Why did Putin Promote Personal Bodyguard To Emergencies Minister?

Putin has promoted his personal bodyguard as the new Emergencies Minister in the Kremlin. Let’s see why Putin Promote Personal Bodyguard To Emergencies Minister.

Putin Promote Personal Bodyguard To Emergencies Minister

Vladimir Putin has upgraded his former personal bodyguard to the position of Kremlin Emergencies Minister, months after his predecessor died unexpectedly in a waterfall accident.

Major-General Alexander Kurenkov, 49, is the Russian president’s sixth bodyguard to be assigned to a prominent government position, according to Putin.

Yevgeny Zinichev, an ex-Putin guard, was the last person to hold the position, and he perished after sliding down a 90-foot waterfall amid murder accusations.

Kurenkov, dubbed ‘the man without a face,’ has a murky past and background, with accusations that he served in the FSB counterintelligence agency and the FSO, which guards high officials.

On successive occasions, pictures show ex-schoolteacher Kurenkov as a bodyguard close to Putin, now 69.

‘Putin knows him very personally,’ presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.

And the pick signifies that Kurenkov’s personal, service, and professional skills will allow him to serve in this capacity, according to the head of state.’

Critics claim that paranoid Putin only trusts those who have proven their commitment by protecting his life.

Zinichev, who was ‘being groomed for celebrity as a possible successor to Putin,’ was killed in September while attempting to save a man’ at the Kitabo-Oron waterfall in Siberia, according to official documents.

At Zinichev’s funeral, Putin was upset, describing his death as an “irreplaceable personal loss.”

Commentators about Putin

Some commentators claimed Putin was grooming Zinichev, a former KGB operative like himself, to be his ultimate successor.

He had previously worked as the military ministry’s deputy FSB director and second in command.

When Zinichev, a general, was killed in the unexplained Arctic event, he had had a meteoric ascent under Putin and was earmarked for a new important job on the Kremlin’s security council.

‘I will state straight immediately that it was not the death, but the murder, of the general,’ said Professor Valery Solovey, who is associated with Telegram Channel General SVR.

‘He didn’t die alone; several others died alongside him.’ Alexander Melnik, a documentary filmmaker, and cinematographer who he supposedly sought to save died as well.

Putin’s Career

Putin declared him a Hero of Russia unexpectedly. His successor According to RBC, Kurenkov ‘worked as Putin’s chief adjutant.’

Later in his career, he served as deputy director of the Russian national guard, which reports directly to Putin. In recent years, he has been elevated to Major-General. The Russian parliament is expected to approve the ex-appointment. bodyguard’s

In Russia, the position of Emergencies Minister is a high-profile position that deals with flooding, wildfires, and storms while also serving as a crucial security portfolio. Sergei Shoigu, the current Defense Minister, rose to prominence in this job.

Putin has not said whether Kurenkov is a likely successor. Alexey Dyumin, a former bodyguard, is the governor of the Tula region. After serving as governor of the Yaroslavl region, Dmitry Mironov, 53, is now Putin’s aide.

Sergei Morozov, 49, was appointed governor of Astrakhan before returning to the secret services as a Major-General. General Viktor Zolotov, 68, who oversees the Russian national guard, is the highest-flying of all ex-bodyguards. He had also served as a bodyguard for Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first post-communist president.


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