Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico died: What happened to PFD Firefighters? Explained

Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico

Philadelphia Fire department mourns the death of its two firefighters. Let’s see how Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico died and what happened to PFD Firefighters in detail.

How did Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico die?

The Philadelphia Fire department confirmed that its firefighters Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico have died while off-duty.  Philadelphia Fire department shared a tribute message on its social media page saying,

“We are grieving the loss of two members who recently passed away while off-duty. Firefighter Alim Simmons (left) had served nearly seven years with the PFD and was last assigned to Engine 73 in NW Philly.

Firefighter Jeffrey DiDomenico had served almost 18 years with the PFD and was last assigned to Engine 45 in Strawberry Mansion. Please keep their family, friends, and colleagues in your thoughts.”

What happened to PFD Firefighters?

Two PFD Firefighters, Alim and Jeffrey passed away on off duty. However, their causes of death were not disclosed yet.

Jeffrey DiDomenico, a firefighter with the PFD for over 18 years, was most recently assigned to Engine 45 at Strawberry Mansion.

Alim Simmons, a firefighter with the PFD for almost seven years, was most recently stationed at Engine 73 in Northwest Philadelphia.

Tributes to Alim Simmons & Jeffrey DiDomenico:

Eileen Donnelly commented,

How heartbreaking! It’s been such a rough couple of months for the Philadelphia fire department. Philadelphia fire department and firefighters’ families remain in my thoughts and prayers. May they rest in peace

Ben Serfass commented,

2022 has been a rough year. RIP gentlemen.

Euphoria Reverie commented,

My condolences to both firefighters, families, Department, and friend.

Maria Gill commented,

Rest easy brothers! Even though we never crossed paths, my heart mourns the loss of the PFD family!


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