Why did Raven Jackson commit suicide? 600 Breezy GF Cause of death

Why did Raven Jackson commit suicide? 600 Breezy GF Cause of death


Recently, 600 Breezy paid respect to his two-year girlfriend Raven Jackson on social media, including texts and photographs of the two of them. Let’s see why 600 Breezy GF Raven Jackson commits suicide and reason for her decision in detail

What happened to 600 Breezy’s GF Raven Jackson?

As per the reports gathered by Medico Topics a teenage fitness influencer called Raven Jackson took her own life due to despair. The untimely death of his partner Raven Jackson has left Chicago-born rapper 600Breezy, actual name Antonio Valentino King, in despair. The “Don’t Get Smoked” rapper expressed his confusion about how this could have happened on Instagram by posting several images and videos of Raven. All evidence points to Raven’s suicide, including a text message he shared with her.

600 Breezy GF Cause of death

News of Jackson’s passing swiftly circulated after Chicago-based rapper 600 Breezy paid tribute to her on Instagram on Tuesday. She supposedly committed herself, despite there being no official confirmation of the cause of death.

Just seven days earlier, Jackson wrote on Instagram that “a two-week commitment could be what’s standing between you and your highest self. Stay with me for 14 days and watch how your body and mind change! On Instagram, Jackson frequently advertised her Go cRAEzy Fitness gym. Along with fitness, Jackson had a clothing business with the same name.

Raven K Jackson died by suicide. Jackson hosted a podcast called Real Talk with Raven, on which she addressed mental health issues. Breezy hinted at Jackson’s mental health efforts on Instagram but didn’t share how she died. The cause of Jackson’s death is unknown.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the 600 Breezy GF Cause of death. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Raven Jackson cause of death will be added soon.

600 Breezy expresses his sorrow for Raven Jackson’s attempt:

Antonio Valentino King, better known by his stage name 600Breezy, expressed his sorrow over Raven Jackson’s passing. The 30-year-old rapper posted several images and videos with her on Instagram.  He is currently crushed and believes he will never be able to fall in love again. Even though 600Breezy hasn’t released a formal statement, it seems as though Raven committed suicide.  Well, that’s what his caption and a text that Raven posted before her passing indicates.
The “24 Bars” artist shared a sweet photo of the couple with his followers on Instagram and wrote: “Baby, why would you do this to me and us?  I promised you that I would return home. You’re about to abandon me forever?  Raven, do you realize how many people adore you?  If this had been the result, I would not have left.  These lines unequivocally prove that Raven committed suicide. On August 26, she posted a video of a client doing a try-on haul with the statement, “Full honesty, it brings tears to my eyes to think that MY clothing makes people feel like this.” Amen! That is a blessing! We truly appreciate your assistance.

Real Talk With Raven Program:

In addition to her work in fitness, Jackson has a podcast called Real Talk With Raven where she talked about mental health awareness. According to the podcast’s Instagram bio, RTR is a program that prioritizes mental health and awareness while providing a secure, friendly, and caring environment to encourage development and awareness.

Jackson was reportedly preparing for live performances this month as well, including one on September 10 in Houston and her birthday Bootcamp in Miami from September 22–25. The Tennessean established a habit of going to film festivals, where she debuted with many short films. I’ll never have the capacity to love again.

The 11 Gunz rapper claimed to be “f***ed up psychologically” in a string of Instagram posts published on Tuesday when he expressed his sorrow over the death of his two-year girlfriend. “Baby, why in the world would you do this to me and us?” I was coming back home, I promised you I would, 600 Breezy wrote beside a compilation of pictures of him and Jackson across the years. “Are you going to leave me forever? You’re aware of the love we have for you, Raven? I wouldn’t have left if that’s what had happened. You just wrecked my mental health, darling, and I’m f***ed for the rest of my life.

“Smelly pie,” I adore you a lot. I’m crying and trembling. My life, my woman, and my wife. I questioned, “You shoved me away so you could do this? For you, Raven, I would have given up everything, and I’ll never be able to love again. I’ll see you soon, baby.

God, please aid me. In a later message, the rapper begged God for help in coping with his loss. Those two years were the best of my life, raven.k.jackson. If you could, God, could you help me? I don’t know what I have done to deserve this, you snatched my girl and my pals, Breezy moaned.


