Why did Katie Price and Carl Woods break up? Model admits to sleeping with someone Revealed




Why did Katie Price and Carl Woods break up? Model admits to sleeping with someone Revealed


Carl Woods and Katie Price broke up after he accused her of infidelity. The once-fiancéed glamour model and Carl Woods have broken off their engagement. Let’s learn more about Why did Katie Price and Carl Woods break up in detail.



  • Following a quick 10-month courtship, Katie, 44, and Carl, who had been trying for a child, were engaged in April 2021.
  • If they had been able to be married, Carl, Katie’s eighth fiancé, would have become her fourth husband.
  • Peter Andre, Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler were among her prior husbands.
  • Daughters Princess, 15, and Junior, 17, from her former marriage to Peter Andre, and son Harvey, 20, whose father is Dwight Yorke, are raised by Katie.
  • As a result of her marriage to her third ex-husband Kieran, she is also the mother of Jett, 9, and Bunny, 8, who are also children.


Katie Price & Carl Woods Breakup

After claiming to have learned that Katie Price had supposedly admitted to sleeping with someone else, Carl Woods has announced that he and Katie Price have broken up.

The 34-year-old car trader made the claims on Instagram Stories on Tuesday morning, claiming that their tumultuous two-year romance is now over.

There is no simple way to convey this and to be honest, it’s rather embarrassing, he said. Katie cheated on me, I only learned that yesterday.

She has acknowledged cheating on me. So, I guess that brings everything to a close. I’ll simply have to concentrate on myself, get my life back on track, and rebuild myself. But that’s over now. It’s unclear with whom Carl claims Katie cheated on him.

Carl Woods said on Instagram Stories on Tuesday that he had broken off his engagement to Katie Price after learning she had slept with someone else.

Katie Price cheated on Carl

After a quick 10-month courtship, Carl, 44, and Katie, 44, got engaged in April 2021 and had been publicly trying for a child.

She commented, “Fit,” on one of Carl’s Instagram images of himself, implying that everything was OK after their recent romantic trip to Thailand.

The couple’s relationship has been plagued by ongoing drama and separation allegations. The couple was reportedly planning to “put off their wedding,” according to a recent report in OK! magazine.

After a string of “little and petty disputes,” their close friends, according to the publication, believe that their marriage is crumbling.

According to a source “A lot of the drama that has happened between Katie and Carl seems to have been brushed under the rug, but their relationship doesn’t look that solid right now, and pals think it could be over soon.”

Carl expressed his “relief” in June after the detectives withdrew their case of threatening behavior against him. She has acknowledged cheating on me. So, I guess that brings everything to a close. I’ll simply have to concentrate on myself, get my life back on track, and rebuild myself. However, that’s over.

Carl was charged with threatening Katie

After a very publicized argument with Price in August of the previous year, he was charged. He tried to “push his way into a property after an argument with Katie in the street,” Colchester Magistrates Court was informed, according to The Sun at the time.

Carl had earlier entered a plea of not guilty to using abusive, threatening, or insulting language or actions. Following an incident at his Little Canfield, Essex house the previous year, he had been charged under Section 4 of the Public Order Act.

At a hearing in March, magistrates were informed that the charge resulted from a dispute that disturbed the neighbors by spilling out into the street. The court heard that at one point Woods was allegedly seen attempting to break open a door.

Following their return from a vacation in Thailand, the male model and Price visited the court hand in hand. He was scheduled to go on trial, but the matter was dropped because there was little chance of a conviction.

Carl is relieved to finally get his name cleared, a source claimed at the time. He was under a tonne of pressure as a result of the case

Katie Price & Carl Woods

In response to a request for comment from Medico Topics Katie’s reps rejected it. Meanwhile, Katie decided to share a photo of herself holding her adored 20-year-old son Harvey. “Morning cuddles with my @officialmrharveyprice,” she wrote.

Although Carl and Katie’s relationship has been rocky over the years and there have frequently been breakup rumors, this is the first time Carl has officially ended their relationship.

They had recently returned from a vacation in Thailand, and according to rumors, she had gone there for a consultation about having another facelift and her breasts reduced but decided against the procedure.

Katie and Carl started dating

After meeting through mutual acquaintances and employment on TV, Katie and Carl started dating in June 2020. Carl, a used car salesman and content creator for OnlyFans, made a brief appearance on the 2016 season of Love Island but was sent out off the island because he couldn’t find love.

The following month, the couple announced their relationship on Instagram. Katie said in a post: “Found my ideal prince finally @carlJwoods.”

The pair took a quick trip to Turkey a month after they started dating to get “his and hers” identical teeth. They received intricate tattoos of each other’s faces on their arms four months after they made their love public.

Katie revealed that Carl had proposed to the former beauty model ten months into their whirlwind romance. The auto dealer allegedly spent £50,000 on her gorgeous diamond ring, and the couple later went on Good Morning Britain to talk about their engagement.

I’m sure a lot of people are thinking, “Oh yeah, we’ve heard it before,” Katie added. “Yeah, because I jumped into things too quickly and made poor decisions, but my head wasn’t in the right place. Right now, my head is so different from who I usually am.

Katie and Carls’s IVF therapy

While on vacation in Las Vegas in November 2021, Carl was compelled to refute rumors that the couple was getting married there.

Fans questioned whether the couple had exchanged vows in a covert ceremony after they released videos of a chapel and were seen picking up a wedding license while on vacation.

The pair was having IVF therapy to have their first child together, Katie subsequently revealed to ITV’s Lorraine. “We’re taking the IVF route,” the mother of five remarked. My body is older, even if I feel young. You lose eggs every cycle that you have. I was unaware of that. I turned 44 this year, and because I didn’t have as many eggs as I’d hoped for, we now need to do IVF.





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