Why did Tyra Banks quit DWTS? Everything we know so far

Why did Tyra Banks quit DWTS? Everything we know so far

Tyra Banks is quitting “Dancing with the Stars” to concentrate on her dream venture. Tyra Lynne Banks is a well-known and well-recognized television personality, businesswoman, model, actor, producer, and writer. Keep reading this article to know why she decided to leave DWTS.

Why did Tyra Banks decide to leave DWTS?

Tyra Banks has decided to leave “Dancing with the Stars” in order to follow her dream of being an entrepreneur. She has put away her ballroom attire and changed it into professional wear.

The supermodel gave us the shocking news about leaving “DWTS,” the program she has hosted since 2020, as she was leaving Whole Foods in Santa Monica on Thursday.

TB recently launched her SMiZE & Dream ice cream in other countries, but she’s now focused on bringing it to the U.S. soon since, according to TB, her heart and soul are in the business. She even had some evidence in her shopping basket to support this claim.

Tyra Banks launched her Smize and dream icecream (Credit: TMZ/Getty Composite)

She showed us the items she had just purchased in order to taste-test potential future ice cream flavors. As she indicated, she takes research and development very seriously!

The Tyra Banks Show, America’s Next Top Model, and other shows have all featured Tyra over the years.  She claims that she will continue to work in television, but that she will focus more on producing than presenting.

Good luck in the ice cream biz, Tyra … we’re “ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!” said TMZ.

Quick Biography of Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is a former supermodel turned American actor, novelist, producer, businesswoman, and television personality. Her most notable work is the long-running reality television program “America’s Next Top Model,” which she created, produced, and hosted.

Also, for five years, she produced and served as host of the daytime chat show “The Tyra Banks Show,” which won two “Emmy” awards.

Banks, who rose to fame as a supermodel, initially desired a career as a screenwriter or producer.  Banks, who experienced frequent body shaming from both her elder brother and others, did not consider modeling as a career until she received encouragement from a classmate who helped her see her true potential.

After being seen by a French scout, she eventually secured a high-profile modeling assignment despite early professional opposition. She continued to work as a model for a number of top apparel brands and made history by becoming the first black woman to appear on the covers of esteemed publications like “GQ” and “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.”

She later experimented with writing, singing, acting, and teaching. She is one of the few females to consistently appear on the list of the “world’s most influential people” published by “Time” magazine. She is also one of the select few models to have been recognized by MODELS.com as a “Legendary Supermodel.”

Tyra’s Ventures

For the soundtrack of her 2000 film “Life-Size,” Tyra Banks performed the song “Be a Star.” She made her official singing debut in 2004 on “America’s Next Top Model,” when she debuted her first track, “Move Ya Body.” In addition, she collaborated on the song “K.O.B.E.” with NBA player Kobe Bryant.

In 1998, she co-wrote the book “Tyra’s Beauty, Inside, and Out,” marking her first attempt at writing. She wrote about her modeling career more than ten years later in the book “Modelland,” which peaked at No. 1 on “The New York Times Best Seller” list in October 2011.

She completed a nine-week “Owner/President Management Program” at Harvard Business School in 2012, at which time she received a credential. She subsequently established the cosmetics company “Tyra Beauty” in 2014.

Tyra launched the interactive cosmetics e-commerce website “tyra.com” the following year. She co-wrote the book “Perfect is Boring” with her mother Carolyn London in 2018.

Tyra Banks has launched her first global evolution outpost for her ice cream firm “Smize and Dream” in the UAE.

Tyra Banks’ Net Worth

Tyra Banks’ estimated net worth as of March 2023 is $90 Million.

YearNet Worth
2023$90 Million
2019$83 Million
2016$60 Million

5 Impressive Facts about Tyra Banks

  • She had experienced relationship abuse. On the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” Banks came pure and admitted that she had been in an abusive relationship.
  • Tyra cheered her parents’ separation. She viewed the separation of her parents as a chance to experience more affection from two sets of parents.
  • Tyra experienced racial prejudice. Some modeling companies turned her down because she was black.
  • She is not a diet-Conscious person. She rejects the idea of dieting to achieve a particular body type.
  • Tyra was against drugs and nakedness. She established a rule not to cooperate with anyone who required her to be intoxicated or undressed.

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