Beef Between Mams Taylor & KSI vs Wade & Jake Paul Explained

YouTube star KSI is pushing for a December matchup with longtime foe Paul after winning three comeback fights since making a comeback last August, all of which ended in stoppages. Also as talks for a fight against Jake Paul fell through, YouTuber turned boxer KSI got into an argument with online boxing personality Wade Plem. Let’s see about it in detail.


Mams Taylor & KSI Controversy:

American YouTuber Wade Plemons, also known as The W.A.D.E. Concept online, is from the United States. Wade is well recognized for his videos that breaks boxing, MMA, and UFC fights.

Wade said he doesn’t think KSI vs. Jake Paul will ever happen and even made the case that Paul vs. Fury 2 has a better chance of selling more pay-per-views than KSI vs. Jake Paul.

Wade clarified in a video uploaded to YouTube on March 20,

“We heard from Jake in the IMPAULSIVE podcast, he does not think that the KSI fight sells like a Tommy Fury rematch and a Floyd Mayweather fight,”

“And I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now.”

KSI appeared to disagree with Plem’s position on the matter and attacked the Misfits host on Twitter, calling the creator “two-faced” and “false” in a series of now-deleted messages.

KSI wrote,

“This man acts like he knows everything about boxing, He doesn’t know sh*t. You’re not that guy. Can’t believe Sharky let this snake into my box. F*ck off.” “This Wade guy plays all sides,” 

“Trying to please everyone. You are so fake, omg. F*ck you and everything you stand for, you two-faced ****.”

Soon after, KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, took to Twitter to publicly criticize Wade and appear to expel the Misfits founder, writing, “Have fun on KingPyn.” Soon after, Fred Beck reported that Wade had truly been fired.

KSI tweets.

Mams Taylor allegedly said,

“Obviously, there is more to it than just today’s video,” “It wasn’t over today he got fired, it’s been long coming.” 

Wade is currently promoting his services by writing in the Space:

“I may as well promote it now, as I’m not working for Misfits, that I’ll be working for the PFL.”

Later, he just posted one comment on Twitter, asking, “What just happened?” to express his views about the issue. Wade quickly responded with a more detailed statement, disputing the other party’s claims while asserting that he has “never switched up” on KSI. “My opinions of a potential fight don’t reflect my opinion of you as a person or a fighter. I’ve always respected you as both.” Nevertheless, after apologizing for going public with the situation and responding to the fans’ criticism of him, KSI expressed his displeasure with Wade for ‘switching up’ on him in person.

KSI apology to Wade,

“To you it’s an overreaction, but to me, it’s a buildup of a lot of things behind the scenes. You can have a public opinion, but don’t come to me on a switch up when you see me in person. Sorry for my outburst but I’m human, I’m gonna get angry sometimes. ”


KSI vs Jake Paul Fight:

YouTube fighter KSI has stated that he is convinced that he will be the one to hand Jake Paul his first loss in the ring thanks to his new method. In six professional fights and one white collar match, Paul has not yet suffered a defeat; in contrast, KSI has fought numerous times at all levels and has never suffered the same fate.

The British fighter competed in two white-collar matches, defeating Joe Weller and drawing with Jake’s brother Logan, before turning professional and defeating the older Paul sibling.

After a three-year layoff, KSI made his comeback in August of last year with two fights at the O2 Arena, both of which he defeated by technical knockout (TKO): Swarmz, a rapper, and Luis Pineda, a journeyman boxer. In the OVO Arena Wembley, he viciously knocked out Faze Temperrr in his most recent comeback fight, earning his first career victory and demonstrating the severity of his enormous punching power.

In a YouTube video titled “This Is Why I’ll Defeat Jake Paul,” KSI analysed his victory over Temperrr,

“The technique, bro, the technique is dangerous,” “It really is dangerous and I’ve still got so much more to learn, big up MVP; I’m talking about Michael ‘Venom’ Page, the only MVP that really counts, the only MVP that really matters.

“I know that people are going to be like ‘yo, your technique sucks blah, blah, blah well f*** the technique then. I don’t give a s***, f*** the technique. Let me touch your chin and let’s see if you get up… I talked a lot before the event being super confident, feeling like I was on a different level but I think I’ve shown it now. Ultimately there’s a main goal [fighting Paul] and I’m working towards that.”

In a recent video on YouTube, Plem expressed his opinion that a bout between KSI and Jake Paul wouldn’t be as popular as a Paul-Fury rematch.

“Jake in the Impaulsive podcast said he does not think that the KSI fight sells likea Tommy Fury rematch or a Floyd Mayweather fight, I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now, I don’t because they pulled some legitimately crazy numbers. “While I used to get on the train that Jake and KSI would do similar numbers, I don’t know that’s the case anymore.”

After viewing Plem’s video, KSI lashed out at him. Paul “backed out” of contract negotiations, according to KSI’s manager Mams Taylor, who made the revelation earlier this week.

Mams revealed,

“Jake has the contract. It’s not in our hands,”

“We redlined it and sent it back to him. He redlined it, sent it back to us, we redlined it, sent it back to him, and now the ball’s in his court.

“I did get a call from Jake’s team saying, hey, Jake doesn’t want to fight KSI in summer like we wanted because of some excuses. Whatever. Basically, he doesn’t want to fight KSI. He wants to fight other people.”

“We booked Wembley stadium, we were ready, and he’s backed out.”


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