How did Brianna Grier die? Georgian Woman who fell from police car Cause of death

Georgian Woman Cause of death

According to the GBI’s preliminary investigation, Grier was being transported to the sheriff’s office when she lost her footing and fell out of the patrol car, suffering serious injuries. Let’s see the Georgian Woman Cause of death.

How did Georgian Woman die?

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced in a statement that 28-year-old Brianna Grier had been declared deceased at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta at 1 p.m.

Since the meeting last week in Hancock County, some 100 miles southeast of Atlanta, Grier has been unconscious, according to an interview with her sister Lottie Grier.

After a doctor informed her family that she was “brain dead,” her ventilator was turned off, according to Lottie Grier.

Georgian Woman Cause of Death

According to officials, a Georgia woman who was experiencing what her family characterized as a mental health crisis “dropped out” of a patrol car last week before her away on Thursday.

However, a policing expert claims that cruisers are always supposed to be locked from the inside. According to the doctor statement, the Georgia woman cause of death was brain death.

What bureau claimed about Grier’s death?

The Grier family first talked to WMAZ, a Macon television station.

In the statement, the bureau claimed that preliminary findings from the inquiry into Grier’s death indicate that she was being transported to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office after being arrested by deputies when she “fell out of a police car and incurred substantial injuries.”

What happened to Grier?

The inquiry into the event, requested by Hancock County Sheriff Terrell Primus on July 15, is ongoing, according to the agency, which gave no further information regarding the circumstances surrounding Grier’s death. The involved sheriff’s deputies have not been named.

What did Brianna Grier’s father say?

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office phone was answered, but no one spoke.

Marvin Grier, Brianna Grier’s father, said, “Something went wrong and we want explanations.” My daughter is no longer with me because something went wrong.

Patrol cars are “ALWAYS intended to be locked from the inside,” according to Geoffrey Alpert, an expert on police training and professor of criminal justice at the University of South Carolina.

Prisoners would constantly be letting themselves out otherwise, he continued.

Consoldence to Brianna Grier’s Death

Philip Lewis said,

A Georgia woman died after authorities said she “fell out” of a patrol car, even though an expert says cruisers are always supposed to be locked from the inside “Something went wrong and we want answers,” Brianna Grier’s father said

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