How did Petter Belsvik die? Husband of Brian Paddick, cause of death and obituary

Brian Paddick husband died
Paddick with his husband


Brian Paddick, former I’m A Celebrity contestant, has announced his heartbreak following the unexpected death of his ‘beautiful, loving’ husband at their Oslo home. Let’s see what happened to Petter Belsvik in detail.

What happened to Brian Paddick’s husband?

Brian Paddick, a Liberal Democrat peer, 64, announced the death of his husband, Petter Belsvik today on social media.

Paddick, a former London mayor candidate and Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police Service until 2007, stated that the cause of his husband’s death was not ‘immediately apparent’ and that it would ‘take some time to establish what happened’.

How did Petter Belsvik die?

Petter Belsvik, a civil engineer from Oslo has passed away suddenly. Brian Paddick announced the death of his partner on Twitter.

My beautiful, loving husband, Petter Belsvik, died suddenly at our home in Oslo,’ Lord Paddick wrote on Monday in a message to his Twitter followers.

He was found peacefully alone, with no cause of death immediately apparent. It will take some time to establish what happened. We were devoted to each other & I am devastated., he wrote.

Who was Petter Belsvik?

Petter Belsvik and Paddick were married in Oslo on January 9, 2009. Mr. Belsvik was a civil engineer from Oslo, according to reports.

The couple met in an Ibiza bar while on vacation and married a few years later in Norway in 2009. Their marriage was one of the first high-profile unions to be sealed after the country legalized same-sex marriage eight days earlier.

Paddick described Belsvik as “a wonderful man: intelligent and witty but with a calm nature that is the perfect counterpoint to my volatility” in an article for the Daily Mail in 2008.

He’s very easy to love. I was minding my own business on holiday in Ibiza when I met Petter. Inevitably, it was my last day, and having spent just 24 hours together we parted with me believing I would never see him again.

‘But then there came divine intervention – well, not quite: it was Madonna. She was playing at Wembley Arena in London and my Norwegian holiday romance was coming to see her.

‘In a rash moment, I suggested he could save the cost of a hotel by staying with me. It was a gamble but it proved the most wonderful weekend I had ever spent with anyone.’

Brian Paddick husband
Petter Belsvik and Brian

About Brian Paddick:

Brian Paddick is a British politician and retired police officer who is currently a life peer in the House of Lords. He ran as a Liberal Democrat in the 2008 and 2012 London mayoral elections.

Paddick appeared in the eighth season of ITV1’s reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which aired in 2008. He finished in seventh place.

Paddick, who received a peerage in September 2013, worked for the Met Police for more than 30 years before retiring in May 2007 as deputy assistant commissioner.

He was responsible for a number of changes in London policing priorities and methods, making a particular splash in the early 2000s when, as police commander for Lambeth, he instructed officers to stop arresting people on minor cannabis possession charges in order to free up police resources for more serious crimes.

He later became a champion for diversity in leadership after running as the Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor in 2008 and 2012, losing to Boris Johnson.

Brian Paddick’s Personal life:

Since childhood, Paddick has known he was gay, but between 1983 and 1988 he was married to Mary Stone in what he called “a genuine attempt to live as a straight man”. Mary had no idea he was gay.

Paddick struggled with his sexuality until his marriage ended in 1988. He later married Petter Belsvik in 2009.

Paddick said about his marriage in a 2010 Liberal Democrat debate: “The real impact of [marriage rather than a civil partnership], the symbolism of it, the importance of it, didn’t really strike me until we stood in front of the judge in the courthouse in Oslo, and she said … we’re here today to witness the marriage of Brian and Petter.

And that was an intensely moving experience. We really feel, my husband and I, that we are really equal because we are married.”


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