Bobby Quinn, Southwick man found dead after went missing in City of Sutherland

Bobby Quinn found dead. (Source: Facebook)
Bobby Quinn found dead. (Source: Facebook)


The Southwick community of Sunderland has been horrified by the news that Bobby Quinn, who went missing, has been found dead. The death of Bobby Quinn has been announced by his family in the public domain. To learn more in-depth information, keep reading.


What happened to Bobby Quinn?

Bobby Quinn, who had not been in contact with his loved ones since he was last heard from on Thursday night at 10 p.m., despite a passionate plea for him to come home, has now been discovered dead.

The public requested to help in any manner they can by providing information regarding Quinn’s whereabouts and condition.

The family’s public appeal also gained support in the neighborhood and on social media platforms, where many people have shared it in an effort to support the search operation.

The family continued to wait with anticipation for his safe return. Unfortunately, he was found dead.

According to information provided by his family, Quinn was last seen on Thursday evening while wearing a light blue jacket and shorts. He is seen on security camera that same day at 9:55 p.m.

His family has posted on Facebook about Bobby Quinn’s passing.

His Mom wrote,

“its Jack Quinn if anyone doesnt know we lost my brother Bobby Quinn we are all devastated he was just a young lad who was allways happy and carrying on i can’t believe i am writing this but it ture please just dont forget the good times yous had with him he will be a big miss my family is broken his little girl has lost her dad and a good dad he was love you brother see you on other side 😢❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bobby Quinn was a father of a young baby child. He formerly resided in Sunderland. The loss of another young man who died way too soon has left everyone in shock. Because of all the fun times they shared with him, he will never be forgotten.

The circumstances of Bobby Quinn’s death, which are yet unknown, are being investigated by the authorities. The community has been appalled by the awful death and the news has undoubtedly devastated Bobby Quinn’s family and friends.

His family is anxious for any information that might be able to fill in the blanks on the circumstances surrounding his passing because they are still unknown.

Sincere condolences have been sent from all around the neighborhood after Bobby Quinn’s loss, which has obviously crushed his family and friends. On social media during this difficult period, a lot of individuals have sympathized with and offered assistance to Bobby Quinn’s family.


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