Chengalpattu Medical College cut off 2021 – NEET expected cut off

Chengalpattu Medical College

This 50-year-old institution is the 6th of its type in Tamil Nadu, and it is a fully working interdisciplinary research unit managed by academics, students, the ICMR, and WHO’s several research programmes. Because of its activistic repute, Chengalpattu Medical College has a high peek cut off during MBBS admission by the Tamilnadu government.

In this piece, we’ll talk about what the Chengalpattu medical college cutoff for NEET 2021 will be.

Aside from the cutoff calculation, you’ll find how Chengalpattu medical college seats are distributed across reservations and why people choose Chengalpattu medical college over all other medical colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Chengalpattu medical college seat allotment

Admission to 100 seats of Chengalpattu Medical College is done through All India Medical Counseling (AIQ) for 15% of MBBS seats and through Tamil Nadu State Medical Counseling (SQ) for the remaining 85% of MBBS seats.

1All India Quota 15% reservation15
2State Quota 85% reservationGeneral category seats72

7.5% Internal reservation6
Special reservation7

1. All India Quota reservation

15% of MBBS seats totally 15 seats are filled by the All India Quota (AIQ), which is administered by MCC counseling, with seats allocated to each group in the following order,



2. State Quota reservation

The remaining 127 (85%) MBBS seats at Chengalpattu Medical College are filled through the State Quota (SQ), which is administered by the Tamilnadu State Medical Council, and the seats are reserved according to the following categories (2020),



3. 7.5% Internal reservation

In 2020 a new reservation particularly for government school students of Tamilnadu has been passed by Governor. This is known as 7.5% Internal reservation. This actually takes 7.5% of the total seats reserved for State Quota in every government and private college. Seats reserved for each category under 7.5% reservation in Chengalpattu Medical college have been given below.



4. Special category reservation

In each year about 8 seats from Chengalpattu Medical College will be allotted to the special categories, like Physically Handicapped, Eminent sports person and wards of Ex-serviceman.

NEET cut off marks for Chengalpattu Medical College

Here I am going to provide the cut off marks for both the All India Quota and State Quota in Chengalpattu Medical College from the years 2018, 2019, and 2020. By which we can easily access the expected cutoff marks for 2021.

1. All India Quota previous year cut off marks

S. No

2. State Quota previous year cut off marks

5SC294403 507
6SCA270331 460

Expected 2021 cut off marks for Chengalpattu Medical College

We’ll tell you the expected NEET cut off, for Chengalpattu Medical College for the year 2021 in terms of both the All India Quota (15%) and the State Quota (85%). We can’t exactly call it a prediction; instead, we can say that we calculated this cut off using statistical methods that account for every factor that has a direct impact on the NEET cut off for Tamil Nadu in 2021.

If you want to see how we came up with this calculation, NEET 2021 cut off for Chengalpattu Medical College, you can see it here, and it will make you wonder how reliable it is – Expected NEET 2021 cut off in Tamilnadu

1. All India Quota expected cut off marks

S. No
1GH∼ 660
2OBC∼ 660
3SC∼ 580
4ST∼ 545

2. State Quota expected cut off marks

S.NOCATEGORY2021Expected Community Rank
1OC~ 645~ 941(GR)
2BC~ 630~ 725
3BCM~ 620~ 58
4MBC~ 630~ 318
5SC~ 560~ 208
6SCA~ 530~ 35
7ST~ 510~ 13

How good is Chengalpattu Medical College?

Life in Chengalpattu Medical College

All the information down here is from an actual 3rd-year MBBS student of Chengalpattu medical college.

Since primary school, everyone has fantasized about their college years. This college is all that a person might want.

Soon after starting this college, I began to believe that I had made a mistake by enrolling here. The infrastructure, which was around 50 years old, was a major factor. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that these structures are one of the things that distinguish the college. The college has a wonderful, welcoming environment. The College has one of the largest campuses in Tamil Nadu, with around 250 acres of land.

Now that I’ve been at this college for two years, I know that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Nothing could have gone better in my life.


  • It has a lovely campus for those who appreciate natural beauty.
  • The college gates and hostel gates (for boys) are never closed. It means we can go out and come in anytime we want. No one will interrogate you.
  • Professors and staff are friendly. The majority of our professors are alumni of our college, and their primary goal is to improve the standards of our college and hospital. As a result, they lighten the student’s load ( Not to mention about exams and passing)
  • Seniors who are most pleasant and kind. Will you believe me if I tell you that one of the seniors fed me while I was studying during my first-year exams? Anti-ragging measures are also unnecessary on this campus.
  • You won’t have to worry about your unexpected hunger pangs now that a new cafeteria has opened.
  • In addition, the hospital offers you a significant variety of cases to examine and expand your knowledge on the subject.
  • Sports and cultural activities are not to be ignored. Basketball, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, throwball, and other sports have well-known proud teams at the College. A music band and a collegiate dance company are active in terms of cultural activities.
  • CHEM FEST & CHEM SPORTS – Our college’s big inter-college fest and sports meet, which is one of the most well-known in Tamil Nadu.
  • The college offers a student-run mess that serves high-quality meals with a broad selection of options.
  • College and hostel councils provide you the opportunity to develop your administrative abilities while also learning more about the college. The students raise the whole cost of CHEM FEST and CHEM SPORTS by recruiting sponsors from all across Chennai and the surrounding areas.
  • CHARMS – One of the college’s biggest academic events, which is attended by students from all across Tamil Nadu. Provides you with a variety of academic choices.
  • The institution includes a big library that may be used for reading and research. The library also has an air-conditioned reading area and WiFi access.
  • Various departments are interested in holding CMEs on a regular basis, where you may learn about some fundamental and advanced medical knowledge.
  • More than that, this college has plenty to offer all types of students, whether they are studious, love life, or participate in sports.


  • It’s around 52 km from Chennai.
  • Although a girls’ night out is more difficult, it is still possible 😉

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