Why was Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii? What Happened? Explained

Why was Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii? What Happened? Explained

Ezra Miller was arrested on suspicion of assault early Tuesday, marking the second time in recent weeks that the actor best known for playing the Flash in the “Justice League” films has been detained in Hawaii. Let’s see Why was Ezra Miller arrested again.


What happened to Ezra Miller?

Miller became enraged after being asked to leave a gathering at a Big Island residence and hurled a chair, striking a lady in the forehead, according to a Hawaii Police Department press release.

According to authorities, the lady refused treatment for a half-inch (1.3-centimeter) cut on her forehead.

Miller, a 29-year-old Vermont visitor, was nabbed during a traffic stop and released awaiting further investigation, according to police.


Why was Ezra Miller arrested before?

Miller appeared through Zoom for a court appearance for an arrest last month at a Big Island karaoke club about 12 hours after his arrest.

Miller pled no contest to disorderly behavior and was sentenced to a $500 fine and a stay away from Hilo’s Margarita Village.

Miller was also charged with harassment after allegedly grabbing a microphone from a singing woman and lunging at a man playing darts.

According to Hawaii Police Assistant Chief Kenneth Quiocho, Miller was upset by a version of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet “Shallow.”

Prosecutors dismissed the harassment allegation, as well as an unrelated traffic charge, as part of a plea bargain.

Miller was issued a traffic citation after police were called to a dispute in downtown Hilo last month during which Miller was uncooperative, refused to leave the area, and impeded a walkway, according to Quiocho.

Miller’s attorney in Hawaii did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on the latest arrest. Another lawyer and a spokesman for Miller did not immediately reply to mails seeking comment.

During the court session, there was no mention of the most recent arrest.

Big Island attorney Francis Alcain had sought that a court hearing set for next week be pushed ahead to Tuesday. In a court statement, Alcain stated that his client “has numerous time-sensitive job responsibilities in California and/or New York” and that an early hearing is required “to settle this situation.”

A Big Island couple filed a petition for a temporary restraining order the day after Miller was freed on $500 bail for the karaoke bar incident, saying the actor came into their bedroom and threatened them. After the couple’s attorney asked it, a judge dropped the lawsuit last week.

William Dean, the couple’s attorney, declined to comment on why his clients no longer wished to seek a restraining order against Miller.

Miller’s bail was applied to the $500 fine by Judge M. Kanani Laubach, leaving a $30 charge to pay.


Fan’s reaction to Ezra Miller’s arrest

SarcasticCowbell said,

The dude’s out here assaulting people looking like live-action Lord Farquaad.

LucasAuraelius said,

Your chances of being assaulted by Ezra Miller in Hawaii are low but never zero.

Epidemicsaints said,

“Pull it together dude”

— Courtney Love to Amanda Bynes, 2013.

FlashbackUniverse said,

That Flash movie is DOA.

Jallinostin said,

I will never understand celebrities who double down on the behavior that gets them blacklisted. So much to risk, so far to fall.


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