Alex Mastakov death: Legendary veterinarian died after a long battle with cancer

Alex Mastakov, a renowned veterinarian and the director of the Unusual Pet Vets Clinic, has passed away. Let’s see How did the veterinarian Alex Mastakov die and Alex Mastakov cause of death in detail.


How did Alex Mastakov die?

Veterinarian Alex Mastakov has sadly passed away on April 14,2023.

The devastating news was shared by Alex’s wife Carla Kowald on Facebook,

“It is with a heavy heart to tell you that my husband, Alex Mastakov, passed away yesterday morning.”

On April 26th at Nambour, Sunshine Coast, there will be a funeral for Alex (details to be announced).

The Unusual Pets Vet clinic also wrote about the loss of their director on Facebook,

Sunshine Coast facility will be closed until April 27th, according to a statement from Unusual Pet Vets facility, to give team members time to absorb and support one another through tremendous grief. Brisbane’s Jindalee Clinic will be able to help in the meantime if your pet requires anything.


Alex Mastakov cause of death

Alex Mastakov was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Alex Mastakov cause of death in light of the recent news.

Alex had been battling metastatic cancer. Despite this, Alex continued to be the loving, optimistic, strong, and resolute person that many of you have come to know. In August 2021, not long after completing his veterinary specialty exams in avian medicine and surgery, Alex received a startling diagnosis of an uncommon and serious cancer (adenocarcinoma).

He posted a status update on Facebook stating that he was managing chemotherapy well up until three days before the end of his first round. It turns out that one of his chemotherapy medications didn’t sit well with his digestive system, causing enterocolitis and a fever.

He also provided an update following the second treatment round. He changed to taking solely IV drugs after the last cycle, which significantly improved how he felt. This second round has gone quite well, and the only side effects he has had are a little nausea and short-term fatigue. As a consequence, he has felt fantastic for the majority of the time and has been able to carry out his daily activities as usual.

The third round of chemotherapy went quite well, and the patient’s reaction to the medication has remained great. He provided an update, saying that he was in for his fourth round today and felt great. He has also undergone a few follow-up scans, all of which have shown nothing.

He completed the fifth of eight chemotherapy rounds in October 2021. Repeat tests were performed on him, and happily they revealed no issues. Chemotherapy continued to have an outstanding effect. He was really grateful that he had been able to aid exotic animals and their owners while still being in good enough shape for work.

Sadly, Alex lost his fight with illness and tragically died away on April 14, 2023, early in the morning.


Who was Alex Mastakov?

Dr.Alex Mastakov was a registered Avian Specialist, and the director of the Unusual Pet Vets Clinic on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Alex Mastakov completed his veterinary science degree at Townsville’s James Cook University in 2013. When he learned the news, he was wrapping up his doctoral study at the University of Queensland while also working as a postgraduate student.

Alex has devoted his life to assisting both animals and the families that care for them. He made many sacrifices along the way in order to get the expertise and knowledge needed to offer all of his patients the greatest treatment.

Alex said,

“Rabbits are wonderful creatures that have developed an amazing array of adaptations that allow them to be one of the most successful mammals on our planet today. I have been fortunate to start encountering rabbits soon after graduating from my veterinary school. Immediately I was won over by these little creatures, their overall cuteness, friendliness and by the deep relationships that they form with their human families. My favourite breeds are the Netherland dwarf and the Flemish giant. Although it can be challenging working with rabbits, the reward that comes with it is unmatched.”

He has always taken a special interest in everything having to do with birds, reptiles, tiny animals, and the unique species of Australia.


Tributes to Alex Mastakov

Everyone, including friends and family, is currently exhausted from grieving for Alex Mastakov, thinking about him, praying for his afterlife, and posting condolences on social media.

Tara wrote: “So sad to hear, I had no idea Alex was battling cancer, he presented himself at work so well and took care of his special little patients amazingly 💜Rest in peace, I hope our little Astrid and all of the other little critters welcomed you with open arms. I’ll always remember how well he took care of me when I was upset and my baby Astrid 💜🍀

Louis wrote: “Dr Alex looked after our Guinea pigs while he worked at the UQ small animal hospital. We will always be deeply appreciative for the excellent care he provided our beloved family members. RIP Dr Alex”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.

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