A couple of hours later, the rapper released another piece with screenshots from Jackson that appeared to be a suicide note.

I’m just worn out, baby. I was dealing with these feelings before you met me; I was just waiting for the proper time, the text message said. Nobody is to blame. I’ve been exhausted for some time. I just manage to cover up the reality that I gave up long ago. The post also included emotional pictures of the couple together with a lengthy text written by Breezy. “My kid was struggling and I tried everything I could to show her nothing but love and keep her going,” he claimed in his writing.

“I sacrificed everything for her and her group. I believed in her, so I revered the ground she walked on. She has left this place. I hate myself. If your loved ones show any symptoms of mental illness or damage, please take them carefully. It is true. When she went, she left me with this. 


On her Instagram photos, Jackson has received numerous condolence remarks from clients and fans. “The most determined, creative, and thoughtful person I’ve ever met. And your soul hasn’t altered at all since you left high school. She ALWAYS HAD A SMILE ON HER FACE and made sure that everyone around her was grinning. I love you so much, lovely, and I pray you’re at peace now,” one person said.

“To everyone who is reading this: CHECK UP ON EVERYONE. You can never know what someone else is thinking or feeling. Raven was undoubtedly one of the happiest persons you’d ever meet. God received the most devoted and selfless angel ever.

“You was a true gift merely to follow, watch & listen to,” another person remarked. My heart is broken.

Who was Raven K Jackson, 600 Breezy’s girlfriend?

Breezy and Raven were claimed to have been dating since 2020 after he split up with Queen Key, another rapper. Jackson identified as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and fitness model and had over 250k Instagram followers. She had a fitness apparel brand, which she was getting ready to premiere at a birthday Bootcamp in Miami, Florida, from September 22–25, according to her Instagram account. The native of Tennessee was a frequent attendee of film festivals, where she made her debut with several short films.

Rapper 600 Breezy from Chicago shared a memorial to his ex-girlfriend, Raven K Jackson, on social media on September 6, 2022, along with a notice of her passing. she committed suicide before passing away.

He wrote: “Baby why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us,” on Instagram. “I was returning home, as I had vowed to do…”You’re about to abandon me forever? Do you realize how adored you are, Raven? If this had been the result, I would not have left. “I would have died with you, raven, I did everything for you,” he continued. “I’ll never have the capacity to love again… Baby, I’ll see you shortly. Please help me, God.


Who is 600 Breezy?

American rapper and musician Antonio Valentino King, better known by his stage name 600 Breezy, was born on April 16, 1991.

He is a Black Disciples gang member and bases his rhymes on personal experiences. Don’t Get Smoked, 24 Bars, and Lou Rawls are a few of his well-known singles.

He was convicted of possessing crack cocaine with the intent to distribute and received a prison sentence in 2012. A trial for parole violation was held for the rapper in 2017 after the incident. Additionally well-known for his connections is 600 Breezy.

He has had close relationships with several ladies. Most of them are well-known individuals for whom the rapper has frequently appeared in the media. A social media sensation, 600Breezy has 1.1 million Instagram followers, 79 thousand Facebook fans, 65.3 thousand YouTube subscribers, 20 thousand SoundCloud fans, and 130.6 thousand Twitter followers. He is a member of the group Black Disciples.

Career of 600 Breezy:

600 Breezy a American rapper and YouTuber is well-known worldwide. He has so far recorded several successful singles and albums. 2015 saw the release of Six0 Breez0, Breezy’s debut mixtape. Some of the mixtape’s top songs include Do Sum, What You Rep, and Menace of Iraq. Breeze George Gervin (Iceman Edition), the rapper’s second mixtape, was released the following year.

It bears the name George Gervin in honor of the illustrious NBA player. Breezo George Gervin (Leading Scorer Edition), his third mixtape, was released in 2017. The rapper’s sole extended play, First Forty-8, was released the following year. 2020 saw the release of Iceman Edition 2, his second rap album. 4th of 24 Bars Gunshots are the most well-known single from the discography as a whole. The next year saw the publication of BreezoMatic and Art Of War, two of Breezy’s most well-known albums. In 2015, he launched a YouTube account under his name. 2016 saw the upload of 600breezy – 24 Bars, which has 999k views. 1.5 million people have watched the video 600Breezy – Six0 Shit Pt. 2.



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