How did William kachigamba die? Musician cause of death Revealed


 How did William kachigamba die? Musician cause of death Revealed

A Lilongwe-based musician with albinism, William Kachigamba, died this morning at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Let’s see what happened to him and William Kachigamba cause of death in detail.


What happened to William kachigamba?

Youthful musician with albinism William Kachigamba is no more. Kachigamba died at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe in the early hours of today.

Marcus Magaso who used to star with him in Zion Rock Band and his sister Patricia confirmed the development. Fellow musician Patience Namadingo fundraised for Kachigamba in 2020 for his cancer treatment, which he received in Zambia.

However, according to Patricia, his condition did not improve until his death at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Kachigamba was born on March 3 1993 and hailed from Mvera in Dowa.

His death comes barely three days after the country also lost another talented musician Walycris Wanyengo, who died on Friday following a bus accident.

William Kachigamba cause of death

After a fight with cancer, William Kachigamba, age 29, passed away at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe. In an interview with the local media, his sister Patricia confirmed. The musician’s passing has also been reported by the Association of People with Albinism (APAM).

“We regret to inform you that Mr. William Kachigamba passed away as a result of skin cancer. May his soul be at peace, the association wished in a statement released this afternoon. Kachigamba was able to travel to Zambia for cancer treatment in 2020 thanks to fundraising organized by Kachigamba’s fellow artist Patience Namadingo.

Patricia reported that the treatment did not affect the young musician’s condition. According to APAM, skin cancer continues to be a major problem for people with albinism in Malawi as they must overcome several obstacles to receive prompt treatment.

Over 50 people with albinism have passed already since 2020, according to the organization, as a result of expensive procedures and a lack of a comprehensive skin cancer prevention program.


Kachigamba from Malawi travels to Zambia for cancer treatment

A Malawian musician named WILLIAM Kachigamba is receiving cancer treatment in Zambia at the Cancer Diseases Hospital of the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH). Doctors in Malawi had advised William to travel to Zambia for specialized cancer treatment.

However, William was unable to raise the three million Malawian Kwacha required to receive treatment in Zambia. As a result, his fellow musician, Mapulani hit producer Patience Namadingo, started a fundraising campaign to raise the funds.

To raise the money, Namadingo pretended to be a statue at a traffic light in Blantyre. On that day, he was able to raise nearly a million Malawian Kwacha.

The following day, Lazarus Chakwera, the president of that nation, contacted him and urged him to stop the fundraising effort while assuring him that he would make up the difference. A few days later, Namadingo was presented with two million Kwacha by President Chakwera, who had dispatched an officer to visit him.

Although we are unable to independently verify William’s arrival date in Zambia, we have reliable information that he is already there. The Malawian musician Namadingo announced today on his Facebook page that William was able to move alone from the sixth level of the hospital to the ground floor.

One of the most beautiful images he has seen this year, according to Namadingo, is one of William standing at the entrance to the Cancer Diseases Hospital.



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