Why did Paddy and Christine McGuinness split? REVEALED

Why did Paddy and Christine McGuinness split? REVEALED

Christine McGuinness’s husband Paddy has announced that they have detached following 15 years together  11 of which they were married. Let’s see why they separated and the reason for their breakup in detail.

Why did Paddy and Christine McGuinness split?

The pair has been “living different lives” for months, and their most recent wedding anniversary was not celebrated, with neither of them sharing any photos on social media.

Paddy, 48, and Christine, 34, announced their split on Instagram on Friday. However, they also disclosed that they will stay together to care for their three autistic children.

They released a joint statement in which they stated: “We hadn’t planned on discussing this publicly until we were ready but following the lack of privacy surrounding our personal lives, we feel left with no other alternative but to clarify.”

We made the difficult decision to separate a while ago, but as always, our primary concern is to keep loving and supporting our kids.

We’re moving forward as the best parents we can be for our three lovely children, even though this was not an easy decision to make.

We are and always will be a loving family, and we continue to enjoy each other’s company and our shared house. “We hope that this puts an end to such unwarranted and pointless intrusion into our private life.

Even though our work is public, we politely request that you respect our privacy in this case.
We won’t be adding any further commentary.

Paddy and Christine have throughout the years sacrificed everything for their union. Unfortunately, they have decided to part ways to protect their young family, who they will continue to co-parent.

“It’s been a difficult few years for them as a couple, but they still very much support each other and will continue to do so throughout their separation,” says a source close to them.

What happened between them?

Four months after the pair’s debut podcast, Table Talk, which explores the challenges faced by families of chronically ill or disabled children, was released, the couple announced their separation.

It comes after their critically praised BBC special Our Family and Autism, in which they discussed raising their three autistic children in-depth for the first time.

Former Take Me Out host Paddy acknowledged that he had a difficult time accepting their diagnosis.

The early years, when we knew nothing about autism, were difficult, he claimed.

The children were having fits with loud noises and bright lights, and nothing we did could calm them down.
We hardly ever let anyone into the house and kept the drapes drawn.

Paddy’s biggest worry is that because of their autism, his kids won’t be able to feel the love that they are given.

In the documentary, which aired in December, Christine said: “Patrick has been concerned for years that the children would not feel loved, or they don’t understand it.

He’s mentioned this about the love thing for years and it’s not something we’ve differed on.”

“I’ve always said they do; they just find it difficult to express it and, at times, to appreciate everything we do for them because they are autism,”

Christine, who said that she suffered in school, had few friends growing up and preferred to spend time alone, received an autism diagnosis throughout the documentary.

The Games competitor claimed that she and Paddy were married for eight years, but she spent most of her time alone since she avoided social situations.

“In my 20s, I spent about eight years of just remaining inside and avoiding any contact with anyone besides my husband,” she recalled. Just everyone, I avoided. Since I didn’t socialize and I never truly had friends, it was never a problem.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and even in school, I always felt different. I’ve been aware that there is something.

Reason for their Paddy and Christine McGuinness split? revealed.

Christine and Paddy got married at a grandiose wedding at Thornton Manor three years after they first met while modeling at a Liverpool Tennis Tournament in 2007.

When Paddy was spotted standing arm in arm with former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton in February 2018, their relationship appeared to be on the rocks.

Following the release of photos of Paddy and Nicole, 47, who were photographed in London’s Soho, Christine talked about the couple’s “tough” marriage.

In March 2018, she remarked, “Recently, it’s been challenging. I want us to interact more and do things together. “I wish I could travel with him or that he would stay home more.” However, because we have been working hard, we are happier than ever.

“There have been occasions when I’ve waved him off as he left for work and then I’ve gone back inside and cried, wishing he would just stay in,” she said.

Paddy stated that he and Christine are “opposites with no similar interests” in the chapter titled Marriage and Kids of his memoir, My Life, which was published last year.

He explained that the laughing they share and their shared delight in making love were the reasons their relationship had so far endured.

We don’t enjoy the same movies, TV shows, or foods, we wouldn’t go out on the town together, and we generally irritate each other, according to Paddy. Despite the split, the couple continues to live in the same house together.

Apart from sharing a home, I rarely know any of her friends, and our lives are completely unrelated. So why have we remained married after ten years? In response, we frequently laugh and make out.


Christine and Paddy McGuinness were together for 15 years

Just a few hours before the statement was made public, Paddy shared a picture of himself and Christine at Centre Parcs.

After insisting that things were OK between herself and the Top Gear host, Christine said: “We’re terrific, honestly.” Christine stated in an interview with OK! magazine: “Although we have had challenges when I reflect on our marriage and the state of things today, I think, “Wow, you know, we’ve done alright!”

“After 14 years of dating, Paddy and I now have three beautiful children, have been married for 11 years, and are both busier than ever while still accomplishing some fantastic things.

“There was nothing more I could have asked of him. I’m appreciative. I’m content and have no problems.”

People reactions on Paddy and Christine McGuinness split up.

The telegraph tweeted,

Paddy and Christine McGuinness have three children, twins Leo and Penelope, and five-year-old Felicity, all who been diagnosed with autism. Yet it wasn’t until this past year that they discovered that Christine too is autistic Thread

My celebrity life tweeted,

Christine McGuinness reveals marriage to Paddy McGuinness isn’t always ‘plain-sailing’: ‘We’re trying to deal with things privately’ is.gd/FUBkPJ #CarolVorderman #ChristineMcGuinness #PaddyMcGuinness #Tv

USA news tweeted,

IT’S NOT PLANE SAILING’ Christine McGuinness opens up on her marriage issues with husband Paddy and says ‘kids are our focus’


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