5 ways to make money on YouTube

5 ways to make money on YouTube

  • AdSense earn money,
  • Patreon earn money,
  • Posting links on YouTube,
  • Material sales online,
  • Product based promotional video

Evan Edinger, a popular YouTube video blogger born in the US and currently living in the UK, lists 5 ways to make money on YouTube.

1. AdSense earn money

AdSense earn money - 5 ways to make money on YouTube

Google AdSense is a system developed by Google to monetize your web blogs. With this Adsense you can monetize your website, blog and youtube channel.

Advertising is the number one way for YouTube bloggers to make money. Here you do whatever you know as a YouTube video content. After reaching the goals for Monetization of your YouTube channel, You can apply for Monetization in Google Adsense. At present two conditions are there for a YouTube channel to be eligible for Monetization. Those are,

  • Reaching 1000 subscriptions on YouTube and
  • Total viewed time for your YouTube videos about 4000 minutes within a year.

Google AdSense is reliable, no matter how many ways there are on the Internet. There is no chance of cheating in this. After getting Adsense approval ads will be shown on your YouTube channel. You get paid when others click on that ad.

However, the changing environment and changes in YouTube have led to a decline in advertising revenue. But in 5 ways to make money on YouTube, this on is the best one.

Evan is referring to the ad that comes before you watch a video on YouTube.

Each time the ad is viewed on a particular video, the up-loader is paid a certain amount. That means one to five dollars will be given depending on certain items.

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Evan says that this amount is currently declining and that YouTube accounts for 50 percent of the total revenue generated by advertising.

Assume that one of your videos has been viewed 10 million times. Evan explains that it will fetch about Rs 64,000 to Rs 3,20,000 as income.

2. Patreon earn money

Patreon earn money - 5 ways to make money on YouTube

YouTube bloggers make money through Patreon.

Evan refers to Patreon as the “Internet Reward Box“.

At Patreon, you can allow your fans to become active participants in the work they want by offering monthly memberships.

You offer them access to exclusive content, features, community, moderator and insight into your creative process.

In return, you will have the freedom to do your best work and the stability you need to create an independent creative career.

“Whether you like it or not, you’re going to watch the video on YouTube. But if you really like it, you can help by giving as much as you can to a particular video once or for a certain amount per month to the person who uploaded it.”

For those who help out, YouTube bloggers maintain a personalized page and provide them with exclusive videos.

Reasons to use Patreon

  • Its like giving opportunity to take a next step with you
  • For YouTube content creators to get closer with the viewers
  • It allows you to serve your audience better just through your YouTube channel alone
  • Trusted viewers can give you ideas, feedback about the content, works everything also make the channel sustainable 
  • It allows you to spend more time focusing content more valuable to your viewers
  • It can provide you a consistent income

So, you can also make money on YouTube by manipulating steps like this.

3. Posting links on YouTube

Posting links on YouTubePosting links on YouTubePosting links on YouTube


You can add links to your products or your websites on YouTube on the

  • YouTube About page,
  • Description of a specific video and / or
  • YouTube cards.

This is especially true for fashion and beauty products. This means that a person who uploads a video on YouTube about a particular product will post links to the products of that company in its description.

“They promote their favorite products and get paid 5-20% for it.”

The money thus earned is like the company saying thank you for popularizing a company’s product among the people through video.

That is, if a user clicks on the links in the description or profile page of the particular YouTube blogger’s account and buys the product, it will be paid for.

4. Material sales online

Material sales online via youtube

Sell products on YouTube through a teaser

Here we are talking about real products, like how you can sell your actual products like a book or an online course or a DVD or a video download guide.

You can find a way to get people a teaser or sneak peak or trailer of the kind of value that the audience can expect from your product. And the results of the teasers or sneak peaks are like, This is what the product does for you, this is how the product works, this is how its helpful – So if you interested, check out.

Merchandise on YouTube

How to make Merchandise on YouTube

If you are a live streamer or content creator in YouTube and you are having a great YouTube community, Then Merchandise the products like Banner, handcuffs, shirts, cell phones on YouTube. Streamlabs is the place where you can set up your merch for YouTube. To be honest, its a great way to earn money on YouTube.

  • Login to your Streamlabs and go to MERCH STORE
  • Make sure you added your PayPal account to Streamlabs
  • Add a new product (Like T-shirts, Mug, Pillow, Phone-case, Bag, Poster etc)
  • Next upload your logo/Image
  • At last Name and price your merch

5. Product based promotional video

Product based promotional video on YouTube

Evan says YouTube bloggers nowadays make a lot of money through product based advertising.

Accordingly, companies will be asked to produce video to promote their products. In return, YouTube bloggers will be paid more.

“It will give you twelve times more monthly revenue than the money you get from normal advertising. While this may seem unusual to hear, it’s true.”

“My friend Luke got a contract worth 20,000 pounds from a production company,” says Evan.

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