Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone? Man arrested after package reportedly containing drugs


Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone? Man arrested after package reportedly containing drugs

A Florida man was detained after his neighbor allegedly received a package containing drugs. Let’s see Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone is and this case in detail.

Who is Ryan Hunter Bluestone?

According to authorities, a guy was detained in Marco Island, Florida, after a box that was supposed to contain drugs was instead delivered to a neighbor. A man was detained when a Christmas letter containing cocaine and fentanyl was sent to the incorrect address.

Ryan Hunter Bluestone was detained after his parcel was inadvertently delivered to a neighbor with a similar name, according to a news release from the Marco Island Police Department.


Police Investigation

After discovering some white powdered materials in a parcel that was sent to him, a guy alerted the Marco Island police. It happens occasionally for a parcel to be delivered to the incorrect address, but it happens much less frequently for medications to be hand-delivered to the incorrect address.

A red envelope with a Christmas card and cocaine was found inside the box. It got worse when neighbors discovered fentanyl in the package as well. After his parcel was unintentionally delivered to a neighbor with a similar name, Ryan Hunter Bluestone was taken into custody. The Marco Island Police Department’s Chief Tracy Frazzano discussed what transpired.

Cocaine& Fentanyl discovered

“Christmas is coming. People are receiving packages in the mail from near and far relatives and friends, you know. An envelope addressed to the family was received, according to Frazzano. The Ryan family was the intended recipient of the USPS priority mail envelope. The card included three plastic bags containing cocaine, according to the police investigation. In the shipment, fentanyl was also discovered.

According to Frazzano, “They opened it up, and they were quite vigilant in that it attracted their notice when it was a white powdery substance, called the police department, and we went over there and took custody of the item. The parcel was then taken by the Marco Island Police Department.

If you see something, report it, said Frazzano. I agree, always. because you are unaware of what was inside that package. To be sure it was a narcotic in some form, we had to test it in the field. So, this turned out to be a fortunate circumstance overall, that everybody came out of it safely,” Frazzano remarked. Bluestone was taken into custody at the Naples Jail Center, but he has since been freed.

A voicemail from the person they thought the package was meant for was available, according to the family who reported it. After telling Bluestone he could pick up his delivery by phone.

To do it, he arrived at the police station. Frazzano was asked by WINK News if she had ever witnessed a situation similar to this one. “Where did someone go to pick up their illegal drugs from the police department? No. After more than 25 years in law enforcement, I believe this was a first for me, Frazzano added.

The deadly dose of fentanyl is just two milligrams. According to WINK, the item was allegedly addressed to “the Ryan family.” A red envelope with a Christmas card was found inside the package, according to WINK. According to the neighbor, there were drugs inside the card.

According to MIPD, the neighbors called the police to have a parcel from their property removed after discovering a “white powdery substance.” Never send oneself illicit substances, and especially don’t pick them up from the police, advised MIPD. No other details have been made public.




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