How did Stephen Clinch die? What happened? Cause of Death Explained

Stephen Clinch, who starred in the film Love/Hate, died suddenly. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Stephen Clinch Cause of Death.

Stephen Clinch Cause of Death

The actor who plays Noely in the iconic TV show was discovered dead in Dublin tonight. With his gritty depiction of criminal Noely, who was entangled in a fight with heroin dealer Fran, Stephen became one of the breakout stars of RTE’s crime thriller.

Clinch (52), who was recently sentenced to prison for armed robbery, also played Bernard in the TV3 crime drama Darklands. Darklands director Mark O’Connor commented today, “You made mistakes, but you came through them.”

“A terrific performer who has appeared in all of my films, including Darklands. One of the most amusing people you’ll ever meet. Never asked for anything in return and always offered everything.

Stephen Clinch’s Early Life and Career

Clinch and Mark O’Connor, the director, and writer, had collaborated on four films and had become close friends. He claimed Stephen was a pleasure to work with and that they never sought monetary recompense for the movies they made together.

The author of Love/Hate, Stuart Carolan, testified on his behalf. Clinch’s other films include Cardboard Gangsters, The Legend of Harry and Ambrose, and King of the Travelers, as well as Rebirth: the Story of Stephen Clinch, a reality TV show about his troubled past after spending nearly half his life in jail.

Stephen Clinch also has a criminal record

Stephen Clinch was a convicted felon who was caught on camera with another man attempting to rob the Gate Hotel.

According to the Circuit Criminal Court, Clinch has a history of heroin addiction as well as previous convictions for 17 robberies and 13 burglary offenses. Between 2004 and 2006, these crimes were committed.

According to the court, he also told officials he had been clean of heroin for nine years, didn’t realize the revolver was loaded, and didn’t want to repeat the act.

Clinch said he owed €8,000 after a cocaine shipment he was supposed to hide was uncovered.

Tribute to Stephen Clinch

Donal Fallon said,

Condolences to the family of Stephen Clinch. I met him ‘inside’ when lecturing history in the prisons and outside on the street. He was a talented actor and had a bright mind with a lot to give. Someone with great ability who wasn’t dealt the best cards in this city.

Paul Valentine said,

Sad news to hear, great times working with Clinchy… RIP Stephen Clinch.

Irish Daily Mirror said,

Tributes are paid to former Love/Hate star and convicted criminal Stephen Clinch who died suddenly. said,

Stephen Clinch is an incredible actor. When the Moviecoin team sat down to watch Cardboard Gangsters we were dazzled by his performance, it was believable, solid, and special. There are not too many out there able to perform and impress in that way. May he rest in peace.


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