Who is Blind Pianist Lucy? Meet the 13 year old girl stunned the viewers of channel 4 show


Who is Blind Pianist Lucy Meet the 13 year old girl stunned the viewers of channel 4 show

Some of the greatest piano composers have had an inherent disability. While Stevie Wonder went on to pioneer the jazz blues genre after being blind shortly after his birth, Beethoven wrote some of his greatest works while he was deaf.

Lucy, 13, now seems to be carrying on the tradition of talented musicians who exhibit extraordinary talents despite their physical constraints.

Lucy, a 13-year-old pianist who is blind and autistic, was named The Piano’s winner after her breathtaking performance at the Royal Festival Hall brought spectators to tears. Keep reading this article to know about 13-year-old girl Lucy and her amazing performance.

Lucy’s stunning performance at Royal Festival Hall

At the end of her performance at the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday night, a 13-year-old blind pianist was named the winner of the Channel 4 competition series The Piano.

Lucy, a 13-year-old autistic girl who had earlier touched viewers’ emotions by playing Chopin at a train station, astounded the audience at the show’s conclusion.

The judges of the show, which is hosted by Claudia Winkleman, watch performances by members of the public at train stations throughout the UK. At the conclusion of each episode, pop star Mika and concert pianist Lang Lang choose one pianist to play in the finale.

In addition to calling Lucy’s performance of the song “jaw-dropping,” Judge Mika remarked: “Magical things happen with music that is against all odds and all limitations.”

It’s astonishing when it happens, the singer continued. When Lucy played in Leeds, it was astounding and the most humble thing you could witness.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that neither Lucy nor I will ever forget, according to Lucy’s mother. These kinds of situations don’t typically occur in our lives, but they changed our lives.

13-year-old pianist

Channel 4 competition (Credit: Facebook)

A mesmerizing performance

The 13-year-old blind West Yorkshire pianist Lucy won the Channel 4 competition The Piano last night in the Royal Festival Hall final.

To find the finest undiscovered pianist in the UK, Lucy competed against 25-year-old Jay from the Isle of Wight, 27-year-old Sean from Edinburgh, and 26-year-old Danny from Manchester.

On the Channel 4 program hosted by Claudia Winkleman last night, the 13-year-old was named the show’s top performance alongside Chinese pianist Lang Lang and singer-songwriter Mika.

After being spotted performing her cover of Chopin’s Nocturne in B-Flat minor, Lucy entered the competition as the youngest contestant. The performance left Mika and Lang Lang awestruck, and one spectator was seen crying during the video.

What did Lucy’s Mother explain about her condition?

While Winkleman speaks to Lucy’s mother at the beginning of the clip, a man leads Lucy to the piano and helps her choose a seat.

The mom says that when people congratulate her, Lucy, who is neurodivergent, covers her ears. She appreciates the applause, but she doesn’t like the sound of it, the woman explains.

For sensory purposes, she sticks her fingers in her ears. The woman asserts that Lucy “loves the applause” when Winkleman asks whether she needs to urge the audience not to applaud.

Lucy's stunning performance

Lucy’s Winning Moment (credit: Facebook)

Many people are recording her on their phones as a crowd gathers around the piano. Mika and Lang Lang, who is also watching the video in a separate room, are visibly moved and have their mouths open as they take in the performance.

Mika appears to be fighting back tears as he clutches his palm to his mouth at one point. Incredibly, she can perform this composition, adds Lang. How exactly does she research? It’s wonderful. Lang can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my God,” when Lucy completes the performance and the audience applauds her. This is – this is impossible, oh my God.

Watch Lucy’s performance in Channel 4 competition

Who is Blind Pianist Lucy?

Lucy has autism and was born blind. The Amber Trust, a UK-based Organisation that offers musical instruction to young people who are blind or partially sighted, assisted her in learning how to play the piano.

The child pianist was shown in a Channel 4 tweet from last week playing a Chopin tune brilliantly in a Birmingham, United Kingdom, train station.

Watch Lucy’s performance at Leeds Train Station below:

The video was shot for “The Piano,” a reality television program. The acclaimed Royal Festival Hall will host the competition winner’s performance.

In the year 2020, Lucy made an appearance in a quick documentary for The Amber’s Trust. Check out her incredible story here!

Social media users hailed the “astonishingly lovely” performance that gave Lucy the victory.

one commenter wrote. “Was truly amazing to watch this tonight,” “So inspirational, well done Lucy.”

Another comment read: “That instance when someone you have never met stops you in your tracks and touches your heart. Lucy is astonishing; all of the participants were wonderful. What a brilliant experience, thank you.”

“Watched these amazing pianists with tears rolling down my cheeks. The incredibly emotional finale,” one viewer wrote.

“Absolutely everything beautiful in humanity, she performed for us. An absolute talent and blessing. I wish for many more wonderful moments for her, her mother, and her teacher,” another commenter said.


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