Watch Video: Full fight between Blue Face and Chriseans family


Watch Video: Full fight between blue face and chriseans family

Once again, a brawl between Blueface and Chrisean Rock is trending on Twitter, although this time it wasn’t between the two of them. Let’s watch the Full fight between Blue Face and Chriseans family and what was the reason for their fight in detail.


Watch the Full fight between Blue Face and Chriseans family

Crazy In Love series

The most recent episode of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s series Crazy In Love debuted on Zeuss last night (Dec. 18).

Crazy In Love series



Blue face and Chriseans family fight: Reason

It included a never-before-seen video of what happened after Chrisean Rock’s father punched Blue in the face.

The video, which has gained a lot of attention on Twitter, depicts the altercation that followed the father’s initial strike. Blue rushes after Rock’s father and dives at him from behind with all of his might, knocking him to the ground, just as it seems the dust has settled and everyone has been separated. He lies there for some time, probably dazed and hurt. When he stands up, the camera catches blood coming from his nose.

“He attacked me! He approached me, “Blueface shouts a lot. The whole video, which shows the minutes before Rock’s father punched Blue for the first time and the subsequent act of revenge is available at the bottom of this piece.

A fascinating talk regarding getting into domestic disagreements with one’s significant other was also featured in last night’s program between Blue and Chrisean Rock’s brother.

“You behaved exactly as I did!” After the brother disclosed that he and the mother of his child had engaged in physical violence, Blueface claims it happened.

The Zeus Network airs Crazy In Love on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST. You must register for an account on before you can watch the show.

Blueface appears to have assaulted Rock’s father(SEP 16)

Despite having pulled out of his scheduled boxing battle with Swaggy P, Blueface was recently photographed shaking hands with Chrisean Rock, the father of his fiancée.

In a video that appeared online last night (Sept. 16), Blueface can be seen allegedly beating Rock’s father. A sizable crowd of people can be seen causing a disturbance in the video.

One of the men is swiftly brought to the ground. The individual recording the brawl is explaining what’s happening by saying, “Oh sh*t, Blueface just threw him to the ground. Blueface merely ran over to him. He just knocked his ass out, sh*t. Oh my god.”

The rest of the film is made up of individuals shouting at each other, with two people that resemble Chrisean Rock and Blueface having a standoff with a large throng of people.

Rock later acknowledged the controversy on social media. She stated on her Instagram Story, “So my boyfriend knocked my dad out.

“The family business didn’t go well; I don’t even know what’s happening.” Rock made an attempt to defend the knockout on Twitter.

She claimed in a since-deleted tweet that “the same dad [who] was knocked out] was the same guy that tied my mother up in da woods just to beat her cause she screams so loud in the house when he beat her in front of us.” Thus, the same dad I first met when I was seven years old deliberately set out to harm my entire family.

“Somebody was been supposed to knock [that] nigga out a long time ago,” she concluded. “What hurts da most ion have nothing to do this shit for I was doing it for my family,” she added.

Both Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s romance has had its ups and downs. Pun not intended. Rock stated that she battled Blueface’s mother and sister back in May. Blueface and Rock were seen fighting on camera in August on a Hollywood sidewalk. After a brawl with Blueface in Arizona later that month, Rock was taken into custody.


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