TikToker Adonis Beck aka ‘Pope the Barber’ passed away

 Adonis Beck TikToker's cause of death
Adonis Beck “Pope the Barber” was found dead (Image via Facebook)


Adonis Beck also known online as “Pope The Barber,” a well-known TikToker and influencer, was found dead. Adonis Beck’s passing made headlines since his name is well-known on social media.

Barber Industry has truly lost an amazing Barber. Pope the Barber toured the globe while performing on stage, showcasing his skills.

A true pioneer, Pope shattered boundaries and showed many people that passion and skill have no bounds. Pope attracted a sizeable following he did because of his undeniable talent and devotion to work.

After the news of the young influencer’s passing caught on like wildfire and started trending, there are rumors in the media that he took his life. Is that true? So here’s what we know about him and Adonis Beck cause of death.

Who was “Pope The Barber,”?

Barber and social media sensation best known as part of the well-known lkbphotography_ TikTok account. His partner, Lisa Brezinski, and he had amassed over 7 million fans because of their comedic and hair tutorial videos.

He is renowned for his speeches on the value of being present and self-love. In January 2020, He published her debut TikTok video.

On Instagram, he has gathered more than 92 followers under the handle “Pope the Barber”. He was raised in Orange County and Los Angeles after being born in Long Beach. In August 2020, he published a TikTok set to “For The Night” by Pop Smoke.

Adonis worked in a variety of jobs. He cut people’s hair and showed others how to do it in a place he owned called Vatican Barbershop.

He was so talented that others asked him to lead workshops. However, Adonis wasn’t just about hair. He even claimed to be a scientist at Helix DNA as of May 12, 2020.

What happened to “Pope The Barber,”?

San Diego, California – On Thursday morning, the body of popular TikToker “Pope The Barber,” was discovered dead in a tent. It’s sad that he took his own life after his divorce was finalized.

He was well renowned for his talent with hairstyles. The 34-year-old’s passing was just reported on a social networking platform. He passed away in San Diego on Friday morning, according to @JosephMorrisYT on Twitter.

It’s vital to wait for official confirmation, even though early web reports suggest that Beck’s cause of death was a suicide brought on by mental depression.

TikTok personality Pope the Barber has passed away (Image via Twitter)
TikTok personality Pope the Barber has passed away (Image source: Twitter)


After Adonis passed away, one of his sisters, Nakitta, created a GoFundMe campaign. She claimed herself as Adonis’ sister.

She needed $25,000 to properly bid Adonis farewell. Nakitta exclaimed to everyone how wonderful he was and how he improved people’s lives. She requested assistance so that she could transport Adonis’s body home to rest.

Adonis Beck cause of death

Adonis Beck off-stage, had a great knack for the barbering work. He gained a sizable following thanks to his talent and originality as a successful barber and TikTok sensation. Adonis Beck’s path tragically took a terrible turn at the age of 34.

Pope, a Los Angeles, California, native, rose to fame thanks to his entrancing and fascinating films, many of which have quiet or romantic undertones.

Pope The Barber frequently worked with her ex-girlfriend Lisa (@Lkbphotography), and their content won millions of fans on Tiktok and other social media sites.

Tragically, it appears that since his split with Lisa earlier this year, Pope The Barber has been battling personal issues.

According to sources close to him, he had been struggling with depression and anxiety, which had gotten worse after the split. Friends and admirers are voicing their worry that he may have died prematurely as a result of these hardships.

Therefore, based on web reports, Adonis Beck cause of death was determined to be suicide as a result of mental depression; nonetheless, we need to wait for the official declaration.

Lisa Brezinski’s post following Pope’s death

After his death, Lisa posted a carousel of pictures and videos of the two of them on her official Instagram account. She put in her caption with a sad face:

My heart is shattered… You were my best friend, my true love, my partner and my other half. Truly my missing puzzle piece. Life made sense with you. You changed millions of peoples lives with your bright light and love.You were unlike anyone I’ve ever met. The most amazing human. I’ll forever cherish our time together. I miss you and I love you 🤍

Lisa Brezinski’s Instagram Post (Image via lkbphotography)

UPDATE: Autopsy results

In order to determine what caused Pope to pass away, authorities are currently doing an autopsy. Within his fan base, there are rising worries that he may have overdosed as a result of the emotional distress he had been going through. Indisputable information won’t be available until the formal autopsy results, though.

The Barber’s passing serves as a painful reminder of the mental health issues that both individuals and influencers frequently battle behind the scenes.

The news also emphasizes how crucial it is to offer assistance and resources to people going through comparable hardships with the aim of averting tragedies of this nature in the future.

