. The physiology department at CMC is widely regarded as one of the best.

Second-year departments

Second-year departments are always busy, but they maintain a high level of instructional quality. Pathology HOD is one of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet. This is the year you should have begun reading on your own because you are no longer spoon-fed.

Third-year departments

Departments in the third year are fine. The teaching quality is below average. This is the time when you meet the true monsters of your college experience. Staff mostly don’t care. You will die reading the deadliest subject in MBBS, the SPM. Overall, self-study will help you stay motivated.

Final-year departments

The true devils of life at CMC are the final year departments. The departments are quite severe (if I write about each one individually, I won’t be able to finish the response in a day).

Notably, O&G, who will make you feel like “OMG!! The anatomy department was great!!”.

The teaching quality is below average, but you will be treated with much less respect. CMC’s pediatrics department is one of the best in the country. You’ll have to beg people to take a day off.

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