What did Johnny Depp say in court today? – Watch Video

Johnny Depp says he has never struck any woman in his life - Watch Video

Actor Johnny Depp took the stand in a Fairfax, Virginia court on Tuesday. Let’s see What did Johnny Depp say in court today.

After taking the stand in court on Tuesday, actor Johnny Depp wasted no time in stating that “never did I personally reach the point of striking Ms. Heard in any manner, nor have I ever struck any woman in my life.”

Depp appeared in a Virginia court on Tuesday to testify in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is suing the actress for more than $50 million, claiming that her allegations of domestic violence have harmed his career and image.

Heard, 35, has filed a countersuit against Depp, 58, claiming $100 million in damages and alleging that Depp’s legal team unjustly accused her of inventing charges against him.

Depp stated on Tuesday that Heard’s “untrue” charges that she was a victim of domestic violence “permeated the business,” finally becoming global news and being accepted as fact in many circles.

“I’m obsessed with the truth, therefore today is my first opportunity to talk about this issue in its entirety for the first time,” Depp told the court. “I felt a sense of responsibility to clear the record… I didn’t deserve it, nor did my children or the individuals who had supported me throughout the years.”


What did Johnny Depp say in court today?

“From what I know and recollect, she was… too good to be true at the beginning of my relationship with Ms. Heard,” Depp remarked. “She was attentive, loving, brilliant, kind, funny, and understanding.”

He admitted that they had disagreements, but he called their connection “wonderful.” They created touching rituals, such as a welcome-home routine.

“I’d walk into the house or hotel, and she’d put me on the sofa, pour me a glass of wine, and take my boots off and lay them to the side,” he recalled. “And I’d never had anything like it before in my life.”

However, Depp stated that he got worried when he returned home one day and, recognizing Heard was busy, removed his own shoes. According to Depp, Heard became “visibly shaken or unhappy” after breaking the routine’s restrictions.

“I felt that was unusual,” he stated, adding that he began to notice more differences after that. “Within a year or year and a half, she had nearly become another person.”



Depp spoke about his childhood

During his testimony, Depp also described alleged childhood abuse he, his brothers, and his father all faced at the hands of his mother. According to him, there were disputes between the parents as well as physical and psychological abuse, including beatings and bullying.

“There was physical violence, which may take the shape of an ashtray being thrown at you, or you’d be beaten with a high-heeled shoe, or a telephone or anything was handy,” Depp explained. “As a result, we were never exposed to any form of safety or security in our home. Really, the only thing one could do was attempt to keep out of the line of fire.”

Depp described his father as a placid man who patiently tolerated his mother’s aggressive tendency and tantrums. It was through him, Depp claimed, that he learned how a guy could keep his cool even in the tensest situations.

Depp also discussed the impact of the legal cases involving Heard – and the subsequent media coverage of them – on his children with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis.

“I felt it was diabolical that my children would have to go to school and have their classmates or people at school approach them with the People magazine cover showing Ms. Heard with a dark bruise on her face,” he added.


The Virginia case revolves around Heard’s 2018 article on abuse

Depp is suing Heard for three counts of defamation, citing her op-ed, which was published on The Washington Post’s website and in print, as well as Heard’s tweeting a link to the piece.

Depp is seeking at least $50 million in compensatory damages and at least $350,000 in punitive damages, as well as attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Heard submitted an op-ed in The Washington Post in December 2018 expressing her support for the Violence Against Women Act. She based it on her own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“By the time I was of college age, I had been harassed and sexually abused, like many other women,” Heard wrote. “But I remained silent because I did not believe that submitting complaints would result in justice. And I didn’t consider myself a victim.”

The essay did not mention Depp by name, but according to his 2019 court complaint, “the op-ed plainly was about Ms. Heard’s purported victimisation after she publicly accused her former husband, Johnny Depp, of domestic abuse in 2016, when she appeared in court with an apparently battered face and obtained a temporary restraining order against Mr. Depp.”

In February 2015, Heard and Depp married. Heard filed for divorce in May 2016 and received a temporary restraining order a few days later, claiming Depp of assaulting her during a quarrel at their Los Angeles residence. Depp denied molesting her, and police stated they discovered no proof of wrongdoing.

When the two divorced in 2017, the deal allegedly included a stipulation that they not disclose their relationship in public.


Depp claims Heard’s allegations were a “hoax”to boost her career

Depp’s lawsuit accuses Heard of manipulating domestic violence charges to further her career and public position. According to the complaint, Heard’s accusations made her a “darling of the #MeToo movement,” earning her lucrative jobs at the United Nations Human Rights Office and the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as a partnership with L’Oreal.

Depp also accuses Heard of using her charges in order to promote her big-budget blockbuster Aquaman, which was released just days after the Post column. It went on to earn more than a billion dollars worldwide.

Depp, on the other hand, claims that the article significantly harmed his own career. According to Heard’s lawsuit, Disney declared in the days after the publication of his op-ed that Depp will be removed “from his major position as Captain Jack Sparrow — a role that he invented — in the multibillion-dollar-earning Pirates of the Caribbean series.”

Depp accused Heard of making malicious false charges against him. His case also claims Heard is a perpetrator rather than a victim of abuse, accusing her of physically beating him during their relationship.

The court petition also mentions Heard’s 2009 arrest for domestic abuse, which resulted in no charges being filed. Tasya van Ree, Heard’s partner in that relationship, has defended her, stating her actions were “misinterpreted and over-sensationalized.”


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