Taylor Jenkins death: Former swiftie(Taylor Swift fan) died tragically in a car crash

Taylor Jenkins death: Former swiftie(Taylor Swift fan) died tragically in a car crash

Taylor Jenkins, a swiftie was set to attend the April 15 show but died after a car crash in late March. Swift’s song “Long Live” was played as Jenkins was wheeled away to donate her organs.

What happened to Taylor Jenkins?

Taylor Jenkins passed away, unfortunately. The news was posted on Taylor Swift: Eras Tour Social Media page to trend it as a tribute. It says,

Taylor Jenkins, a longtime swiftie, unfortunately, passed away at the start of #TSTheErasTour. She had tickets for tonight’s show. Her family, who will be at the show, are hoping Taylor will sing Long Live in tribute to her! Let’s see if we can trend it!

A swiftie Passed away on the start day of the Eras Tour. The young women’s Family chose to donate the organs and before the surgery, they asked her to play ‘Long Live’ as a tribute.

As a request of the Jenkins Sister and Best friend, the Swifties are working together, so Taylor Swift sings the track as a surprise song tonight(15) in tribute to the fan, as she would be present at the show.

Cause of death

Jenkins died in a car crash on March 17. Jenkins suffered a brain injury after she got in to an accident. Her vibrancy continues to live on in others after her organs were donated to several people in need.

Swift’s song “Long Live” played as Jenkins was wheeled away for her honor walk before surgery to donate her organs.

‘Long Live’: Friends, a family of a late Taylor Swift fan asks the singer to play the song as a tribute at Saturday’s show

Taylor Jenkins death: Former swiftie(Taylor Swift fan) died tragically in a car crash

Swifties hope to surprise Taylor Jenkins 

Taylor Swift has been singing surprise songs at every concert to change things up for the audience and the family of Taylor Jenkins hopes she’ll sing “Long Live” on Saturday as a tribute.

Jenkins, her sister Madison and her best friend Carlie Cumpton were set to go to Swift’s concert on Saturday at Raymond James Stadium. In an effort to get Swift’s attention to ask her to play “Long Live” on Saturday, Cumpton made a viral TikTok.

“It will also be just very healing in a way knowing that there’s going to be like thousands of Swifties that could be singing this song, even though they may not have any idea what’s going on, we know, and it’s going to feel like a big hug, and just like love shown to us,” Cumpton said.

“It felt like the perfect song and so to picture a whole audience in Raymond James Stadium singing that would just be — I would never forget that moment,” Jenkins’ sister Madison said.

Process of trying to get Swift’s attention

The viral video managed to attract someone else’s attention while trying to attract Swift’s. The person who claimed that one of Jenkins’ donated organs saved her grandpa’s life left the video’s most popular remark. The commenter will attend the Swift concert on April 15 as well.

Her mother messaged me and requested a meeting because they are attending the same Taylor Swift performance as us, which is also very absurd to believe. They are departing on the same day, Cumpton said.

Jenkins is regarded as the kind of sibling and friend you could only wish for. “I felt so grateful that just without a second thought, the moment that I came into this world, she loved me for everything that I am,” Madison said of her sister.

Madison said she always knew her sister was in her corner. Now that she’s gone, life will never be the same.

Jenkins suffered a brain injury

Jenkins suffered a severe brain injury after she was rear-ended. “It was a very surreal experience. Just looked at my sister, thinking, ‘Could this be the last time I see you? I have no idea,'” Madison said.

Days after the crash, Jenkins’ family made the decision to let her go so her organs could be donated. “I remember the day of, me and my mom had just sat in her room and just talked about different stories and stuff, and we had said we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t go back and change anything,” Madison said. “I would rather feel this pain than to have never known her at all.”

Happy to know that her heart is still Beating

“It’s such a cool concept that my sister’s heart is still beating and that she does live on, just in a different sense.”

Jenkins’ family decided to let her go a few days after the accident so that her organs might be donated.

Jenkins is regarded as the kind of sibling and friend you could only wish for.

Social Media Condolence

Cool Shix Nz Posted

The person that received her organ is at the same show tonight.

Cam Posted

As much as I want long to live at my show, they deserve it more

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