Why did Phil Foden gets into fight during Boxing match in Manchester?

Why did Phil Foden gets into fight during Boxing match in Manchester


Why did Phil Foden get into a fight: Fans have been buzzing about a recently found video depicting Manchester City’s Phil Foden, which has been making the rounds online. Foden and his mother seemed to be involved in a confrontation with a group of scousers in the footage.


Why did Phil Foden get into a fight?

The incident appears to have occurred at the AO Arena in Manchester during a boxing match between Amir Khan and Kell Brook.

When he is called a “c#nt” by someone in a gang of scousers, the City star can be seen running into a room backstage as things get out of hand.

Naturally, the words angered the 21-year-old, as did his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke, who then retaliates against the abusers.

The violence doesn’t stop there, as Foden’s security guy throws a fire extinguisher at the scousers before the video ends.

Many people have been surprised by the x-rated incident, and some have speculated that it occurred shortly after Manchester City’s late loss to Tottenham Hotspur, a game in which Foden played.

These allegations were quickly debunked, as fans pointed out the lack of Foden’s new facial tattoo, which he showed earlier this month.

However, fresh information has surfaced that implies the incident occurred last night.


Fans reaction to the Fight?

EstatePinguino said,

  • It doesn’t matter, but just for context. Boxing crowds are full of coked-up di#kheads looking for a fight.

LieutenantStinkyFoot said,

What the hell did I just watch?

  • A bunch of morons who have nothing better to do than harass strangers.
  • When they were ready to walk away, Foden’s mother came out to confront them.
  • After her son was called a c#nt, Foden’s mother angrily pushed a grown a#s man to the ground.
  • The grown guy then severely smacks Foden’s mother.
  • Foden’s mother smacks everyone within reach.
  • One of Foden’s entourage members brandishing a FUCKING FIRE EXTINGUISHER at the wa#kers.

It was just a series of incredibly awful decisions all around.

N_to_Z said,

This piece of sh#t thought it so funny to record everything with a big as# smile.

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