Why did Lillian Medina commit suicide? Barbers hill middle school student dies after being bullied.

Barbers hill middle school student Lillian Medina committed suicide after being bullied by peers. Following the suicide of 14-year-old Lillian Medina last month, parents in Mont Belvieu say that enough is enough. Let’s see Why did Lillian Medina commit suicide in detail.


Why did Lillian Medina commit suicide?

Peers bullied Lillian Medina, a 14-year-old pupil at Barbers Hill Middle School South in Mont Belvieu. The victim experienced verbal, physical, and internet harassment. The intimidation turned into an assault. Lillian self-harmed and was taken to the hospital, where she passed away unfortunately.

We came to know about Lillian’s death through Friends and Family Facebook posts.

One of the post read,

“Barbers Hill Middle School South in Mont Belvieu Please keep the family of 14 year-old Lillian Medina in your prayers. Lillian was being bullied by several of her peers. The bullying included online harassment, verbal and physical as well. The bullying escalated to a physical assault. Lilly, a happy young girl, wasn’t able to cope with the constant harassment. Lilly was hospitalized after harming herself and sadly she passed away as a result. Parents, please talk to your children. Monitor their social media activities. Bullies need to be held accountable! Lilly should still be here with us! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!!”

Lillian was a cheerful young girl who struggled to put up with the persistent bullying. Reports state that the Barbers Hill Independent School District has been the subject of numerous allegations of serious bullying. While attending schools in the Barbers Hill Independent School District, the student’s father claims that his daughter has been bullied and harassed for the past three years. He declined to give his name because he did not want to be identified.

A student is threatening his daughter, according to the text message he shared. She was told in writing that if her deception was revealed, “If I find out you’re lying, it won’t be good for you.” The victim’s father recounted that when the girl and one of her friends told the principal they were going to be jumped, the principal laughed and responded, “Well, that’s not going to happen. He revealed that his daughter made an attempt at suicide a few days later.

Officials contacted the school district several times to find out about parental worries. They emailed them a list of inquiries on Thursday, asking whether bullying is being addressed and, if so, what steps are being taken. They did not answer. On Monday, they sent a second email, but they got no answer. Parents want to protest outside the school board meeting on Monday night.

What happened in the Board Meeting?

Sarina Sharp, the mother of Lillian Medina, a 14-year-old who committed suicide 10 days ago as a result of bullying, is one of the most outspoken. After being told they couldn’t talk about bullying at a Barbers Hill ISD school board meeting on Monday night, some parents expressed disappointment, despair, and desperation. Sharp and other parents claimed that all they wanted was to be heard and for Barbers Hill ISD officials to take action over what they perceived to be a bullying epidemic.

The parents said KPRC 2 that because bullying wasn’t on the agenda for the meeting on Monday, they were unable to discuss it.

Sharp said outside of the meeting,

“I lost my daughter’s life.” 

There is no amount of money. There is nothing that anyone can do for me that can bring her back,”

“Nobody investigated when I said something. No one went to her aid. The last word she wrote in a mirror is maybe they’ll notice me now.”

Frustration has now been added to the mother’s anguish.

Sharp yelled,

“You don’t want to hear me talk because it’s not on the agenda?”

Superintendent Dr. Greg Poole replied,

“I was trying to be polite. The policy is what it is.” 

“Let her talk,” some parents yelled. But Poole turned down their demands. He remarked, “No, no, this is not the way to conduct a meeting.” According to some parents, the subject should have been discussed first.

Parent Kelly Swift said,

“People are getting tortured on school buses and in classrooms. Who knows what’s going on in the bathrooms. It frustrates me for her, literally, her (Sharp’s) daughter just passed away.”

Sharp said,

“I noticed her every day but it wasn’t enough. It was not enough.” 

One of the suggestions made by parents was for the district to embrace the Time Travel Journeys program, which is meant to take an innovative approach to dealing with mental health. Barbers Hill ISD has not yet responded to our repeated requests for comment or answers to our queries about how they intend to handle the problem.


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