Beck’s last post on Instagram

Beck has 162K followers on Instagram at the time of his last activity there on April 13. At the gym, he was filming a selfie. Additionally, he has a YouTube account with over 2.19K subscribers. Seven months ago, he posted a video with the caption Coffee This Morning. Black.

Depicting himself on social media, he had written on his YouTube page– “Vegan. Tourettes. Anatomic Molecular Physics. Dark Arts.” He had also attached a cigarette emoji, indicating that he was a smoker.


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Know more about TikTokers Lisa And Pope’s Journey

Lisa Brezinski and Pope are entrepreneurs, influencers, style icons — basically, they’re the coolest couple you’ll ever meet, and their page is all about inclusivity.

Lisa Brezinski and Pope amassed a following on TikTok by sharing videos of their lives as a couple. When someone commented on one of their videos asking the two women to adopt them, Brezinski immediately sprung into action.

Although Lisa and Pope each run their own businesses—photography, and hairstyling, respectively—the creative couple also collaborate on the material.

The duo, who are aware of the lack of support queer adolescents frequently experience, have built a devoted TikTok following through their inclusive films.

The creative duo has established themselves as the parents that millions of LBGTQ+ people wish they had by producing content that supports the LBGTQ+ community and the difficulties that adolescents face at home.

Lisa And Pope
Lisa And Pope (Source: Creative Life)

Who is Lisa Brezinski?

Lisa Brezinski, better known online as lkbphotography, is a fashion photographer, TikTok celebrity, content producer, and social media influencer.

She became well-known by displaying her work on the photography Instagram page. On November 3, 1987, she was born in Canada. More than 343,000 people follow her on the platform thanks to her work.

On the page, she also publishes modeling content of herself. Along with her longtime husband Pope The Barber, she is an out homosexual mom.

It’s hardly surprising that other influential TikTokers nominated the pair to be TikTok’s LGBTQ+ Trailblazers for Pride Month after they created a safe atmosphere for millions of users.

There are tens of thousands of duets and mashups of their videos online, several of which have received over a million views.

These characteristics allow the children of Lisa and Pope, whom they have adopted, to momentarily disappear into whatever parental setting the couple has posed.

On TikTok, she has roughly 7.3 million fans and 179 million likes, and as of right now, her Instagram account has 343k followers.

Lisa Brezinski
Lisa Brezinski (Source: Facebook)

Before TikTok, Lisa was a cocktail waitress who grew up in a small town and was often looked down upon for deciding not to pursue college.

She dreamed of being on billboards, moved to LA, and was inspired to take up photography after inheriting her father’s camera when he passed away. Now, she’s a popular photographer who has been affectionately nicknamed “Mama Lis” by her models.

Public Responses on social media following Pope’s passing

Many people used social media to express their shock and highlight the importance of mental health after his demise. Below are a few of the comments that were made.

Emily Rivera Kamlley wrote on Facebook,

Rest In Peace Pope🙏🏼❤️So very sad! They were one of my favorite beings. Mental health matters so much, PLEASE check on your friends! The cause of death is unknown, they were found in a makeshift tent in a San Diego parking lot. Brittany AKA Pope the Barber AKA Adonis Beck, you will truly be missed🙏🏼

Behindthechair.com wrote on Instagram

Rest in peace Pope 🙏🏼 you will be missed but not forgotten ♥️

Fredifredfred wrote on Instagram,

May your mind finally be at ease. You’ve changed so many lives of young women and queer kids… if only we could have helped you. You’ll be in my memory forever my friend. ❤️

Lonelyghostie posted on Reddit,

Also, to my knowledge at least, transitional surgery doesn’t always include ovary removal. We also don’t know how far into transition or medication she was on so I don’t like the comments speculating on her anatomy. Whether or not she had cancer, this was a mental health issue and I am so heartbroken! 🙁

The Great British Barber Bash wrote on Facebook,

So sorry to hear of the passing of our lovely friend from L.A. Great memories of our time working and traveling together. RIP Pope ❤️

Adonis Beck Obituary

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. Saying goodbye to someone we love is heartbreaking. I write this obituary with a heavy heart to inform you of the demise of Adonis Beck aka ‘Pope the Barber’ a well-known Social media influencer.

The terrible loss of Adonis Beck has left his family and fans inconsolable, and they have been writing sympathy messages after another to convey how much it hurts.

He was so handsome, Talented, Funny, Kind person. His determination of starting Cosmetology School in America, to become one of the best Barber Industries has been amazing. After working damn hard he was fulfilling her Ambitions by owning his own Salon, traveling the world, merchandise, and teaching.

We at Medico Topics grieve his tragic passing and extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends, and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this trying time of loss and reflection. Please feel free to leave a condolence in the comment area below as well.


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