How did Willie J. Campbell die? Band mate of The Mannish Boys cause of death Explained

How did Willie J. Campbell die? Band mate of The Mannish Boys cause of death Explained

The musical community lost another talented person. The passing of Willie J. Campbell, a longtime bassist with the James Harman Band and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, left the whole music industry in total sorrow. Learn more about his passing and Willie J. Campbell cause of death in detail.


What happened to Willie J. Campbell?

After a struggle with ALS, Willie J. Campbell, a longtime bass player with the James Harman Band and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, passed away on December 18, 2022.

Willie J. played bass on a large number of records, but many people first recall him for his crucial contribution to the James Harman Band’s iconic “That Dangerous Gentlemens” lineup in the 1980s, which also included Campbell, Stephen Hodges on drums, Kid Ramos, and Hollywood Fats on guitars.


Willie J. Campbell cause of death

Campbell revealed his sickness in a Facebook post from August and mentioned that The Proven Ones were working on a new record. Knowing it would be his last, he made an effort to be there.

Campbell’s buddies and fellow musicians have been working on another song for Willie J for the previous few months. Templeton stated in a GoFundMe that the record will be released under the name “Willie J. and Friends” and not the Proven Ones.

Kim Wilson, Sugar Ray Rayford, David Hidalgo, Janiva Magness, Anson Funderburgh, Mike Morgan, Shawn Pittman, and others will be among the attendees.

Campbell is survived by his brother Scott Campbell, a wonderful roots drummer who played in the original rockabilly Red Devils as well as The Paladins, in addition to his countless friends, wife, and children.

Campbell’s statement 

Hey all,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been here. A lot has happened over the past 18 months. You all have been so supportive in the past. I want to share some things with you. Want to clear up a few things regarding my health.

I do not have cancer. There have been a few rumors about that. 2016, I began to have some twitching in my hands. That went away after a while. 2018, I began to have what are called fasciculations in my legs. They were happening 24/7. With that came severe cramping. 2019, went to one of the top neuromuscular specialists in the country. I was diagnosed with Cramping-Fasciculation Syndrome.

2021, I began to experience changes in my breathing, walking, and speech. On March 15, 2022, I received the official diagnosis of ALS. Lou Gehrigs Disease.

Before I became a musician, I wanted to play professional baseball. Lou Gehrig was an idol of mine. Little did I know that I would be like him in a way I did not expect.

We as a family are going through some heavy changes. It touches every one of us. I have the most incredible support system with my wife Lisa, and daughters Siara and Symone by my side. I also want to thank Team Gleason for their support with equipment for my needs.

ALS not only affects one’s body but their mind too. I am struggling with depression as a result of this disease. It has hit hard and fast. I continue to work with my ALS team to get this figured out.

What I’m really wanting to share here is: Please live fully in the moment. Enjoy everyone and everything that you can, while you can. There are no guarantees. I do want to tell you the fight is not over. We will keep on keepin’ on fighting this. We have not lost hope.

Also, The Proven Ones has a goal of putting out at least one more record. I think I got it in me…and it has to come out.

I love you all, Willie J. 


GOFUNDME Brian Templeton is organizing this fundraiser


“I got another record in me” is what Willie said to Kid Ramos and me just after he told us that he had been diagnosed with ALS.

Both Kid and I decided that making this happen was the best way we could help our beloved friend and Proven brother get through the toughest fight of his life. We are determined to get it done!

Although The Proven Ones will be the core band, this will not be Proven One’s record. It will be recorded and released as “Willie J. & Friends”. Signed on as “friends” are, Kim Wilson, Sugar Ray Rayford, David Hidalgo, Janiva Magness, Anson Funderburgh, Mike Morgan, Shawn Pittman, Jimmie Wood, and Mondo Cortez.

Although all musicians are donating their time and talent, we will need help with production funds for travel, studio time, mixing, mastering, post-production promotion, and shipping costs*. *All donors of $100 or more will receive an autographed copy of the CD. This will be a monumental record – one for the ages. Help us make it a reality and thank you for considering a donation!

The Proven Ones would like to thank all our fans for their undying support and especially those who have reached out to Willie, Lisa, and their family with love. ~Brian Templeton


Who was Willie J. Campbell?

Willie J. Campbell, a longtime Ashdown user, has performed, composed, and recorded music. Every era’s music during the last five decades. Identify him as a “Road Dog”. His hometown of Detroit, Michigan, inspired him to adore American music. His mum loved Motown so much.

James Jamerson was introduced to him by her, and everything ended there. He had a musical addiction. His exposure to the music he loved increased after relocating to Southern California.

Willie listened to artists like BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and a long list of others while spending many evenings at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. This confirmed his ambition to become a musician.

Willie J. has performed with several critically regarded American music groups, including The Blues Giants, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Mannish Boys, and The James Harman Band. The Proven Ones, his new band, is an all-star group of musicians with more than 300 years of combined expertise.

He has a fantastic career that includes both of these bands as well as a wide range of other Blues musicians. Willie has had the good fortune to perform on stages with a virtual Who’s Who of Blues, Soul, Rock, Country, and Punk musicians.

The Blues Foundation has nominated Willie for Instrumentalist, Band, Album, and Record of the Year Blues Music Awards, among other accolades. Willie still performs, writes, and records music. He anticipates expanding his musical range over the next years as he launches new initiatives and forges new alliances both domestically and abroad.

To know more about Willie J. Campell visit this page bluesblastmagazine

Tributes & condolences to Willie J. Campbell

Emy Bruzoo said,

My heart goes out to his family and friends, and although it’s been 40 years since we’ve hung out, I will never forget the memories and music we shared with the Red Devils and the James Harman Band. RIP to Willie J. Campbell one incredible bassist and a great guy. I’ve played several gigs recently with Kid Ramos so the musical connection continued…. Here’s a clip from a track I sang background vocals on called “A Little Mixed Up” Cheers to you Willie J in rock n roll heaven

Cezanne Nails posted,

Willie J. Campbell just recorded here at Dockside Studio. He was in a band called The Proven Ones. He’s pictured here with Kid Ramos who hovered over him, as did others. Willy announced on FB that he got ALS but he thought he had another record in him…he did. One last record with his beautiful bandmates and long-time friends. He was smiling every time I looked his way, he laid down some tracks with determination even when they betrayed him on occasion. His family was here and kept saying how beautiful everything was, the grounds, the bayou, the 100-year-old oak trees, and how this stay and recording session will be remembered forever. The Proven Ones left a piece of themselves here forever, all of them. Thank you to everyone that supported their journey as the result was magic and the record expresses their love for each other. As Steve says, “See you in another life, Willy!”

David Ramos posted,

Today my heart is heavy from the loss of my brother Willie J. Campbell, I thank God for the friendship we had for over 40 years and the many miles we traveled across the world and the music we made together, and the memories we shared. A friend like Willie comes along once in your life if you’re lucky. I can say we left nothing unsaid in these last days of his too-short life, I loved him and he loved me. We had stories too many to tell with James Harman and then The Thunderbirds, The Mannish Boys, and other configurations throughout the years. I know I will see him again when we walk the streets of gold. God’s speed my brother, your little brother Kid.

Todd Sharpeville posted,

My beautiful friend Willie J. Campbell has left us?! It wasn’t long ago when he first discovered he had ALS. I’m appalled it’s taken him so quickly. A deep musician and a deep human. I can’t quite believe he’s gone. Such a tragedy. RIP bro #fuckALS #amyotrophiclateralsclerosis #williejcampbell



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